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Boys Republic’s Minsu’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Minsu (민수) Real Name: Kim Deokseon (김덕선), but he legally changed his name to Kim Minsu (김민수) Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer Birthday: April 15, 1993 Zodiac Sign: Aries Height: 175 cm (5’9″) Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs) Blood Type: O Twitter: @BoysRepublic_MS Instagram: @ejrtjsdl12

Boys Republic’s Minsu’s Fun Facts

– Minsu has some nicknames including Russian Boy and Vampire Minsu. – Minsu got the nickname “Russian Boy” because he has a sharp nose and chin. – Some of his hobbies are writing raps and skateboarding. – Minsu is quite clumsy. – Minsu doesn’t like ghosts, worms, and rainy days. – He is a fan of singer and actress IU. – Minsu was a part of “Project X” which is a dance collaboration between him, Block-B‘s B-bomb, 3DCOLOR’s Doobu, 24K‘s Daeil, and N-Sonic’s J. Heart. – Minsu joined the idol rebooting show The Unit. However, he didn’t pass the auditions. – Minsu started his mandatory military service in October 2018. – His ideal type is someone who has fair skin and a puppy-like face.

Boys Republic’s Minsu’s Visual

His visual can’t be denied. He is so handsome and attractive. Do you agree? His face structure is really manly and sharp! He also looks like an anime character with this hairstyle!

Boys Republic’s Minsu’s Focus Fancams

  He looks so fascinating and lovable. What do you think?

Boys Republic’s Minsu’s Latest News

The group Boys Republic decided to go on an indefinite hiatus. They made a clarification on September 30, 2018, when their agency and Boy Republic revealed that they will no longer promote as a group for an indefinite period of time. Before the press conference, the group’s staff posted an announcement on Boys Republic’s fan cafe on September 12, 2018: “Firstly, we apologize for conveying unfortunate news to Royal Family [Boys Republic fans] who have been waiting for their comeback for a long time and supporting them. After a long period of consideration, the Boys Republic members and the agency agreed that they will be ceasing their activities indefinitely. They will therefore be holding a live performance to say a last farewell as a group to Royal Family. We ask for Royal Family to show much love until the end.” Minsu and his group gave the last performance live called “The End..and” on September 30 at Sangsangmadang theater in Seoul with free tickets. The group has never used the word disbandment and has only confirmed being on a hiatus for an undetermined time. Here are the latest Instagram updates from Minsu:

He uploaded beautiful scenery photos. This looks like Jeju Island!

He took photos while traveling with a beautiful forest as the background. It looks fresh!

He always shows his beautiful smile and gestures! Do you like them?   That’s all about Minsu of Boys Republic and his entertainment journey. Keep following and supporting him on each project he has. Positive vibes are needed! Don’t forget to post a comment and share your thoughts below!

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