Jinhwa or Choi Jinhwa was born on January 15, 2002. In BLITZERS, he is in charge of vocal, rap, dance, and most importantly, Jinhwa is the leader of BLITZERS. Before debuting as a BLITZERS member, Jinhwa joined a survival program called Produce x 101. However, he was eliminated before the final episode. Let’s get to know more about BLITZERS’ Jinhwa starting from his profile, facts, pre-debut, and more!

BLITZERS’s Jinhwa’s Profile

Let’s get to know BLITZERS’ Jinhwa by seeing his profile right here: Stage Name: Jinhwa Real Name: Choi Jin-hwa Position: Leader, vocalist, rapper, dancer Birthday: January 15, 2001 Nationality: South Korea Height: 180 cm Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: AB MBTI: INFP Family: Parents Education: Jinjeop High School Debut: 2021 Agency: Wuzo Entertainment Instagram: @official_blitzers

BLITZERS’s Jinhwa’s Facts

BLITZERS’ Jinhwa has a lot of interesting facts that will make you amazed by him. Check out the list of BLITZERS’ Jinhwa facts below!

BLITZERS’ Jinhwa’s hobbies are writing lyrics, poetry, and basketball. BLITZERS’ Jinhwa’s specialties are rap and dance. BLITZERS’ Jinhwa is good at making acrostic poem. When he was in elementary school, BLITZERS’ Jinhwa lived in Jeju Island.

BLITZERS’s Jinhwa’s Discography

To see how amazing BLITZERS’ Jinhwa’s skills are, make sure to check out his discography with BLITZERS.

CHECK-IN (May 12, 2021) Blitz – Next Level Remix CHECK-IN Breathe Again (Single) Ocean Blue Dream Pilot Drawing Paper SEAT-BELT (October 6, 2021) K-POP SEAT-BELT Will Make a Mistake (Single) Hop-in Love Bottle Rain Drop BOBBIN (January 3, 2022) Simon Says BOBBIN (Single) Forever In My Heart

BLITZERS’s Jinhwa’s Pre Debut: Produce x 101 Participant, Etc.

In his pre-debut era, BLITZERS’ Jinhwa made an appearance on Produce x 101 which aired in 2019. At that time, Jinhwa represented his agency, Wuzo Entertainment. It was stated that Jinhwa was trained for 7 months in Wuzo Entertainment by the time he joined Produce x 101. Jinhwa showed his marvelous skills in dancing and rapping along his journey in Produce x 101. However, the journey had to stop on the 5th episode. Choi Jinhwa was eliminated in the middle of the show and his final rank was #74. Let’s see his performances on Produce x 101!

In March 2020, Jinhwa was introduced by his agency as one of the CIRCLE members. Besides him, there are other 12 trainees from Wuzo Entertainment. Later on, the 7 members among them debuted as BLITZERS, including Jinhwa. That’s all the information about BLITZERS’ Jinhwa. Let’s continue to support BLITZERS’ Jinhwa now that you have learned a lot about him starting from his profile, facts, and more. Make sure to tell fellow K-pop fans about how charming he is by spreading this article on your social media. Don’t forget to check out other articles by Channel Korea to keep you updated about Korean entertainment. Cheers!

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