Likewise with one of the former trainees from YG Entertainment, Cho Mi-yeon, who was planning to debut with BLACKPINK. Maybe you already know that Cho Mi-yeon debuted as a member of (G)I-DLE under Cube Entertainment, but it would be better if you know the details and reasons why Cho Mi-yeon failed to debut as BLACKPINK’s 5th member in this article below!

Cho Mi-yeon, BLACKPINK’s 5th Member Who Will Never Debut

BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, but the girl group under YG Entertainment suddenly announced that the originally planned number of members had been reduced to four. “Initially, there were nine members, but Yang Hyun-suk (former YG Entertainment boss) suddenly changed the plan,” said a YG Entertainment representative. “Although we don’t know exactly what he was thinking, the remaining five trainees are still at YG and BLACKPINK,” he added. Among those five trainees who did not debut as a member of BLACKPINK is Mi-yeon, who is now a member of the girl group (G)I-DLE. She is a former YG trainee for five years who was originally expected to debut with BLACKPINK but is now a member of Cube Entertainment’s (G)I-DLE. Even so, Mi-yeon still maintains a good relationship with the BLACKPINK members. Mi-yeon revealed on a radio broadcast that she received text message congratulations from them when she debuted. Another (G)I-DLE member, Minnie, also has a good relationship with BLACKPINK as she is known to be friends with Lisa. Although Mi-yeon and BLACKPINK separated, Mi-yeon and her group (G)I-DLE also have successful careers. Fans may know that (G)I-DLE’s Mi-yeon was once a YG Entertainment trainee and was even on the debut list for BLACKPINK. However, the idol who is known to be beautiful and talented left YG Entertainment and debuted with another group. Netizens recently suspected the reason was because of Jisoo. Now fans are speculating again that Mi-yeon was not able to debut with BLACKPINK because of Jisoo. They concluded that the world would not be able to handle the beauty of the two members in the same group. As is known, Jisoo is BLACKPINK’s unofficial visual. Her visuals are objectively in line with Korean beauty standards. With wide eyes, pale skin, and heart-shaped lips, she has physical features that make her popular in South Korea, and Mi-yeon also has a similar appearance.

Reasons Why Cho Mi-yeon Didn’t Debut as a BLACKPINK Member

If you already know some things about Cho Mi-yeon who was previously an ex-trainee under YG Entertainment who also trained with BLACKPINK’s members, in this session you will find out more reasons why Cho Mi-yeon left the chance to debut with BLACKPINK! Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about the reasons why Cho Mi-yeon didn’t debut as BLACKPINK’s member below!

Cho Mi-yeon Dating Rumor With Jung Jin-hyeong

(G)I-DLE’s Mi-yeon became a hot topic of conversation in online communities after rumors about her past as a YG Entertainment trainee circulated. It is said that she left the agency on bad terms. According to rumors circulating, Mi-yeon was expelled from YG Entertainment because she was caught dating a fellow trainee, Jung Jin-hyeong. At that time, he was 18 years old, and Jin-hyeong was the same age as her. The two went on vacation to Japan together, and fans found out about them. Mi-yeon became a trainee at the same time as BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Jin-hyeong was also involved in a controversy for underage smoking, and his classmates testified about his troubled past. After this controversy, Mi-yeon was expelled from YG Entertainment and joined Cube Entertainment, her current agency. It is said that she has also been in relationships with fellow trainees there. After Mi-yeon and Jin-hyeong were caught dating as minors, YG Entertainment imposed a dating ban. There are 6 major prohibitions at YG Entertainment as written in the contracts, “Drinking, smoking, clubbing, driving, plastic surgery, and dating.” When appearing on Radio Star, Rose revealed, “Actually, even the meal times for male and female trainees are different. Male trainees will eat at 6 and female trainees will eat at 7 PM. The manager will forbid us to see them.” (G)I-DLE’s past as a former YG Entertainment trainee is currently being discussed by netizens. They highlighted how she and Jung Jin-hyeong who was also a former YG Entertainment trainee went on vacation to Japan together. The problem here is that when leaving for Japan, both Mi-yeon and Jin-hyeong were both underage. Responding to the controversy that befell Mi-yeon, a netizen revealed the “facts” through a post on the online community site Pann as follows: What do you think about (G)I-DLE’s Mi-yeon’s dating rumors with Jung Jin-hyeong in the past?

