Jennie and Rosé get along really well, both during their trainee period and after their debut. The duo looks inseparable, and they oftentimes hug each other and playfully lean for a kiss. They also have the same passion for fashion and music. You might like to check out: Before and After Blackpink Members Plastic Surgery Check out Jennie and Rosé’s moments as close friends in this article.

Jennie and Rosé’s Friendship Moments

Jennie and Rosé have gotten along really well since their trainee days. Despite being a year younger, Rosé is usually the one who acts like an older sister to Jennie. Rosé loves to feed her and protect her from other people. On the other hand, Jennie loves to lean on her, hug her, or simply play cute in front of her.

Jennie and Rosé’s Thoughts on Each Other

During an interview, each Blackpink member shared their thoughts about the others. Jennie thinks that Rosé is the person who will survive in the stone age. Jennie said, “Rosé will adjust herself very fast to the environment and survive.” Upon hearing Jennie’s word, Rosé used the face board as a tool to start a fire just like a stone age person. Regarding the topic of shopping, Rosé chose Jennie as the person who shops more than she needs. Rosé playfully teased Jennie and mimicked her expression of when she sees cute things while shopping.

Jennie and Rosé’s Famous Celebrity Friends

Jennie and Rosé are, no doubt, global superstars. Their connections and popularity are no longer limited to South Korea and Asia. They are oftentimes seen attending famous fashion shows and rubbing shoulders with global icons and famous celebrities. Each of them is currently representing a global fashion brand. Rosé currently represents Saint Laurent while Jennie represents Chanel.

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In July 2021, Jennie and Rosé flew all the way to Los Angeles to meet and deliver presents for Saint Laurent’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello. He posted a short clip of Rosé walking happily in front of his house. Rosé posted several pictures of the famous fashion director’s newborn baby on her Instagram account.

Anthony Vaccarello is not the only famous face that they met. Jennie and Rose were also hanging around with actor Moises Arias, Jaden Smith, singer Dua Lipa, and celebrity Sofia Richie. A lot of global celebrities revealed that they are Blackpink’s fans.

Jennie and Rosé’s Music Collaboration

In July 2021, Jennie and Rosé were spotted together in Los Angeles. Rumors surfaced that the duo was working on a collaboration with either Dua Lipa or Ariana Grande. Some fans were even suggesting a mega collaboration with Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. These rumors came up after Tommy Brown, Ariana Grande’s music producer, posted a selfie with Jennie. Either they were working on a secret music collaboration or they were just hanging out and shopping at fashion stores. Fans can never be too sure. You might like to check: Are NCT 127’s Jaehyun and BLACKPINK’s Rosé Dating? YG Entertainment stepped up and released a statement informing that Jennie and Rosé were shopping for personal purposes. Later, they were photographed at a baby fashion store. They were busy preparing a gift for Anthony Vaccarello, YSL’s creative director, who welcomed a baby boy. Rosé is the new brand ambassador of YSL and both Rosé and Anthony are very close.

Jennie and Rosé’s Favorite Food

Just like any normal girl around their age, Jennie and Rosé enjoy cooking and eating different kinds of food. However, their favorite food is somewhat contradictory. Jennie’s favorite food is sandwiches. You might like to check: Check Out NCT’s Taeyong and BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Moments Her favorite includes avocado on top of the sandwich. On the other hand, Jennie hates everyone’s favorite fast food, pizza. Meanwhile, Rosé loves avocado very much. She loves all the green food and fruits, especially mangoes. When they order food together, they make sure that their food doesn’t get mixed. One thing is for sure, Blackpink never eats pizza at their home.

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