Some boy groups are indeed considered special because they have themes and concepts that always make the fans and the public give praise for their charisma and very strong appearance. Not infrequently they also make the opponents feel intimidated because they always appear energetic and powerful. Are you curious about which boy groups have strong and fierce concepts? Let’s look at the more detailed information in the article below!


B.A.P, which is an acronym for Best Absolute Perfect, is a boy group that debuted under TS Entertainment with a total of 6 talented members. Members of B.A.P have their own characteristics. BABY which is their fandom name is also known as one of the big fandoms because they support each other and love the group. B.A.P debuted in 2012 and they had “Warrior” as their first single. In that era, B.A.P had the same blonde hair color. This makes it rather difficult for many people to see the difference between the members. However, their very debut concept invited a lot of attention from fans and also the public. “Warrior” is a very energetic song and features very strong choreography. The melody of this song also sounds with a very fast beat and is very good with the dance moves that B.A.P performed on their debut stage. The music video of “Warrior” really displays a very distinct bad boy image in the appearance of the members.

The members of B.A.P, Yong-woof, Him-chan, Dae-hyun, Young-jae, Jong-up, and Zelo, turned into rebel boys who were seen on the roadside. The make-up they wore in “Warrior” also looked very fierce supported by the outfit they wore for shooting this music video. B.A.P is known as a boy group that always performs with their bad boy image and powerful comebacks too.

Besides “Warrior,” B.A.P returned to perform with a bad boy image that was no less cool than his debut single. Still in the same year, B.A.P came back with their new song “No Mercy.” This song tells about their strength and how they will defeat other groups with their powerful music. In the “No Mercy” music video, you can also see the performances of the members who are very charismatic.

In 2013, B.A.P again showed their charisma and bad boy concept in a comeback with the title “One Shot.” At the beginning of the music video, you can see they are on a cruise ship and have fun with the women. A few moments later, B.A.P was seen with a stronger and fierce image. The “One Shot” music video also tells the story of a friend’s betrayal that gives mafia information about their best friend.

On B.A.P’s last comeback in 2017, the group that has now been rumored to have left its old agency, TS Entertainment, still has the impression of a group that performs with charisma that looks very good with their bad boy image from the moment of debut. “Hands Up” is one of the songs from their last comeback along with a strong and bad boy concept. This song tells about the spirit of someone who wants to achieve their dreams and aspirations. In the “Hands Up” music video the audience can see the members in a place with a building project behind them and they are seen dancing together on the streets. B.A.P was seen as one of the legendary boy groups that was powerful in their last comeback with “Hands Up.” Even at the last minute of this song, they were seen dancing with several back dancers who made a powerful impression in the music video of “Hands Up.”


Teen Top is a boy group consisting of 6 members, such as C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, Changjo, and L.Joe who has already left Teen Top. The group which is under the TOP Media agency debuted in 2010 and is quite famous because they are a boy group that has energy and charisma that looks very good when they perform. In 2013, Teen Top began to be famous for one of its comeback songs titled “Miss Right” because of its super catchy song and also the concept of its music video that looks very fierce. Within a few seconds of the “Miss Right” music video, Teen Top members were seen in a prison and they were wearing prison clothes. There are also some scenes seen when they are dancing in the middle of an empty building.

In the following year, Teen Top returned to make a comeback with a song titled “Missing” which still displayed the concept of a bad boy. Although this comeback is one of the songs that contain sad and mellow lyrics, the music video of “Missing” shows the image of the members who look very manly and also still features a bad boy image with costumes and outfits that they wear in the “Missing” music video.

Beside that, the song “I Wanna Love” from Teen Top also has a music video with a bad boy concept. When viewed, the “I Wanna Love” music video, shows the Teen Top members each in the suburbs and they wear a pretty casual outfit by not forgetting their aura as a cool guy or bad boy concept. Here they also look very cool with their expressions and scenes which can be said to be quite strong because their personalities are clearly visible in the “I Wanna Love” music video.

