You might also like: BLACKPINK’s Most Beautiful Member and Their Visual Ranking Blackpink’s members are currently living in a luxurious dormitory that is located in one of the most prestigious areas in Seoul. Blackpink’s apartment dormitory is worth millions of dollars and has facilities for royal tenants such as Blackpink’s members. Find out about Blackpink’s dormitory in this article!

Blackpink’s Dorm Address

The Bamseom Han River apartment address is Seoul City, Mapo area, Hajeong District, Tojeong Street 158. In total, there are 7 buildings with a total of 488 units inside the Bamseom Han River apartment complex. You might also like: 25 Facts You Need to Know about BLACKPINK

Blackpink’s Dorm Location

Blackpink’s dorm is located very close to the famous Han River. Most of the luxurious apartments were built close to the Han River with the Han river view as the main selling value. The Sogang Bridge connects the area with the business and entertainment district, the Yoeuido area. The complex where the apartments are located is considered the top 5 most prestigious, popular, and priciest locations in Seoul, Korea. Bamseom Apartments is located around 10 minutes of driving from YG Entertainment’s main office. Apparently, the majority of YG Entertainment artists such as 2NE1, WINNER, and iKON reside in the apartments. The famous Hongdae area is located just around the corner of Blackpink’s dorm. Right next to the apartment, there is a running-walking track across the famous Han River. Since there are many celebrities living in the apartments, celebrity-owned black vans can be spotted in the parking lots.

Blackpink’s Dorm Price

The average price of an apartment unit is 1.7 million USD. The price tag of the most expensive unit is 2.5 million USD while the cheapest unit costs 1.5 million USD. The price of the unit on the 12th floor is often considered the priciest due to the view.

Blackpink’s Dorm Layout

The price of each unit in the apartment complex differs based on the floor number and area width of each unit. The smallest unit is 110 meters squared while the largest unit is 200 meters squared. The building isn’t a relatively new building. The permission to live in the building was given in February 2010.

Blackpink’s Dorm Room

Since their trainee days, Blackpink’s members lived together in dormitories. The founder of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk, always provided Blackpink’s members with nice and spacious dormitories. In the program Blackpink House that aired from January 6 to August 17, 2018, fans can see the dormitories that every Blackpink member stayed in during their trainee days. Their rooms were not quite spacious, but there was a living room and individual rooms for each of them. While there is currently no information or videos about the rooms for each Blackpink member at their luxurious riverside Bamseom apartment, we can only guess at their room preferences from Blackpink House videos. Blackpink’s members are very lucky and privileged for owning and living at extravagant properties such as the riverside Bamseom apartment. It is all the fruits of their hard work during their trainee days. What do you think about Blackpink’s dorm? Tell us about your opinion about their room preferences. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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