Berry Good’s Johyun’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Shin Ji-won (신지원) Stage Name: Johyun (조현) Date of Birth: Bundang-gu, Seongnam, South Korea, April 14, 1996 Age: 24 years old Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 169 cm Weight: 45 kg Blood Type: A Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual, Vocalist Years Active: 2016 – present Label: JTG Entertainment Associated With: Berry Good Instagram: jjjjohyuns

Fun Facts of Berry Good’s Johyun

Johyun was an added member of Berry Good, and she joined in October 2016 She represented the pink berry in Berry Good She attended Dongduk Women’s University Before she became an idol, Johyun used to practice skating and pursuing her dream to become a skater. Due to an injury, Johyun had to eventually quit skating She loves to skate, play games, and draw Johyun used to live in the USA for 2 years which made her fluent in English Her English name is Jennifer Shin Johyun is known as a gamer, and one of her favorite games is Overwatch Johyun has good body proportions

About Berry Good’s Johyun’s Attractive Personality

Berry Good’s Johyun was known as a hard-working member and someone who never gives up even though some people once made her feel down. However, Johyun also has a really soft heart which made her emotions become easily touched. But, still, Johyun was one of the most cheerful K-pop idols!

Berry Good’s Johyun’s Focus Fancams

Johyun looks extremely adorable in a pink outfit in her focus fancam from Berry Good’s “Mellow Mellow” performance! From the first appearance, Johyun looks pretty energetic since she starts to follow the other members’ parts within the song even though her part hadn’t started yet. Her soft voice and powerful dance proved that Johyun was really enjoying her time on the stage!

During Berry Good’s “Give It Away” live stage, Johyun appeared with a casual style with a hint of sexiness! The way her body moves with the rhythm of upbeat music and her stable vocals made her performance astonishing!

Berry Good’s Johyun’s Visuals

Johyun is known for having good body proportions, but she also amazes people with an astonishing visual as well! Her silky long hair, porcelain skin, and good visual features are mixed perfectly into her whole visual appearance. Johyun can easily turn into a sexy woman or adorable teenage girl with her miraculous visuals, and obviously, she would look stunning with any style! You might like to check out: From Hyuna to Hwasa, Here’s a List of Sexy Female K-Pop Idols Here are some of Johyun’s riveting photos:

Berry Good’s Johyun’s Appearance on MixNine

A year after her debut with Berry Good, Johyun joined the survival show Mixnine as Shin Ji-won in October 2017! She appeared as a contestant for 14 episodes and completed a bunch of performances with other contestants as well as on her own. During her time on Mixnine, Johyun was called the Queen of Crying due to the fact that she was caught crying quite often. Unfortunately, Johyun was eliminated in the third elimination round with her final rank being #24. She also expressed her experience during Mixnine as a hard time, especially when she got eliminated. She had to adjust everything and accept the final results eventually. However, Johyun also thought that the preparation process during Mixnine was really helpful which made her feel more confident with choreography. Watch her performance with other Mixnine contestants here:

Interview: A Deep Talk About Her Feelings

Johyun talked about more details about her cosplay appearance in Game Dolympic 2019 through an exclusive interview with OGN channel. Since it was her first cosplay time, Johyun felt excited. She cosplayed as Ahri, a game character from League of Legends which she played during her free time as well. The fans complimented her appearance at the time. However, Johyun also expressed her sadness when she read malicious comments about her cosplay. She couldn’t help it and kept reading them, which led her to burst into tears. In the end, she started to think that people should respect each other’s opinions, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault which made her feel better. Watch the full interview here:

Berry Good’s Johyun’s Latest News

You might be wondering about what Johyun has been up to lately. Let’s find out together! Recently, Johyun was still busy with her activities as a Berry Good member. She and her groupmates also just released their newest single “Accio” on November 5, 2020, with a lovely girl group concept! She also promoted with Berry Good and performed on various music shows.   Let’s give lots of support to Johyun and her future career, and let us know your thoughts about her through the comment section!

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