One of its members, Sehyung, stands out due to her cute baby-face looks, long legs, and proportional figure. She isn’t the youngest member, but she can easily fool anyone with her cute chubby cheeks, big eyes, and long, dark hair. In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Berry Good’s cutest member, Sehyung. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Berry Good’s Sehyung

Name: Kang Se-hyung Stage Name: Sehyung Birthday: December 13th, 1998 Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea Height: 170 cm Weight: 46 kg Zodiac: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Tiger Blood Type: B Position: Sub-Vocalist Sub-Unit: Berry Good Heart Heart Instagram: @kkangsse Twitter: kangsehyung_com Tistory: kangsehyung.tistory Personal Webpage:

Fun Facts About Berry Good’s Sehyung

Sehyung’s specialty is speaking Chinese She loves shopping, cooking, and driving She graduated from the Department of Broadcasting Entertainment at Dongdeok Woman University Sehyung joined Berry Good in 2015 She is the tallest Berry Good member, but she is also the most cowardly member Due to her cowardly character, she is too afraid to go out alone even to shop After turning 21 years old and becoming an adult, she got her driving license and enjoys driving all the way to Paju Her ideal boyfriend is someone who doesn’t have double eyelids, looks good in a training suit, is sexy instead of cute, and will take good care of her Among Berry Good’s members, she stands out because of her fashion style, perfect body, and hips She loves eating Korean spicy rice cake Before debuting with Berry Good, she was approached by SM talent scouts

Berry Good’s Sehyung’s Focus Fancams

Sehyung is easily the center of attention in every Berry Good performance because she has fair skin and a proportional body. Her long legs make her look good in any outfit, whether skinny jeans or a cheerleader skirt. Her face looks fresh and young, probably because she has slightly chubby cheeks. Although Gowoon is the youngest member, the public can easily think that Sehyung is the youngest member.

Sehyung has several important singing parts in every song. She usually shares the first part of every song with Daye. It seems that her label agency wants Sehyung as Berry Good’s visual image. Her only flaw while performing on stage is that she always smiles and sings her part well but she wears an emotionless face the moment her part is finished.

Due to her pure and innocent looking face, she resembles actress and Happy Together Season 3‘s host, Uhm Hyun-kyung.

Berry Good’s Sehyung in the Sub-Unit Berry Good Heart Heart

Berry Good Heart Heart debuted on April 27th, 2018, when the members Sehyung, Taeha, and Gowon released the debut album Crazy Gone Crazy. The day before the official debut, the girls performed on Mnet’s M Countdown. Within a week, Berry Good also performed at other music programs such as The Show, Show Champion, and Simply K Pop.

Music critics praised the lyrics of “Crazy Gone Crazy” because they are easy to remember and are addictive. The music is filled with dance beats and reminded the public of Uhm Jung-hwa’s “Invitation.” However, the beat seemed very outdated and contrary to Berry Good’s original music. The choreography is also a little bit sexy and revealing compared to Berry Good’s cute and girly choreography. The public guessed that Berry Good’s label agency must have been using Berry Good Heart Heart as an experiment for a future project.

Berry Good Heart Heart also released the “Crazy Gone Crazy” choreography MV in May 2018. It reached more than 100,000 views which is quite good for a choreography MV.

The girls held a busking event to promote “Crazy Gone Crazy” in Sincheon shopping avenue. Fans, especially male fans, were very excited about their performance. However, the outfits were considered sexy by fans and a total opposite to Berry Good’s girly image. That is all of the information about Sehyung. Check out all the interesting information about the other members and their latest activities in other Channel Korea articles.

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