Big Mama’s Group’s Profile

Big Mama was known as a four-liner vocal group that consisted of Shin Yeon-ah, Lee Young-hyun, Lee Ji-young, and Park Min-hye. They were found through a global audition that was held by M-Boat Entertainment and YG Entertainment. Big Mama officially debuted in 2003 with the release of the album Like the Bible. Basically, Big Mama’s group concept was different from other groups. Other groups emphasized talent alongside physical appearance, but Big Brain didn’t do the same. The group emphasized amazing vocal abilities since each member was proven to have an extraordinary voice! For its music, Big Mama delved into the pop, R&B, soul, and gospel genres. Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment’s CEO at the time, wanted to make Big Mama a group to debut against the Korean entertainment industry and beauty standards. Moreover, in the contracts with the label, Big Mama’s members were prohibited from undergoing any kind of plastic surgery. Big Mama’s members finally proved their real talent through the beautiful yet harmonize melodies within their vocal range. Not only that, even their skills were acknowledged by the international music industry since the group was invited by Boyz II Men (American R&B group) to hold a concert together. Both of them performed at a selected location in South Korea in 2005.

Big Mama’s Discography

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Big Mama’s Music Videos

Big Mama released a bunch of great tracks, and some of them were also released as the lead singles with music videos! Let’s talk about their music video concepts as well as watch them together here:

The “Betrayal” music video has a minimalist concept with a heartbreaking storyline just like the title “Betrayal.” Big Mama’s members appear with black, hazy outfits during some scenes, and other scenes star two people facing a difficult time with their relationship.

The “Sori” MV is quite unique since it mixes the K-pop genre with a little bit of Latin music through the opening scene! The scenes of the “Sori” MV are also filled with vintage themes and a storyline as well. It feels as though you are watching a movie!

Big Mama’s Stage Performance

Music Show One of their hit singles, “Break Away,” increased the group’s popularity. Big Mama performed the song on MBC’s Music Core with an amazing performance! They appeared in white blazers and pants and confidently sang with mics in their hands and the crowd’s appreciation! In a live stage performance like this, people could notice that each of the members had their own vocal characteristics which made the group sound different from any other group!

There was also another great live performance from Big Mama, and this time it was of the single “Betrayal!” The ballad song with strong music was sung by Big Mama with strong and stable voices. It felt as though the people were hearing it from a CD instead of a live performance. Big Mama never disappointed people with their talent, right?

Radio Show Big Mama performed the hit single “Break Away” on a local radio show! It was quite special since the group sung the single in an acoustic version that emphasized their vocals even more. Even netizens thought that Big Mama sounded better during live performances!

Big Mama’s Interview

Through several interviews, Big Mama’s members mostly talked about their music as well as their passion for singing. Even though we can’t find any clips of their interview sessions, through a bunch of articles regarding Big Mama, the group expressed their gratitude for their career and their achievements since their debut!

Big Mama’s Latest News

Big Mama’s members have been developing their careers since their first debut in 2003. Unfortunately, after 9 years together, the group was officially disbanded in 2012. The reason behind their disbandment was the members’ desire to pursue solo careers. During their golden era, Big Mama proved that their quality as a vocal group was something great could compete with physical appearances. They were indeed such an inspiring vocal group! However, in 2021, Big Mama made a comeback after 9 years and released a single called “One Day More” in June 2021. They also returned to the screen and sing their songs live in front of audiences who missed them after years. Big Mama appeared in some shows such as KBS’s Sketchbook, a popular YouTube channel ODG, Dingo Music, etc. Let’s check out some performances of Big Mama in 2021!

Big Mama never disappoint, right?   That is all of the information about Big Mama! Even though the group has already disbanded, their music and talent will always remain the same. Tell us about your favorite Big Mama single in the comments below!

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