Blady made its debut with 4 members, Darae, Bun-hong, Sun-yeong, and Kang-yoon. In mid-2013, Hong Darae decided to leave the group for no apparent reason. In this article, there is detailed information about one of the former members and also the leader of Blady that you should know. Make sure you don’t miss out on any information about Blady’s Hong Darae starting from her full profile, fun facts, to her latest news in this article!

Blady’s Hong Darae’s Full Profile

Real Name: Hong Darae (Hangul: 홍다래) Stage Name: Darae (Hangul: 다래) Birth: Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, October 3, 1989 Star Sign: Libra Position in the Group: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper Nationality: Korean Active Period: Blady (2011-2013)

Blady’s Hong Darae’s Fun Facts

Blady’s Hong Darae’s Visual

South Korean entertainment has many well-known aspects of idols, actresses, actors, and other entertainers who have good-looking and perfect visuals and talents. It is likewise with K-pop idols who are also famous for having naturally perfect visuals, but that also doesn’t rule out the possibility that some of them have undergone plastic surgery to make their visuals look beautiful. To get to know Blady’s Hong Darae more closely, let’s find out more about her visual in this session below! As a member who also has the position of leader, Blady’s Hong Darae also has that fierce aura when appearing on stage. You can see the picture above where Blady’s Hong Darae looks trendy with her outfit. She seems to have a bob haircut in blonde, and her shirt and pants look casual but also look unique at the same time. Using the concept of black and white, her iconic look from her leggings also stole the attention of fashion trends at that time. She also added some accessories such as bracelets and necklaces to make her appearance look more feminine. When it comes to performances, every K-pop idol must look attractive so that the audience and fans will be entertained by their performance. The picture above also shows Blady’s Hong Darae’s charm while singing live on stage. You can also clearly see that every outfit worn by Blady’s Hong Darae looks very catchy and trendy. She wore a black outfit that looks like an oriental dress and also gray leggings to match the top. The leader of Blady herself also did not forget to wear some accessories to highlight her image on stage. In the picture above, you can see Blady’s Hong Darae’s appearance which is more girly and feminine. If she is usually seen wearing a bold outfit and a monochrome style, Blady’s Hong Darae also looks beautiful in a simple green pastel dress and her makeup looks really simple while at this performance. If Blady’s Hong Darae usually looks fierce and bold, you can see Blady’s Hong Darae’s cute and sweet image in this appearance. She became one of the members who looked suitable with trendy and unique outfits. Like the picture above, you can see Blady’s Hong Darae looking beautiful in a white top with a picture of a panther on her lower outfit, making her appearance look a little bit stronger with this image. You can also see Blady’s Hong Darae’s charming smile in this picture as well as her strong eye makeup as she wears thick enough eyeliner to create a bigger eye effect. If you often see Blady’s Hong Darae’s appearance with short blonde hair, then from the picture above you can see Blady’s Hong Darae’s new appearance with black medium hair from her new picture. You can see that Blady’s Hong Darae still has that strong vibe in her looks and seems more mature than before. She also looks beautiful with simple makeup that still looks bold. She also likes to wear some accessories like when she used to promote as a Blady member because she wore unique long earrings in this picture. What do you think about Blady’s Hong Darae’s visual?

Blady’s Hong Darae’s Latest News

At the time this article is being published, there is still no latest news about Blady’s Hong Darae regarding her current activities or work. Hong Darae doesn’t have any social media accounts yet, so there’s no updated news about her situation about whether she is working as an idol or not after she decided to leave Blady in 2013. It will be good if people keep giving support and love to Hong Darae so that her career or whatever she is doing at this time will still give her happiness. Let’s wait until she’s ready to return and work as an idol! Well, that was the information about Blady’s Hong Darae and everything that you should know about her. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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