Black Pearl, a girl group that consisted of 4 members and debuted in 2007 under Core Contents Media, was a success even though they were still being treated as rookies. The idols who were members of this girl group have very strong vocal characters and always did live performances on stage. Unlike other groups that can also dance, Black Pearl didn’t do a lot of choreography and their songs tended to have a medium tempo. Unfortunately, Black Pearl got disbanded in 2012. So, what are the members doing nowadays? Let’s get to know one of the members of Black Pearl, Lee Jung-min, in the article below!

Black Pearl’s Jungmin’s Full Profile

Real Name: Lee Jung-min (Hangul: 이정민)) Stage Name: Jung-min (Hangul: 정민) Date of Birth: February 15th, 1982 Star Sign: Aquarius Blood Type: B Religion: Christian Position in the group: Vocalist

Black Pearl’s Jungmin’s Fun Facts

Black Pearls’ Jungmin’s Visual

When talking about the visuals of K-Pop idols, of course, beauty is the first aspect that each individual must have. This is because working in the entertainment industry requires them to perform in front of a crowd, and so the members in a group certainly have different characters, but with beauty that is equal to one another, it can also make a group shine even more. To get to know Black Pearl’s Jung-min with the beauty of her visuals, let’s take a look at the more detailed information in the section below! As one of the oldest members of the group, Jung-min, has a mature aura and certainly looks charismatic. The member we can see in the above photo seems to have the ideal height and beauty and she really seems to be enjoying her appearance on stage while singing and, of course, entertaining fans. The outfit worn is also quite simple and casual, such as a denim mini-skirt, high heels, and a white top with tassels on the sleeves, making Black Pearl’s Jung-min shine. Black Pearl’s Jung-min also has a pretty face with a high nose and a really charming smile. The beauty that she has is very natural with make-up that is not excessive, showing Jung-min’s soft side rather than the character of her powerful voice. The outfit she was wearing was also a fashion trend for girl groups who were actively promoting at that time. With a trendy impression and mix and match items that make her look casual, Black Pearl’s Jung-min looks stunning on stage, right? While promoting with Black Pearl, Jung-min was also seen exuding her aura as a K-Pop idol and even seemed to match the fresh and colorful concept like in the picture above. In the red circle, Jung-min can be seen smiling cheerfully and wearing an outfit concept for “Gogossing” with her hair tied in two low buns and an outfit that is very trendy like a teenager. Not much is known about Jung-min’s existence apart from being a member who filled in the position of former member Mika. Jung-min is also arguably not as famous as the other members and it’s hard to get photos from Black Pearl’s Jung-min. However, it seems that fans still remember Jung-min if they see some photos that have become separate memories for Black Pearl. Jung-min is one of the members who look are smiling the most and look very beautiful from any photo angle. In the previous photos that can be found, Jung-min is seen as one of the members who have a very good fashion sense like other celebrities at the time. The mid-2000s became the point of fashion that developed throughout the country, including Jung-min, who looked very beautiful and trendy with the concept of the outfit she wore in the photo above. Even when Black Pearl performed, Jung-min’s appearance captivated the fans because in addition to the feminine outfit she wore, she also always looked powerful with the voice character she displayed when performing “Gogossing” as in the picture above that captured the audience’s attention. Jung-min also seemed to always enjoy her performances and she performed very well. Black Pearl’s Jung-min looked very beautiful and elegant when delivering the performance on stage. In a white dress like the comeback stage that was being held on SBS’s Inkigayo that was aired on June 25th, 2010, it showed the members wearing white dresses that were designed differently according to the character of each of the members. Jung-min looks very beautiful with her hair tied up together and a white dress that shows her curves well.

Black Pearl’s Jungmin’s Solo Career

Before debuting with Black Pearl, Lee Jung-min had her solo debut as a female singer in 2003. Starting a career as a singer at that time was certainly not an easy thing. The promotions she was doing to get recognition from fans were difficult because there was more competition in the entertainment industry. However, to get to know Lee Jung-min’s profile with her solo career, let’s check out the detailed information in this section! Black Pearl had released schedules for individual members as well as collaborative projects with several singers under the same agency. In 2008, Black Pearl’s Jung-min got to do a solo career by joining a subunit that consisted of Davichi’s Lee Hae-ri and SeeYa’s Yeon-ji and releasing a song titled “Crazy Woman”. In the video above, you can see a live performance delivered by Black Pearl’s Jung-min and other singers singing “Crazy Woman” on Mnet’s Special Stage, which has a ballad genre.

Although not yet a member of Black Pearl, Jung-min, who was still promoting as a solo artist, had the opportunity to release a song for the soundtrack of MBC’s Over the Rainbow with the title “Just Want U”. The drama that was starred by actress Seo Ji-hye has an OST filled by Lee Jung-min and her beautiful voice which is very suitable to be filled as a K-Drama soundtrack.

Not just one song, Lee Jung-min’s next soundtrack for MBC’s Over the Rainbow is titled “Run (feat. Lee Si-woo)” and has a more upbeat tempo than before. However, Lee Jung-min’s character with her strong voice really fits the song made for the drama’s soundtrack. Well, that was all of the information about Black Pearl’s Lee Jung-min: starting from her full profile, fun facts, to her career journey with the group and her solo career as well. Although Lee Jung-min did not continue her career as a female singer or even joined other groups after Black Pearl was declared disbanded in 2012, she has given her best efforts while promoting and as a K-Pop idol. Lee Jung-min will certainly be remembered in the history of South Korean music and of course Black Pearl’s fans. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and check out the other interesting upcoming articles on Channel-Korea!

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