Due to their success and popularity almost all over the world, haters come and go to say something not good about them. Haters could appear because of jealousy and misunderstandings. Let’s read more about BLACKPINK’s haters you may be curious about here on Channel-Korea! Stay tuned!


BLACKPINK haters are also commonly called BLACKHEAD. This name appeared for so many reasons. Blackheads are literally the tiny bumps on the skin because of clogged dirt or hair follicles, and so are the haters. It’s natural the haters are called BLACKHEAD due to their actions. They insult with negative criticisms and comments about BLACKPINK that are often illogical. Moreover, BLACKHEAD sometimes also pretends to BLINK (BLACKPINK’s fandom name) to backlash other K-pop groups. They have been doing something bad and wrong on the Internet and even in real life.

BLACKPINK Hater Comments

Here are some comments that BLACKHEAD shared with BLACKPINK and BLINK. It’s harsh and hurtful for normal people to read. Check this out! “And I rather stream SNSD’s party than the 2nd hand version of it. Lmao.” (@Taeira1) “Well, I even watched this particular encore stage, and let me tell u girl ur faves suck at singing. No wonder they lip-sync.” (@Taeira1) “Their songs don’t make sense and they’re all about love, and breaking up and those kinds of unrelatable stuff plus, Jennie is really lazy.” (Maysa Shakeel/Quora) Each member also even receives hate comments on their social media accounts such as Jisoo. Jisoo even received insults due to her personal mobile phone brand being different from BLACKPINK’s brand endorsement. “She has no freaking loyalty…so f*cking filthy.” The hate comments are not logical and are freaking crazy. They put words by words just to express their hatred and envy which is nothing related to BLACKPINK. What do you think?

BLACKPINK Responds to Their Haters

BLACKPINK has become more mature and wiser with all the happiness and also hatred they have received. Along with popularity comes responsibility. Many hate comments and unbelievable actions target them, but they get up and keep walking. Rosé is one of the members who responded to the haters. She got bashed as a member of BLACKPINK and was said to be unworthy and should be replaced. Rosé rose up and said that she is irreplaceable in BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK without her is not BLACKPINK because each member is one and can’t be separated. Cool, right? Rosé is like a boss! That’s all about BLACKPINK haters that you should know. What do you think about BLACKHEAD? Give your comments below, and share your thoughts on Twitter, too. Don’t forget to always support BLACKPINK’s career!

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