In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Berry Good’s versatile member, Gowoon. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Berry Good’s Gowoon

Name: Moon Yu-jung Stage Name: Gowoon Birthday: December 28th, 1998 Place of Birth: Bundang District, Seongnam, South Korea Height: 166 cm Weight: 45 kg Zodiac: Capricorn Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Tiger Blood Type: O Position: Maknae, Main Vocalist Sub-Unit: Berry Good Heart Heart Instagram: @ gowooon_m111 Twitter: BerryGood2014 Facebook: official.B2RRYGOOD Tistory: gowoon981228, 19981228y, princessgowoon. Daum: BerryGood YouTube: GOWOON MOON V Live:

Fun Facts About Berry Good’s Gowoon

Berry Good’s Gowoon graduated from the Department of Broadcasting Entertainment at Dongdeok Woman University. Berry Good’s Gowoon loves writing lyrics and songs. Berry Good’s Gowoon is the only daughter in her family. Berry Good’s Gowoon is responsible for singing important parts of songs. Even FT Islands’ Lee Hongki praises her voice. Her specialties are communicating in English and, of course, singing. The public said that Berry Good’s Gowoon looks like actress Lee Yoon-ji. Berry Good’s Gowoon used to dream of becoming a CEO but changed her mind after performing and singing on stage during her college days. Berry Good’s Gowoon’s ideal type is a tall and funny man. Berry Good’s Gowoon’s English pronunciation is perfect, and she got 860 points on the TOEIC exam. Berry Good’s Gowoon tried auditioning at Jellyfish Entertainment and SM Entertainment, but she failed the process. Berry Good’s Gowoon is a well-rounded idol performer because she can sing, dance, and speak English very well. Berry Good’s Gowoon loves to take selfies and make duckfaces. Berry Good’s Gowoon smiles a lot. Berry Good’s Gowoon posted a picture of her father and mother on her Instagram account.

Berry Good’s Gowoon’s Solo MV

Gowoon contributed to four original soundtracks in dramas: “The Only Love” for SBS’ My Mother Is a Daughter-in-Law, “The Magic” for MBN’s Witch’s Love, “Close to You” for MBN’s Love Alert, and “Good Day” for MBC’s My Wonderful Life.

Gowoon in Berry Good’s Sub-Unit Heart Heart

Berry Good Heart Heart released its debut album Crazy Gone Crazy on April 27th, 2018. Sehyung, Taeha, and Gowon made their debut performance on Mnet’s M Countdown. Later, Berry Good Heart Heart also performed on The Show, Show Champion, and Simply K Pop.

  Berry Good Heart Heart performed a guerilla busking concert to promote Crazy Gone Crazy. During the promotion, the girls prepared a sexy concept to catch the attention of K-pop fans. Gowoon’s sexy outfit and tempting eyes were met with cheers and screams. Berry Good’s fashion coordinator chose a perfect outfit that accentuated her sexy image. That is all of the information about Berry Good’s main vocalist, Gowoon. Find out more information about the other members in other Channel Korea articles.

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