Black Pearl underwent their 5-year career together and made their last comeback with “Gogossing” in 2010. Having been on hiatus for 2 years after releasing their latest single, eventually, Black Pearl were declared disbanded by their management for no apparent reason. Then, what are the members doing right now? Let’s get to know a member of Black Pearl who had the position of vocalist in the group, which is Na Young-joo, in the Channel-Korea article below!

Black Pearl’s Youngjoo’s Full Profile

Real Name: Na Young-joo (Hangul: 나영주) Stage Name: Young-joo (Hangul: 영주) Date of Birth: April 11th, 1987 Star Sign: Aries Position in the group: Main Vocalist

Black Pearl’s Youngjoo’s Fun Facts

Black Pearls’ Youngjoo’s Visual

As a member of a girl group, they have their own character, especially with the beauty they have. Working in the entertainment industry is certainly a big responsibility that must be done by every idol who is a member of a group or every singer who often performs on stage. Beside that, the beauty of their appearance is also the main aspect to attract fans’ attention. To find out more about Black Pearl’s beauty Young-joo, let’s take a look at some of the pictures below to see Na Young-joo’s pretty face! In the group picture above, we can see the faces of Black Pearl members which represent talent and beauty at the same time. Debuting in the mid-2000s made Young-joo and the other members look beautiful with simple make-up and outfits, not too much, but their image and character can shine even with a simple concept. In the red circle in the image above, you can spot Black Pearl’s Young-joo who looks beautiful with her medium brown hair and slim body wearing an all-in-black concept with beautiful heels too! In the picture above, those of you who don’t know the existence of Black Pearl, who at that time were very proud, can see a Black Pearl performance on stage. In the picture, you can spot Young-joo who is in the red circle standing as the second member from the right. Black Pearl had a fresh concept with characteristics like teenagers, but when they were performing, Black Pearl members were a bit different from other girl groups because they didn’t have a lot of choreography. Even so, Black Pearl’s Young-joo who wore short denim pants and a white and yellow crop top that matched the belt she was wearing looked very beautiful on stage. Her bob hair also stood out because the other members had long hair on average and she was also easier to notice when doing a performance. In the Black Pearl picture above, we can see Young-joo’s appearance, who looks very fresh with a medium haircut, is seen smiling sweetly at the camera while sitting with the other members who are by her side. The concept promoted by Black Pearl at that time was not as luxurious as the concept used by other celebrities. On debut, Black Pearl released songs with a ballad tempo and also introduced their concept by wearing an all-black outfit. Black Pearl started trying out a new comeback concept by showing their other theme in “Gogossing”. Usually, they would use a concept like showing a girl group with a ballad theme and mellow, but when they were promoting with “Gogossing” in 2010, all of the members had colorful outfits and wore make-up and a different hairstyle than usual. Stylists provided a very fresh concept for Black Pearl during the “Gogossing” era. You can see from the picture of the “Gogossing” music video above, Young-joo also got the opportunity to change her hairstyle with a bob haircut. Young-joo’s visuals are also considered good enough in the K-Pop beauty standards of female idols who debuted in the mid-2000s. Not only she has a beautiful voice and the ability to sing very well on stage, but Young-joo’s beauty is also not boring and she always looks beautiful even with simple make-up. As we can see from the picture above, Black Pearl’s Young-joo looks like one of the female solo artists, Gummy, right? Young-joo at first glance lacks the ideal face of a Korean, and she looks like a crossbreed between a Westerner and an Asian because she has a rounder eye shape and also a stern look in her eyes. Because many K-Pop fans are used to seeing K-Pop idols with monolid eyes, Young-joo’s appearance is still beautiful. She can also become one of the idols with a different beauty and visual appearance standard, right? Young-joo also turned out to be able to put out bright and bright facial expressions when making a comeback by releasing their 1st EP Gogossing. In the picture above, Young-joo looks very happy in the individual pictures on their album. Even though she was 23 years old during the comeback era with “Gogossing”, she still exuded an aura like a teenager, right? The concept presented was different in this comeback, but the members put on a great performance after all! After the group was declared disbanded, Black Pearl’s Young-joo’s appeared as a female solo artist in a program, namely JTBC’s Hidden Singer that was broadcast in May 2013. In this performance, she talked about her previous career as a member of Black Pearl and also sang a song titled “Western Sky” by Lee Seung-chul. Many people were surprised to find that the hidden singers who appeared as guests on the program were former members of a girl group that debuted in the mid-2000s.

Black Pearl’s Youngjoo’s Solo Career

Before debuting with Black Pearl in 2007, Na Young-joo had already released a song for the soundtrack of a K-Drama, titled “If You Cry, If You Call” (Hangul: 울어 보면 불러 보면). This song is one of the soundtracks of a K-Drama starring Kim Rae-won and Jung Ryeo-won titled Which Star Are You From. Na Young-joo’s character, who is seductive and also sounds very melodious, has succeeded in becoming one of the fillers of this K-Drama soundtrack. “If You Cry, If You Call” has a deep meaning about a love in which the two lovers promised each other forever but ended up leaving each other. Beside that, Na Young-joo also has another song filled as the soundtrack of the same drama, Which Star Are You From. The song is titled “Regret” and has the same genre as before, which is a ballad song. Songs that are usually used for K-Drama soundtracks have deep meanings with dramatical lyrics. “Regret” means longing for the person she loves and wanting to show concern for that person but cannot express her own feelings.

After several years, she worked as a vocalist for Black Pearl. In 2012, Black Pearl was declared disbanded after having no further activities and promotions after they released “Gogossing” as their latest single. To date, there has been no further news about Black Pearl’s Young-joo and her further activities as a singer. Her last appearance on JTBC’s Hidden Singer in 2013 became Young-joo’s latest appearance on television. It can be assumed that Young-joo continued her personal life as a non-celebrity after her career with Black Pearl has ended. Well, that was all of the information about Black Pearl’s Young-joo: from her profile, to fun facts, to her career journey with the group and her solo activities. Even though currently Young-joo has not continued her career as a singer, it would be good if we continue to provide support for Na Young-joo for her current personal life so that she remains excited and happy. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting articles from Channel-Korea!

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