Beside that, Berry Good’s Seoyul is also very passionate about her career in the entertainment industry. The idol whose real name is Seo Yu-ri (Hangul: 서유리) also turns out to now have a YouTube Channel that is used to simply upload her daily activities and work. She also uses other social media to interact with fans via the internet. Might be you like to check: FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE ‘SEO SISTERS’: SEO YU-NA FROM AOA AND SEO-YOOL FROM BERRY GOOD Well, if you’re curious about Berry Good’s Seoyul’s full profile, scroll down this article below and find out more about her!

Berry Good’s Seoyul’s Full Profile

Real Name: Seo Yuri (Hangul: 서유리) Stage Name: Seoyul (Hangul: 서율) Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, November 26th, 1997 Height: 161 cm (5’3″) Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs) Blood Type: O Education: Munrae Middle School Seoul School of Performing Arts Major In Practical Music Sejong University Future Education Center Major In (Practical Dance Course Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist Official Site: Instagram (@y__s._.s__ ) YouTube Channel: (YUNARI)

Berry Good’s Seoyul’s Fun Facts

Berry Good’s Seoyul’s Focus Fancam

On May 20th, 2018, Berry Good’s Seoyul was seen on a schedule along with other members at one of the events held specifically to celebrate Berry Good’s 4th anniversary. At the event, Berry Good’s Seoyul presented a special stage to entertain fans who came by bringing a dance performance from Anne Marie’s song “FRIENDS”. Berry Good’s Seoyul looks cool in doing freestyle dance even though she is wearing a creme-colored dress, but she shows her feminine side when dancing in front of the fans.

On December 22nd, 2019, Berry Good’s Seoyul showed her proficiency as the main dancer of the group when attending an event organized by the Cheorwon Saturday Concert. With a new haircut, Berry Good’s Seoyul looks energetic with costumes made like school uniforms and worn by all the members. She also held the mic and sang live on stage with one of Berry Good’s newest songs titled “Green Apple”. Beside that, Berry Good’s Seoyul also looks fresh with her new haircut that is short, about shoulder length.

On November 26th, 2020, Berry Good, who recently appeared with one of their comeback singles, “Accio”, appeared on one of the music programs’ broadcasts on television which is Simply K-Pop. On the Arirang K-Pop YouTube account, there is a focus fancam of Berry Good member Seoyul. The member who was born in 1997 looks really shining when she is on stage. With the costume worn which is a modified strapless bustier and high-waisted washed denim in white with a sky blue hue, Berry Good’s Seoyul’s appearance also looks more fashionable while performing on the stage.

Berry Good’s Seoyul’s Appearance In MixNine

Berry Good’s Seoyul is an idol who has participated in the popular survival show MIXNINE. The program first aired on October 29th, 2017. The survival show program was held with the aim of finding new seeds for K-Pop stars. Therefore, the program MIXNINE is looking for nine men and nine women who will be helped to debut as idols. Although there were many contestants who had previously made their debut as idols and several other trainees, Berry Good’s Seoyul managed to rank 67th in its final episode before being eliminated. Not only did Seoyul participate in the survival show, but her groupmates, such as Berry Good’s Johyun and Daye also participated as contestants and Johyun managed to survive the longest before being eliminated. MIXNINE is an audition program produced by Yang Hyun-suk of YG Entertainment and PD Han Dong-cheol, the director of the Show Me The Money program that has a concept of performing any rappers in Korean entertainment. Regarding the debut of the MIXNINE contestants who made it to the final round sticking out to the surface after the program was finished in January 2018, but no progress was seen. Things got even more complicated after YG Entertainment decided to cancel the winning debut of MIXNINE. Might be you like to check: FIND OUT ABOUT THE SCANDALS AND CONTROVERSIES INVOLVING YG’S FORMER CEO YANG HYUN-SUK One of the strongest reasons is because the event was not successful in the market and caused losses to YG Entertainment. “If MIXNINE is successful, there will not be something like the cancellation of this debut,” said the representative of YG Entertainment. The source added, “Because this event did not show good results, so we are very sorry. YG Entertainment also suffered a lot of losses due to the program.”

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