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Taemin, Why BewhY?

In the 6th episode of The Call, before SHINee’s Taemin joined the force to collaborate on a song with BewhY, he performed in some kind of audition to win The Call’s judge’s hearts. These judges will later be his trainers. This audition performance decides which team he will be in. At the end of the audition performance, all the trainers liked his performance and wanted to collaborate with him. However, in the end, Taemin ended up choosing BewhY’s team to do a collaboration with. “They utilize their skills to create something new and unique,” this thought came out from Taemin when he was interviewed about what he thought about each team. But then they successfully made a magical performance, mixed with Taemin’s groovy dance and BewhY’s calm hip-hop rap. After the performance, Taemin had an interview. He was asked how did it feel to have a collaboration with BewhY. “He became a friend that I can open up and talk to.” Taemin also has thought that BewhY creates such amazing music. He admires BewhY and revealed how BewhY had a positive influence on him as a fellow artist and friend. As the same-age friends, they turned out to get close with each other through this collaboration.  

Behind The Stage

In the 7th episode of The Call, SHINee’s Taemin joined the force to collaborate on a song with BewhY. They met on the show, and sat together to learn more about each other. In the episode, we can watch them having some chit-chats in order to get to know each other before doing the collaboration. After they got to know each other, they started to drop formalities and simply be friends. In the beginning, they talked about their childhood memories and the conversation between them became quite deep. This moment was where they finally found the theme of their collaboration song. They decided to make a song with the theme “Pinocchio” which will speak about their stories of becoming artists and working in the entertainment industry.  

Performance and Public Impressions

By the opening of the performance, Taemin started giving the audiences sexy moves already. He performed in a suit with blindfolded back dancers. BewhY then showed up with his fantastic and meaningful rap. They both successfully performed a hip-hop performance with pop dance. As Taemin started dancing by moving his head, we can see that his sensual and groovy dance is one of the best emotional dances of this generation. In the show, we can see that BewhY is not just a brilliant rapper. BewhY’s natural moves are able to fit with Taemin’s style of dancing. Can we talk about how well Bewhy blends in even though he doesn’t dance much? The netizen also left some comments on the “Pinocchio” performance video: “Damn, this performance is legendary! The moment Taemin starts moving his head you already know the stage is gonna be on fire 💥🔥 And from that point on it only gets better and better. What an incredible collaboration. I really want to see them perform it on some huge event like MAMA! 👍👍👍They are both amazing and the song is so dope. I only wish it was a little longer… Taemin, BeWhy, thank you for this masterpiece!!! 💕💕💕” -Auntie67 “Omg, I have chills! This is amazing! I am nearly crying what is happening this is just music! But the lyrics are so deep and the music is so touching.” -Villanli (Source: As we can also see, while they were performing, the judges and audiences were amazed by the opening of the performance and continued enjoying the beats from “Pinocchio.”  

Dance Practice

Here’s the video of them practicing the “Pinocchio” dance. In the video, you can see how much effort they put in to make sure they deliver the best performance.  

Song Meaning

“Pinocchio” is one of Walt Disney’s fictional character adaptations. “Pinocchio” himself is a living wooden doll. The wooden boy whose nose grows when he lies. BewhY and Taemin were talking about their childhood when they came up with the idea of the “Pinocchio” theme for their collaboration song. They started with the concept that they were innocent when they were younger, but after working in the industry of entertainment, sometimes they have to wear a mask and become someone else. After a while, Taemin felt that it’s hard to tell the difference. He started questioning himself, “Is this me?” It was not okay to be contaminated by the society. Sometimes we lie out of necessity, and we see ourselves getting better and better at it. It is an unbearable truth that our lies even fool us. Taemin wishes that people can see right through him when he lies just like Pinocchio, so he can rely on someone, and find someone innocent. So then, he wanted to tell his own story through this song.  

Latest News

BewhY recently released his new album The Movie Star, on July 25th. Reports revealed BewhY was in the last stages of producing his album. It was also reported that he was unfortunately mixed up with former iKON member B.I when B.I’s drug scandal hit headlines. On June 12th, BewhY clarified by posting on his Instagram, and he added, “I’ve never done any drugs in my life.” Good thing, now the misunderstanding has been cleared up. Meanwhile, SHINee’s phenomenal dancer, Taemin, was just done throwing performances and greeting their fans in Indonesia on the event RCTI 30th Anniversary Celebration that was held in Ancol, North Jakarta.   Those are all the things you need to know about their collaboration. What do you think about the pair? Please, don’t forget to kindly leave your comment in the section below!

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