In this article, there’s a piece of detailed information about one of the Blady members, Park Giru, who joined Blady in late 2014 and stayed until the group disbanded in 2017. If you want to know more about Blady’s Giru, from her full profile, fun facts, to more about her visual, focus fancams, career journey, and latest news, check out the details provided in this Channel-Korea article below!

Blady’s Giru’s Full Profile

Real Name: Park Giru (Hangul: 박기루) Stage Name: Giru (Hangul: 기루) Place and Date of Birth: Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea, August 14th, 1991 Star Sign: Leo Height: 161 cm (5’3″) Weight: 42 kg (93 lbs) Blood Type: O Position in the group: Vocalist, Visual Active Period: Blady (2014–2017) Education:

Incheon Design High School Ceramic Design Department Hanyang Women’s University Design Department (Leave of Absence)

Official Site: Instagram (@giru_p)

Blady’s Giru’s Fun Facts

Blady’s Giru’s Visual

Visuals are very important when it comes to the specific talents and skills of K-Pop idols. There is no doubt about the visuals of every K-Pop idol that has made a debut. Likewise with the members of the girl group that debuted in 2011, Blady, who also have beautiful visuals and are in accordance with the standards of Korean beauty. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Blady’s Giru’s visual in this section below! Blady’s Giru is one of the members who joined the group in late 2014. Blady had a girlish concept that really attracted many people during the promotion era. The concept promoted by each member also looked catchy and trendy at that time, as the photo above shows Blady’s teaser picture and Giru looks beautiful with the streetwear she wears, such as a white bandana with her hair tied into a ponytail. Other accessories like necklaces and big round earrings also make her look cool. When performing, Blady’s Giru also looks stunning to many people. She already met the standards of a talented K-Pop idol at that time. Like the photo above which shows her performance during a comeback fan signing event where she looks beautiful with an all-red outfit with natural makeup and bangs which never escaped her appearance while promoting with Blady. Giru’s appearance also looks mature in this picture, right? Still the same as the previous concept, Blady’s Giru appears with her bun hair and also bangs that cover her forehead. She looks like a member who has a calm personality and is also more mature than the other members. Blady’s Giru who is assumed to be doing an individual photoshoot in this interview also looks beautiful when wearing a pink dress which shows her body proportion very well. She looks very sweet and pretty with this minimalist look, right? In the photo above, Blady’s Giru looks a bit different from the previous one. More often than not she has bangs, but in this photo, she can be seen with her brown hair left straight without any styling. You could say this photo was taken when Blady was doing a busking performance, where there were many people watching their performance publicly for free. Blady’s Giru in the photo above looks radiant with one of the poses from the choreography that was delivered during the performance. Blady’s Giru has now restarted her career as an actress. Her appearance previously looked very identical to the girl group’s concept, sometimes she also had to wear some outfits that revealed her body, but now Blady’s Giru emphasizes her charm as an actress and wants to show the quality of her acting skills. Blady’s Giru, now better known as Park Giru, has changed her appearance to be more mature and looks more feminine. What do you think about Blady’s Giru’s visuals?

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