Learn More About Debuting Trainees From Big Hit Entertainment!

In 2018 and 2019, Big Hit already had people getting really excited and curious about their new project since we know that Big Hit was the agency that was responsible for launching the groups BTS and TXT, which have gained a lot of attention and popularity throughout the years. The agency has finally revealed the latest updates about a debut for the latest trainees who were accepted from the agency’s latest audition! One of the most anticipated projects is a new girl group. Inthis article, Channel Korea will give you all the details, so stay tuned!

Audition Time For New Trainees

Since Big Hit already had huge successes with BTS and TXT’s careers, it semed like they were ready to made another huge boy group! Finally, they held global auditions, that were held both live and online in 2019. According to their official website, they were looking for male participants who were born since 2001 and capable in dancing, modeling, rapping, singing, and more. The audition also is known as the Big Hit Seasonal Audition! Since it was held both online and offline, the participants came from all over the world, not just from South Korea. Moreover, they held another audition which was called the Plus Global Audition. This time, they were looking for female candidates for putting into a possible girl group in the future. Plus Global Audition sent an invitation to girls all over the world who had the potential talent and charm to join the audition. The invitation was released with a teaser audition, as well.

Group Debut Timeline

Previously, Big Hit had already done their corporate briefing with the community about the debut in February 2020. Bang Si-hyuk, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, explained about Big Hit’s plan and debut timeline for their upcoming artists in the future. Not only that, the agency also talked about their vision for innovating the music industry, as well. The first debut timeline started with the preparation of a multinational boy group which was scheduled for debut in 2020, the members came from auditions held from March until July 2019 in several countries. The agency would then follow up by forming a new girl group debut project in 2021, and then another boy group project to debut in 2022!

Trainee Sneak Peak

Finally, it was officially confirmed that Big Hit Entertainment would be debuting three different groups! One of the groups was a new boy group with multi-nationality members to debut in 2020. The group members were recruited from global auditions which were held in 17 different countries. Source Music CEO, So Sung-jin also reported that a new girl group would be debuting in 2021, as part of the previous collaboration with Plus Global Audition. This is might be the most exciting announcement, since Big Hit Entertainment has only ever had boy groups under their management before. Netizens are already looking forward for the girl group debut announcement, and have even speculated that the group would be called ‘PLUS,’ which refers to the hashtag names during the Plus Global Audition: #Playful, #Lovely, #Unique, and #Sassy as reported from Koreaboo. We even know the identities of some of the women who might be part of the new girl group in 2021! Possibilities include Kim Yebin (2004), Byun Haein (2005), Jung Yoojin (2005), Lee Rubina (2002), and more! Meanwhile, a third new group will be debuted in 2022, which would be another boy group! According to Koreaboo, the announcement of the new boy group in 2020 is related to BTS and TXT’s popularity. Even though there have only been little hints for the new boy group in 2022, the Vice President of Big Hit, Shin Young-jae, said that they would announce further details in the next corporation briefing.

Joint Entertainment Company Plan

Big Hit Entertainment also collaborated with other entertainment companies, such as Source Music and BELIFT, in order to debut the new groups. The group planned for 2020 is the multinational group,  which formed jointly by Big Hit Entertainment, CJ E&M, and BELIFT. Vice President of BELIFT, Choi Yoon-hyuk, said that it was one of their strategies to bring K-[p[ further into the mainstream and to implement a global K-Pop training system. With regard to the first planned group, BELIFT also explained that there would be a reality program for those trainees, which would show their debut process. Previously, Big Hit and Source Music already did their first joint collaboration with the Plus Global Audition in 2019. Through that project, they were looking for girls who wanted to become K-Pop idols. They extended the invitation to audition to girls all over the world. The Plus Global Audition traveled to 16 different countries, and the participants were girls between the ages of 13 and 19 years old. Finally, it seemed that they found the perfect results for creating a new girl group in 2021!Sung-jin also shared that the girls who passed the auditions have been practicing hard.

Latest News

What’s the latest news from Big Hit? Let’s find out the answer here! Since the agency has grown into a big name in the Korean music industry, they want to pursue their desire to make K-Pop more into global and continue to keep their artists as happy as possible. With the acquisition of Source Music and the collaboration with CJ E&M, Big Hit has proven it’s up to the task of taking on huge projects like the Plus Global Audition and BELIFT Entertainment, as well. With that being said, it has also been revealed that BELIFT’s vision is to take K-Pop into the mainstream. One of the most anticipated projects is the release of an observational reality program that showcases the debut of the BELIFT trainees! The reality program will also become the first step for K-Pop idols in order to gain acknowledgment in the global market! That was all of the information regarding Big Hit with their announcements about debuting trainees! Since the moment has been long-awaited by many people, getting the agency’s confirmation is very exciting. After the huge successes from Big Hit’s previous artists, people are hoping for great things from the three groups that are being planned. Comment down below about how excited you are for the new groups from Big Hit!

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