In this article, there is detailed information about BLACKPINK’s maknae, Lisa, and her story about her real name. Do you know that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has original name has changed? Well, let’s talk about it in this article below to get to know more about why BLACKPINK’s Lisa changed her name and the reason behind it!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Real Name Is Pranpriya Manoban

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was born on March 27, 1997, and her nationality is Thailand. The rapper of BLACKPINK herself was born with an original name Pranpriya Manoban. Not only that, she was born with a very good dancing talent, because she started learning to dance at 4 years old. Her special talent has made her now successful in debuting as a K-Pop idol who is famous for her dancing skills. BLACKPINK’s Lisa tells about her real name which has now been changed. Behind her real name Pranpriya Manoban, also has a good name meaning. However, there is actually one reason why BLACKPINK’s Lisa decided to change her real name.

The Real Meaning Of Pranpriya Manoban

Every name given by parents to their children also has meaning and blessing for later life. BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s real name turned out to have a good meaning for him. Pranpriya Manoban has a meaning of beloved soul. The meaning of this real name has actually brought good things to her current life because BLACKPINK’s Lisa managed to debut as an idol who shines and is loved by her fans. Having the real name Pranpriya Manoban, BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s friend also used to call her with nickname ‘Pokpak’. It sounds cute, right? Besides that, BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s real name given by her parents when she was born can also have the meaning of dearest and darling. Well, you can judge for yourself how much people love BLACKPINK’s Lisa right now.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Changed Her Name To Lalisa Manoban

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has revealed that her luck might have been very different had she used her birth name. Lisa, who is of Thai descent and grew up in Thailand, is actually named Pranpriya Manoban. However, the name was changed when Lisa BLACKPINK’s Lisa was 13 years old. So, the decision to change the name Pranpriya Manoban because there was a suggestion that emerged from a fortune teller in Thailand. BLACKPINK’s Lisa and her mother got advice from a fortune teller who said they should change her name. For some people, it might be a big question why BLACKPINK’s Lisa had to change her real name? “So the fortune teller said, ‘You have to change your name,’ a week after I changed my name, YG Entertainment finally called me back and said ‘you have to come (become a trainee)’, I was very surprised,” she said. This is a personal experience that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has felt about the luck in her life that led her to become a successful idol. If talking about her feelings, she must be very surprised and happy at the same time. On the other side, people might change their original name to avoid any bad luck in the future.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Current Stage Name

In the same year when BLACKPINK’s Lisa changed her name, she auditioned with YG Entertainment which is BLACKPINK’s agency to become a trainee there. BLACKPINK’s Lisa admitted that at that time, YG Entertainment did not contact her after auditioning. “We auditioned for YG Entertainment, but YG Entertainment did not contact us back. We (Lisa and her mother) really want to qualify as trainees there,” she said. Another fun facts from BLACKPINK’s Lisa that BLINKs should know, she is the only person selected from 4,000 applicants and trained for five years before debuting with three other BLACKPINK members. BLACKPINK’s Lisa feels very grateful because she can get success and popularity from her name which has been changed to Lalisa Manoban. Lalisa was also chosen as the title song for her solo debut in 2021.

Her debut song is just simply gratitude towards her name which was finally known by many people and her parents’ hopes for BLACKPINK’s Lisa to be beloved by many people finally came true. Well, that was all for the information about BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s real name, meaning until the reason why she decided to change her real name. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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