There are many concepts from Teen Top besides strong and fierce. Some of them are also romantic concepts and show the soft and charismatic side of Teen Top members in each of their music videos during their debut until the last comeback in 2019 with the title “Runaway” which looks very colorful.


BIGBANG is one of the boy groups from South Korea that has been famous all over the world and gained many achievements because of their hard work for more than 10 years having worked as a boy group. BIGBANG is a group that debuted in 2006 under YG Entertainment. Initially, this group did have different Hip-Hop and RnB concepts from the usual Korean boy groups. Since their debut, BIGBANG have been famous for their bad boy concept and members who are full of aura that emanates from their youth. You could say that BIGBANG is also one of the boy groups that is an example for other boy groups to use strong and bad boy images because, since their very debut, BIGBANG have managed to look different from the others. Although at the beginning of their appearance they still looked very cute and innocent, BIGBANG really became a pioneer in the K-Pop music industry in South Korea. In several BIGBANG music videos, the concept of those who always look like a bad boy is somewhat exploited. On their debut in 2006, BIGBANG had a song titled “We Belong Together.” In the music video, it looks like BIGBANG members who are still teenagers look like bad boys who are getting women’s attention. What caught the attention of fans and the public was when they interacted with female models in this music video. On a side note, 2NE1’s Park Bom, who had not yet debuted at the time, was in the video.

Besides appearing in their distinctive style such as Hip-Hop teenagers, BIGBANG also returned with a unique concept in their next comeback, the “Sunset Glow” music video that came in 2008. This time, BIGBANG performed joyfully and very cheerfully in their comeback with “Sunset Glow.” Still with the concept of Hip-Hop and their outfits are very cool, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung took to the streets while singing with the people there.

With their title as a famous and legendary boy group, in 2012 BIGBANG returned to the next comeback with some of their most famous songs, such as “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” and “Bad Boy.” This comeback is also an unforgettable moment for the fans because BIGBANG is becoming world-famous in this era.

BIGBANG continues to present their comebacks using strong and bad boy concepts. it would simply not be BIGBANG if they don’t get praise with a unique theme for each comeback. In 2015, BIGBANG released several hits such as “Bang Bang Bang,” “Loser,” “We Like 2 Party,” “If You,” and many more. With the comeback that year, BIGBANG made a big impact on the Korean music industry because of their strong concept that received lots of praise.

Even though BIGBANG is currently on hiatus, we really can get examples and images from BIGBANG’s strong and powerful boy group concept because they always look energetic in every comeback that always comes with a bad boy image. The music videos they present always get appreciation and praise from fans and the public.


Some newly debuted boy groups also managed to carry the concept of a strong and bad boy image. One of them is Ateez who debuted in 2018 under KQ Entertainment. This boy group, which has 8 members, is now one of the groups that are gaining popularity because of the talent they have. Ateez is also expected to become a group that can become legendary in the future and achieve many achievements with the members’ hard work. On their debut, Ateez released a song titled “Pirate King” with a concept that was quite powerful. If you pay attention to the “Pirate King” music video, the rhythm of this song feels enough with a fast beat and a pretty cool choreography accompanied by the choreography that the members bring with it too. Ateez managed to bring the bad boy concept to the song “Pirate King” which made people look forward to their energetic performance with this song.

This time, Ateez comes with a darker concept and displays the aura of each member in the “Say My Name” music video released in 2019. In the first few seconds of the music video, we can see Ateez members walking down a place surrounded by several people wearing black robes. Then later, they are in a room and dance together. There are also several scenes that show the members in a different room with shades that are still dark.

The nuance given by Ateez on their last comeback in 2020 with the song titled “Answer” is still more or less the same as the previous year’s comeback. As if there is a conspiracy between the music video “Answer” because the theme tells a different scene from each member. But in the “Answer” music video it can be seen that Ateez still uses the concept of bad boy as seen in outfits or costumes on their last comeback this year.


