Details About Lee Hae-ri’s Solo Songs

Hello, hello, again, fellow K-Poppers! How are you today? We hope you are fine and healthy so you can get ready for another piece of news from your beloved Korean idols, actors, solo artists, producers, and many more. And today, in this article, we will provide you guys with a piece of information about one of the members of the famous duo group from South Korea, Davichi. If you don’t know who they are yet, Davichi is a duo singer group that consists of their vocalists, Lee Hae-ri and Kang Min-kyung. Their name, Davichi, is derived from the Korean for “shining over everything” (다 비치). Since their debut with the single “I Love You Even Though I Hate You,” they have experienced consistent commercial success, with seven number-one singles in Korea. And now, when you already know something about them, let’s get into the main topic of today: the member Lee Hae-ri and her solo songs. Check it out!  

Heartache (나만 아픈 일)

On September 23rd, 2019, Lee Hae-ri released her new song called “Heartache.” In this song, Lee Hae-ri tells us about what kind of suffering a heartbroken woman has to go through, what kind of emotions feel the people who are troubled with a painful break-up. According to some news portals, the single is a ballad that was written by the singer herself, and also composed by minGtion, who previously worked on Taeyeon’s single for the Hotel Deluna OST, and Noheul, who wrote Ha Yea-song’s “Your Regards.” If you haven’t heard her song yet, check out the MV below.



Around May 2019, Lee Hae-ri took part in the Korean Drama Her Private Life! as a singer for the original soundtrack. The song titled “Maybe” and the lyrics tell us about two people learning to trust and depend on each other and realizing that they may have fallen in love. According to SOOMPI, the video, accompanied by Lee Hae-ri’s powerful voice, showcases the romantic moments between Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook‘s characters where they realize something new about their feelings for one another. Check out the video below.


Hate That I Miss You

On April 18th, 2017, Stone Music Entertainment’s YouTube channel released a teaser for Lee Hae-ri’s song titled “Hate That I Miss You.” And on April 19th, the same year, the rest of her mini-album was released. The title track from Lee Hae-ri’s 1st mini-album, h, has both an original version and a piano version, as the piano version can only be found in the physical album as a special track. 4MEN’s Shin Yong Jae is the one who composed this beautiful song.



On April 12th, 2017, Lee Hae-ri released her first official solo track “Pattern,” a pre-release for her solo debut album, h. According to SOOMPI, “Pattern” is a groovy medium-tempo track that expertly combines charismatic bass and Lee Hae-ri’s chic voice, a collaborative effort of singer-songwriter Sunwoo Jung-A and producer realmeee, resulting in quite a different sound and style from Davichi.


Feeling So Empty Without You ft. Shin Young-jae

In 2015, Lee Hae-ri and 4MEN’s Shin Young-jae had a collaboration for the song titled “Feeling So Empty Without You.” This acoustic pop song showed their beautiful talent that really fits to accompany you on a rainy day or when you do your tasks in the night time.


If You Loved Me ft. Zia

In 2013, Lee Hae-ri and another powerful vocalist, Zia, teamed up for a special digital single called “If You Loved Me.” This song is an acoustic ballad song by composer Minuki and expresses the inability to forget a former lover, recalling the memories of that past love. The MV features INFINITE’s Hoya and Sunny Hill’s Misung as a couple who fall in love, but must inevitably part ways, according to ALLKPOP.


Lie (Mad Clown ft. Lee Hae-ri)

In 2016, South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer Mad Clown made a song titled “Lie.” He made a cinematic music video for his song featuring Davichi’s Lee Hae-ri. According to ALLKPOP, the new single is said to have been inspired by German-American poet and writer Charles Bukowski, that tells the story of people who’ve experienced all kinds of romantic love be it good or bad, and the same theme is reflected in the MV by Mustache Films.


The Mind (HIGHBROW ft. Lee Hae-ri)

On July 3rd, 2015, Lee Hae-ri is featured in HIGHBROW’s song titled “The Mind.” For your information, HIGHBROW is a duo with members both studying at the Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts. According to ALLKPOP, Lee Hae-ri’s voice and honest lyrics that come from HIGHBROW’s actual experience were adding another dimension to this song. Lee Hae-ri performed the part of a woman getting ready for a break-up and managing to crank up the sentiments for the vocals despite the melody being kept simple.


Poison (THE SEE YA feat. Lee Hae-ri)

In 2012, following their debut in the same year, South Korean vocal girl group THE SEE YA released their music video for “Poison.” “Poison” is the title track of the group’s first mini-album LOVE U. Featuring the vocals of Lee Hae-ri added some kind of fresh vibes in this song.

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