It is ironic when viewed from a financial inequality when talking about the success that has been obtained from the entertainment industry in South Korea. However, one’s success can be said to be a destiny that is still a puzzle. One of the girl groups under YG Entertainment with 4 members, you could say that they have reached the peak of their popularity. Behind all that, the question arises what is the net worth of each member? In this article, we are going to discuss in more detail the information about one of BLACKPINK’s members who came from Southeast Asia, a country famous for its white elephants, Thailand, which is Lisa. One of the members who are famous for their beauty is thought to be a BLACKPINK member who has a high net worth. Let’s scroll down the article below for more information!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Net Worth

Who doesn’t know the girl group BLACKPINK? This K-Pop girl group consisting of four members is listed as the sixth richest band in the world. One of its personnel, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, has become a hot topic of conversation among the public because she just made donations to flood victims in Thailand. This was revealed by uploading a photo of a blogger from Thailand named Koa who has a relative relationship with Lisa on his social media account. BLACKPINK’s Lisa handed over a donation of 100 thousand Thai Baht to a fundraising program run by actor Bin Bunluerit. More specifically, this woman who was born on March 27th, 1997, provided assistance to Buriram Province which is her hometown. Rising to a phenomenal figure in three years, it turns out that BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s wealth is no less fantastic than her achievements. Having a career since 2010, Lisa has now managed to have a fortune of touching $ 2 million USD. Not only from gig fees with BLACKPINK, but Lisa’s income also comes from advertising fees such as fashion shows and some cosmetics from international brands that have collaborated with her. One of the parameters that make BLACKPINK’s Lisa ahead of other K-Pop artists is the number of Instagram followers, which in January 2021 reached 45.8M. In fact, the numbers beat the number of followers of BLACKPINK as a group. In addition, BLACKPINK has also been included in Forbes Asia’s 100 Digital Stars list. The contents are about the list of artists who have had a big influence on the digital world at the end of 2020. This list contains the artists who have a big influence on social media with a huge number of loyal followers. This influence is measured from various social media platforms. BLACKPINK’s Lisa is estimated to have a greater wealth than her three colleagues because it is believed that she is an icon for several well-known brands. As a celebrity who has to look charming every time she appears in public, Lisa must have a good collection of outfits. So, diligently shopping abroad is something that is normal for her. Lisa’s wealth is estimated at US $ 10 million and this 23-year-old woman is diligent to Celine’s boutique in Paris. If in Thailand, she will be diligent around the boutiques there. Lisa also has a super luxury bag worth $ 83 thousand.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa As a Fashion Ambassador

In September 2020, BLACKPINK’s Lisa officially became the global brand ambassador of luxury fashion label Celine. This was announced by Celine via their official Instagram page. “We are very proud to announce the continuation of the collaboration between Celine and Lisa, who will represent the fashion house as a global ambassador,” wrote Celine. “Lisa is a multitalented artist who is known to the world as a member of the South Korean band, BLACKPINK.” In the upload, there are three photos of Lisa wearing Celine’s clothes in black and white shades. This photo was taken by Celine designer Hedi Slimane in Paris. “For me Celine is unmatched, and Hedi Slimane has diverse talents, from clothing design to photography,” said Lisa as quoted from Vogue. “She created this rare, extraordinary and desirable world through her vision. I am always inspired by her work. It is an honor and a pleasure to work with Hedi as Celine’s first ambassador.” Their collaboration began with Slimane and Lisa’s meeting at the men’s fashion show in Paris in June 2019. Their collaboration continued when Lisa expressed her admiration for the various works of the Paris fashion house fronted by Slimane. Additionally, she was photographed by Hedi Slimane during his trip to Paris earlier this year. BLACKPINK’s Lisa was also appointed as Celine’s first ambassador in the era of Slimane’s leadership. Apart from Lisa, each Blackpink personnel is also the ambassador of a different luxury fashion house. Jennie is the brand ambassador for the French fashion house, Chanel. “Young and millennials are our target market. We are very interested in the stylish style of K-pop stars. Jennie’s loyalty to our brand and trendy style fits perfectly with Chanel’s image,” said a spokesperson for Chanel-Korea as quoted by the South China Morning Post. The South Korean singer born in Thailand, Lalisa Manoban or who is intimately called Lisa looked sweet when attending the Milan Fashion Week in 2020. The BLACKPINK K-Pop group personnel came in all gold from Prada. The gold suit is a piece of the brand’s spring/summer 2020 collection, she seemed to be part of a global superstar. The top she wears looks simple with pearl buttons and a collar that can be removed according to the trend, plus a jacket and skirt to match the workwear model. The suit is paired with Mary Jane platform shoes along with a pair of black socks. Lisa was holding a gold drawstring bag that matched her appearance at that time. Lisa’s presence was warmly welcomed by her fans outside the Fondazione Prada. On that occasion, Lisa also shared with the Prada audience about her views when choosing clothes. According to Lisa, she chose her style this time, being inspired by the changes she’s made to herself recently. “I just dyed my hair black, so I wanted to make it different,” she said through an Instagram story.

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