Block B is a boy group with Zico, B-Bomb, Taeil, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, and P.O who debuted in 2011 under Stardom Entertainment. Many know that Block B is one of the dominant boy groups with Hip-Hop music and many of the powerful performances they have made since debut. One of the legendary songs from Block B that is widely known by people is “NalinA.”

When debuting with “NalinA,” in this song, especially in the music video, it looks like Block B is dancing together as if they are enjoying their time together with a very bad boy outfit by wearing a leather jacket and some accessories such as necklaces and bracelets. Especially with some of their hairstyles and the makeup that clearly shows that they are a group of intimidating boys because of their bad boy image. Beside that, Block B actually has members who have different and very distinctive personalities like bad boys, but they also have a very prominent aura and charisma as idols. Block B are increasingly famous for their good songs and always impress many people with their talent and comebacks that are always cool.

Still in the same year, Block B released a new song and music video titled “Nilili Mambo.” In this comeback, Zico is still seen with blonde hair but he has a new appearance with dreads if you look at the “Nilili Mambo” music video. In addition, the outfit they wear is also very cool and has become very stylish because it has the characteristics of a bad boy with a background in shooting music videos at an abandoned place and there are some sexy women present in the music video. The members were also seen gambling and holding pistols when the scene indicated that they were being chased by the mafia. There is also a funny scene when one of Block B’s members is sharpening a knife to cut a chicken. Here Block B presents the concept of bad boy and strong concept as men who can easily win any woman’s heart. Block B is indeed very famous as a boy group that always uses the concept of a strong and bad boy image. They also chose Hip-Hop and RnB songs for their every comeback. This time, we can also see Block B with a bad boy aura in the “Be The Light” music video released in 2013. Although this song is a sad song, there are several scenes in this music video that show that they are bad boys but can also feel broken hearted or sad because of love.

Block B have indeed mostly made comebacks with a bad boy nuance and a strong concept, almost the same as the concept that is often used by BIGBANG or B.A.P. In a 2013 comeback, Block B released a new music video and song titled “Very Good.” In this music video, Block B acts as a gangster as well as a mafia. There are some early scenes that show those who are robbing banks.

After they succeeded in robbing a bank, Block B could be seen enjoying their wealth by pouring money into the air. After that, there were also some eccentric scenes from those who wore costumes and outfits that were very eccentric with different backgrounds. The comeback with “Very Good” really represents a bad boy with a different vibe and level. Let’s step back further into 2011, where Block B just debuted. In the “Tell Them” song, the members still look very innocent because they just debuted. However, from the “Tell Them” music video we can see that Block B will appear more frequently or come back with the concept of a bad boy because the outfit and background of the music video are also more often wearing streetwear or being in an outdoor place setting. This song is an upbeat and cheerful song, but Block B can still act like they are a group of bad boys.

In a 2013 comeback, Block B also released a song titled “Jackpot.” In this song, they are seen to be circus clowns who frighten women who come to the event. As usual, Block B has good acting skills and they act like a bit of a psycho. In the “Jackpot” music video, the woman known as Kim Sae-ron was seen being chased by Block B members when she came to the circus.

In 2017, Block B again made a comeback with their streetwear and bad boy style. With Zico’s excellent rapping skills, the comeback with the title song “Shall We Dance” was a cool comeback because they were able to make fans hype because of the simple music video but the concept is very good and the song is also very upbeat so that it can make the listener happy and cheerful too when hearing “Shall We Dance.”

So, what do you think about the concept of the strong and bad boy from Block B who are always presenting a bad boy image in their comebacks? Block B can also make their mellow songs by still using the concept of a bad boy as usual. Block B does fit into a concept like this. No one will feel bored with Block B’s comeback, which always uses this theme because the members always bring good energy to their comeback every year. That’s all about some of the South Korean boy groups who most often have the concept of a bad boy and a strong image. All of them on average have already debuted or had a fixed concept as a group with many concepts that have upbeat songs and their performances also never disappoint when on stage. Let’s continue to support and love them so that there are many K-Pop groups who also dare to have a strong concept and a bad boy image in the future!

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