Last Dance was a combination of slow R&B and typical Korean ballad. The single received positive reviews from global musicians and music editors. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about the full story behind BIG BANG’s Last Dance, so stay tuned!

MADE‘s Sixth Single, Last Dance

VIP had been waiting for BIG BANG‘s next full studio album since 2015. After more than a year, YG Entertainment finally released Made on December 13, 2016. Made consisted of 11 songs, with Fxxx It as the title single. The second single in the album was Last Dance, a gloomy R&B ballad. G-Dragon and Jeon Yong-jun produced the melancholic single.


Within several days of the song’s release, Last Dance sold more than 300.000 copies and had been streamed over 5.3 million times. On a global scale, according to Billboards’s World Digital Songs, Last Dance recorded around 4000 sales within just three days. The song debuted in the number two position in the popular China music chart, and recorded over 1.6 million views in the China music site, QQ Music. The domestic market responded well to the release of the sixth single from Made. Five days after the song’s release, it peaked at number two on Korean digital music charts.

Background Release

Last Dance was meant to be released as the totem of the group’s ten-year musical career, and contained lyrics that were meaningful to the members. Each member has their own interpretation of Last Dance.

Music Video

The Last Dance music video was released on December 13th, 2016, and the original version was released to the global music platform iTunes on the same day. By May 2020, the Last Dance music video gained more than 100 million views on BIGBANG’s YouTube channel. On the music video, each member stood at the top of a steel bar. Judging by the camera view and the position of the sun, it seemed as if each member was standing at the top of the natural clock. The sun gave the light that shone on the steel bar and indicated the time of the day. The gloomy background, melancholic lyrics, and overall downbeat mood gave the feeling of goodbye.

The day after the video was released, YG Entertainment and BIG BANG’s YouTube channel released behind the scenes footage from the Last Dance MV. On the video, each member described the story behind Last Dance, and what the song meant to each member.

Lyrics Meaning

  Basically, Last Dance’s lyrics tells about a goodbye between a man and his lover. They were in love for a long time, but their relationship ended as friendly relationship. The man realized that perhaps age had something to do with their relationship. Perhaps, he was too young or too old to be in the relationship. He kept recollecting all the good memories between him and the woman. As he kept singing the song, he wanted to return to their previous romantic relationship. Last Dance was probably meant to tell about the inevitable separation between BIG BANG and their fans. In the lyrics, the group asked fans to remember them through Last Dance, and listen to the song if they missed the group.

Stage Performance

BIGBANG performed at SBS Inkigayo on January 15, 2017. With the looming mandatory enlistment for TOP in February, the showcase could be their last performance as a group. All the members gave one of their most memorable and emotional showcase performances. SBS Inkigayo added some emotional elements by ornamenting the stage with roses, and all out stage background.


BIGBANG held their last concert in 2017 on December 30-31st, at Gocheok Sky Dome, in Seoul. It seemed like the concert was meant to be a short farewell before each member enlisted to complete their military service. The Last Dance concert was the perfect way to say goodbye before joining the military. TOP, Taeyang, G-Dragon, and Daesung were all expected to start their military service in 2018. Each member was emotional on the concert. They shared their own thoughts about the looming hiatus and the group’s temporary absence from the music industry. Daesung said that people misunderstood the concert as a permanent farewell, but it was just the last concert before enlistment. He thanked VIP for the unconditional support that got BIGBANG to the present time. Later, he said that all the members would take care of their health and return in good condition. He stressed the importance of always being together as a group. The concert wasn’t meant to be the last concert, but it made the relationship between each member grow stronger. Taeyang said that time flew very fast. He recollected seeing their first showcase a decade ago, and was thankful for all the good memories with the other BIG BANG members and fans. He promised to return as a more mature person. He asked all the fans to patiently wait for them until they return from the military. For the last time, he asked fans not to worry, since it wasn’t meant to be their last concert. G-Dragon promised that even though the concert was themed Last Dance, he was certain that it wouldn’t be their last concert together. They had already overcome a difficult period and grew in faith and understanding with each other. He insisted on the importance of being together as a group. G-Dragon promised to return as a more mature person, and he couldn’t wait to show the new him to the fans. Finally, he thanked fans for sharing their precious time at the end of the year. Seungri revealed a little secret. As the youngest member, he gave a lot of trouble to older members. Since the older members had to serve in the military, he became the person to help other members and production staff rather than being the person to cause troubles. He thanked the fans for supporting BIG BANG throughout their activities. All the songs that BIG BANG produced and released contained beautiful memories between the group and their fans. Finally, he thanked the fans for attending their concert, and their parents for giving birth to them. He hoped that BIG BANG could continue as a five-member group and make music together. That was all the information about the sixth single from BIG BANG‘s album, Made. Don’t forget to give your opinions about Last Dance in the comment section below.

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