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Bill (Sung Kook) Hwang is a Korean American investor. Hwang holds an economics degree from UCLA and a MBA from Carnegie Mellon. Hwang is a devout Christian. Hwang’s father was a pastor. He is the co-founder of the Grace and Mercy Foundation, a charitable organization. In 2018 the foundation had more than $500 million in assets. Hwang is based in New York. He began his career at Hyundai Securities where he met Julian Robertson as one of his clients. Bill went to work for Robertson’s Tiger Fund. Robertson closed his fund in 2000, but handed Hwang about $25 million to launch his own fund, Tiger Asia Management which grew to over $5 billion at its peak. Robertson’s former proteges are known as the Tiger Cubs and Hwang was considered to be one of the most successful among them. Tiger Asia suffered heavy losses in the 2008 Financial Crisis. In 2012 Tiger Fund and Hwang paid a $44 million settlement to the Securities and Exchange Commission in relation to insider trading. In 2014 Hwang was banned from trading in Hong Kong for four years. In 2013, Hwang converted Tiger Asia into a family office, Archegos Capital Management which managed $10 billion of family money. As a family office they were less heavily regulated than as a hedge fund. In March 2021, the losses at Archegos Capital Management have triggered the liquidation of positions approaching $30 billion in value, and causing a huge loss to Nomura and Credit Suisse. Before the losses Hwang was believed to be worth $10-15 billion with his investments leveraged 5:1.

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Bill Hwang is the founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer at Archegos Capital Management. He previously worked as an equity analyst at Tiger Management, as well as an institutional equity sales person at both Peregrine Securities and Hyundai Securities. Bill is also a co-founder of the Grace and Mercy Foundation that serves in the areas of Christianity, art, education, justice, and poverty. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics/Business from U.C. Los Angeles and an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University. Bill Hwang is a stock trader and entrepreneur. He is also the co-founder of the Grace & Mercy Foundation and the founder and co-CEO of Archegos Capital Management. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bill owns significant stakes in Viacom, CBS, and Discovery. The total amount of his revenues came close to $30 billion. However, the price is now dropping since Friday, and he has lost a significant amount of money. According to the latest news from the Wall Street Journal, Viacom CBS and Discovery shares are dropping significantly, with Bill Hwang bearing the brunt of the losses. In today’s business world, Bill Hwang is a successful entrepreneur. He is best known for founding and working as the CEO of Archegos Capital Management. He is also one of the cofounders of the Grace and Mercy Foundation. The organization’s key areas of focus are Christianity, literature, education, justice, and poverty alleviation. He was a former equity analyst at Tiger Management before joining ACM. In general, he is a world-class entrepreneur who is both creative and energetic.

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