ONCE, Twice’s fans, can be said as the luckiest fandom in the K-pop industry. Why? Because Twice releases multiple songs and albums every year. And, it is not just in Korea, but also in Japan. Of course, it is a good thing for the fans as well as for Twice. In 2020, Twice was really active in releasing Japanese songs and albums, and one of the songs that we are going to talk about in this article is a Japanese song. Under Warner Music Japan, on November 18, 2020, Twice released their 7th Japanese single entitled “Better.” Let’s start the discussion about this song here! Here is the teaser of Twice’s “Better” that was uploaded on Twice Japan’s official YouTube channel.

The teaser was released on November 9, 2020, on YouTube, and since then, the teaser has gained 1,065,170 views and 168,785 likes.

Background of “Better”

The news of the release for Twice’s 7th Japanese single entitled “Better” was made on September 23, 2020, after the successful release of their 3rd Japanese compilation album called #TWICE3 in the same month. Alongside the announcement, they also revealed some photos teasers for the track. As the label, Warner Music Japan released and uploaded the audio version of “Better” through Twice’s official YouTube account on November 10, 2020, which had gained 3,437,203 views and 50,172 likes since it was first uploaded on YouTube. Besides the audio version, “Better” also has an instrumental version that was uploaded a week after the audio version on Twice’s official YouTube account. And, since then, the video has gained 119,047 views and 8,482 likes. Under Warner Music Japan, “Better” by Twice was officially released for the public as a digital download on different online music platforms in various countries on November 11, 2020. For the physical version, “Better” by Twice was officially released on November 18, 2020, with 4 different versions. The first one is Regular Edition, the second one is First Press Limited Edition A, then First Press Limited Edition B, and the last one is Fan Club Edition (Once Japan Limited Edition). Each version of the physical release contains different things from one another. Fans are free to choose any version they want to have based on their individual preference. Here are some of the photos teasers from Twice’s 7th Japanese single entitled “Better.”

The Group Photo Teasers










Story of “Better”

Based on the lyrics that were written by Lauren Kaori and Mio Jorakuji, the song “Better” by Twice talks about the presence of someone special who can make someone else’s life better. Everything about him can make her life feel much better, even a very small thing. Listening to his voice when she is feeling down can make her mood improve, sweeping all her fears and tears away. There is nothing else she needs in her life but him. As long as she has him in her life, then everything will be okay and alright. She hopes that both of them can always be together for each other because, thanks to him, her life always feels much better in any situation and condition. The people behind this song are Eunsol and Lauren Kaori who did the music alongside Lee Taesub as the arranger. The length of this song is 3:44.

MV of “Better”

Different from Twice’s previous MVs, the MV of “Better” mostly shows the choreography of the song with several solo shots of each member for their individual parts. The outfits that Twice’s members wear in this MV are also kind of different from their usual concept where they wear colorful outfits with cute concepts. But, for “Better,” they wear simpler outfits with dark colors. The set is mostly indoor with a lot of books and some sunflowers in the background. One thing is for sure, all of Twice’s members always look flawless and beautiful in every angle in the MV. The full MV of “Better” by Twice was officially released and uploaded on TWICE Japan’s official YouTube channel by Warner Music Japan on November 11, 2020, and since then, the video has gained 39,700,364 views and 924,425 likes on YouTube. Here is the full MV of “Better” by Twice.

Besides the MV, Twice also released and uploaded the dance practice version of “Better” through TWICE Japan’s official YouTube channel on November 18, 2020, and gained 7,042,725 views and 253,976 likes. Here is the dance practice version of “Better” by Twice:

“Better” Performance

After “Better” was released as a Japanese single from Twice, mostly Twice performed the live version of “Better” in Japan, whether it was on Japan’s TV shows or concerts and showcases in Japan. Here are some of the live performance videos of “Better” by Twice that we have prepared for you to watch. “Better” by Twice Live Stage

  “Better” by Twice Live Stage

“Better” Achievements

The achievements that Twice got through the release of “Better” as their 7th Japanese single were good. The physical version of the CD single sold 54,152 copies on the day of its release and debuted at position number 2 on Oricon Singles Chart for the daily ranking. “Better” by Twice also gained some positions on other charts. Here are the details of the “Better” achievements on song charts.

Song Charts

Better  2021  by Twice - 17Better  2021  by Twice - 37Better  2021  by Twice - 27Better  2021  by Twice - 69Better  2021  by Twice - 26Better  2021  by Twice - 88Better  2021  by Twice - 39Better  2021  by Twice - 24Better  2021  by Twice - 93Better  2021  by Twice - 53Better  2021  by Twice - 61Better  2021  by Twice - 32Better  2021  by Twice - 1