YG Entertainment’s Ex-Vocal Trainer Revealed About Difficulty Being a Trainee

Vocal trainer Sol Lee shared the reasons why many talented singers fail to debut in YG Entertainment groups, just like the case of BLACKPINK’s pre-debut group, PinkPunk. PinkPunk consisted of 9 talented singers, some of whom are Secret Number’s Jinny and (G)I-DLE’s Mi-yeon. Through Gina Maeng’s YouTube channel, Sol Lee, who used to be a vocal trainer at YG Entertainment, revealed the reason why trainees are often excluded from the debut line. She explained that at most large K-pop companies, all trainees must go through an evaluation test every month. Every month, trainees have to demonstrate their skills in singing, rapping, and dancing. If they fail to attract attention, they may be sent home and lose their chance to debut at YG Entertainment. Even if the trainee is able to sing and dance well, they will still be kicked out of the debut line if they don’t have the X factor. There are indeed some trainees who choose to leave YG Entertainment for certain reasons before successfully debuting. However, some other trainees had to be terminated by YG Entertainment despite having good singing skills. “The worst one has to be the one that got kicked out [line debut]. But, some people are still kicked out even after going through the monthly test very well. It happens. You dance and sing well, but many factors play a role. You can be very good, very beautiful, but can still be ejected,” Sol Lee explained. Watch “K-Pop Talk #1” by Gina Maeng and Sol Lee in the video below!

Netizens Comment About BLACKPINK’s Ex-Trainee Cho Mi-yeon

Some facts and reasons that have been revealed about why Cho Mi-yeon didn’t debut as BLACKPINK’s 5th member have certainly made many people think about how difficult it is to debut as an idol, especially for trainees under a Big 3 Agency like YG Entertainment. Many strict rules that must be applied make many trainees have to go out and look for their luck outside to immediately debut as idols with some new conditions that they have to adapt, of course. It also didn’t get rid of Cho Mi-yeon getting some comments from netizens about her, such as: “Their images and visuals overlap. Both are visual members who have comedian-like personalities,” commented netizens. “Both of them have the image of classic beauty standards. If they debut in the same group, their images will overlap,” added another netizen. “In fact they almost debuted together. Mi-yeon is the only person who took photos with BLACKPINK members among all the trainees who have trained with them. The group almost debuted as five members,” wrote netizens. “Not to mention their voices are similar, both when they talk or sing. If they debut in the same group, their positions will overlap,” said another. “This is why I hate it when people mention them together. Saying how Mi-yeon could have done better as a member of BLACKPINK or about how she looks great in the group, when actually Mi-yeon doesn’t plan to debut there. YG fans barely talk about Mi-yeon (before BLACKPINK’s debut), but people act as if she should debut with them,” concluded another. Not only that but dating rumors about Cho Mi-yeon and Jung Ji-hyeong immediately gained the attention of netizens. They gave various comments about the news, such as: “It’s a fact that Pentagon, (G)I-DLE and CLC’s Yeeun dated each other during their trainee days so why are you guys still denying it? Looks like Mi-yeon already started it at YG Entertainment. But I understand. I never heard or saw this, so the rumors seemed buried.” “Mi-yeon looks really gentle so I thought she would be the cautious type so this was unexpected. As expected, you can’t judge someone by their appearance.” “Do you think it’s normal for 2 people of the opposite sex to go on vacation together when they are underage? I find it funny that people say that she shouldn’t have been kicked out and protected him. She ended up debuting somewhere else right? That doesn’t make the reality any different?” “It’s just the fact that the two went to Japan together during their trainee days, what to report? Isn’t this just a rumor?” “It really benefits her because no one has ever heard or seen this. Nowadays, she is even being played by the media as an innocent idol.” “Even as ordinary people, if a male and female high school student went on a trip abroad together, people would start making up rumors about them at school and they would be buried alive. Seeing idols do that in front of everyone very brave.” Anonymous netizens who gave some facts about Cho Mi-yeon during her pre-debut as a trainee also asked to stop spreading posts about Mi-yeon and her dating rumors in the past. This clarification post also received many comments from netizens, such as: “I’m another idol fan but you have to coordinate with fellow fans to make this post a featured talk. The hate posts are already there, so let’s bring the rebuttal posts there too.” “Let’s do everything we can to make this the best commentary and let’s take it to the featured talk. I love you, Mi-yeon.” “(G)I-DLE donated 100 million won of hand sanitizer.” “Look how people don’t care about this post. Damn.” “Heol, this post was completely invisible until now.” “That’s why I was surprised to see people hate her based on fake news. There were so many sexual comments too. I hope they are all prosecuted.” What are your comments and thoughts about Cho Mi-yeon?

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