But, many also ask how they become professional when performed. With 4 members, BLACKPINK can hold such a fantastic performance, but have they ever lip-synced? Let’s find out more about the truth in this article below!

BLACKPINK Don’t Lip Sync During Performed

K-Pop groups have known for their skills in making a lot of audiences join the hype up when watching their performance. For that, every idol must know how to master the stage, sing well, and dance with powerful dance moves. If they are already professional at this, the K-Pop group may have more fans. BLACKPINK is stealing the attention of even non-K-Pop fans because their performances always look strong. The members’ vocal and dance skills are unquestionable. However, there are many questions about BLACKPINK’s performance, whether they ever did lip sync or not. A performer, there are so many struggles face when performing. Until now, BLACKPINK never did lip sync, and there is no clear evidence about it either.

BLACKPINK Sing Live During ‘Inkigayo’ Encore

BLACKPINK performed on SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ on July 5, 2020, by bringing “How You Like That”. Not only that, they also managed to bring home the first winning trophy for the song. This makes BLACKPINK fans happy and excited. BLACKPINK members then gave a short speech for their victory, ending with an encore stage act. Their successful performance at the encore made many people amazed.

During the encore, BLACKPINK sang “How You Like That” live without the aid of AR music. This allows fans to hear BLACKPINK’s authentic voice. BLACKPINK’s stable and clear voice wowed everyone. They were also flooded with praise on Theqoo‘s online community forum. “This is the best encore stage video I’ve ever seen. BLACKPINK is really good at live singing.” “I can see that their singing skills are amazing. They are doing really well.” “Jennie is good at singing but she is good at rapping too.” “All the members are doing well, Rose proves why she is the main vocalist, her voice always sounds stable.” “When I heard Jisoo‘s voice, I thought she practiced singing skills a lot. Her voice sounded good and stable.” “Lisa and Rose are doing well, I like listening to Lisa’s rap part the most.”

BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” MR Removed

BLACKPINK performed in music programs every time they held a comeback every year to promote their new songs. In October 2021, BLACKPINK held a performance on ‘Jimmy Kimnel’ to promote “Lovesick Girls” on international tv shows.

At this performance, you can hear BLACKPINK sing live because of the MR Removed technology which removes the background voice when they are performing. You can listen to every member of BLACKPINK’s clear vocals singing live on the stage!

BLACKPINK Is Being Accused of Lip-Syncing At Illinois Concert 2019

On April 24, 2019, BLACKPINK successfully wrapped up their world tour at the Allstate Arena, Illinois, America. However, the fans’ focus seems to have also been diverted to other things during this concert. The fans found several problems occurred at the concert. A fan even suspected that BLACKPINK lip-synced at the concert when they performed the song “Don’t Know What To Do”. In several fan-recorded videos, it can be seen that the music is playing and the members’ vocals are heard. But in fact, at that time none of the BLACKPINK members had raised their microphones.

This problem certainly reaped various reactions from fans. Many of them understand the lip sync issue considering BLACKPINK’s busy schedule and leave comments, such as : “What’s wrong with lipsync? some artists do it too,” said fans. “Please note that artists sometimes lipsync some songs, this doesn’t mean they lipsync for the whole concert,” said another fan. “I know they can sing live well, but why do they appear like that? It makes them look bad,” said other fans. In addition, fans also highlighted Jennie’s leaving the stage because she seemed to have a problem with her costume. Jennie finally walked off the stage to the backstage. The three members continued to perform until Jennie returned after fixing the problem with her costume. There’s still no evidence about BLACKPINK doing lip sync on performed, so let’s keep sending support and love to them. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for other interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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