Full Profile of Boys Republic’s Onejunn

Birth Name: Jo Kang-min (조강민), changed to Jo Won-jun (조원준) Stage Name: Onejunn (원준) Date of Birth: November 22, 1988 Age: 31 years old Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 179 cm Weight: 61 kg Blood Type: AB Position: Leader, Main Vocalist Years Active: 2013 – present Label: Universal Music Group Associated With: Boys Republic Instagram: onejunn

Fun Facts About Onejunn That You Need To Know

Onejunn was called Glutton Leader and Ahjussi Leader. During his military service, Onejunn used decided to become a singer. Onejunn participated in the idol show The Unit, but he didn’t make it to be the winner (he was ranked #57). Onejunn loves to cook and compose songs. Onejunn participated in composing the music for the song “A Song for You” on Boys Republic‘s third album. Onejunn would like to try acting, musicals, and MCing. Onejunn likes to brag about himself. Meat is Onejunn’s favorite food. In Boys Republic, Onejunn was the member who ate the most. Onejunn’s ideal type is someone who’s pretty, kind, and has a refreshing smile. Onejunn and Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon sang on the OST for Love & Secret together.

Boys Republic’s Onejunn’s Visual

Boys Republic’s Onejunn has a bunch of charming points. At first sight, Onejunn appears to have manly charisma, but actually, he can transform into someone adorable as well! With his straight hair, neat bangs, pointed jaw, and calming smile, Onejunn appeared with his mature-manly vibes. With his height and sophisticated style, Onejunn looked like a prince, right? If you take a look at Onejunn’s visual clearly, you can see that he is almost perfect from top to bottom! Onejunn with his messy-straight brown hair and funky style was a perfect combination! He looked different from the previous picture that emphasized his masculine side, but this time, he showed a kind of rebel bad boy image!

Focus Fancams of Onejunn’s Performances

Boys Republic’s Onejunn had a lot of charming points which made fans go crazy over him. It can be seen through his multiple focus fancams which mostly emphasize every detail of him during performances. Let’s look at these focus fancams of Onejunn!

Through one of Boys Republic’s live stages, they performed a cover of “Perfect Man” which was originally performed by Shinwa! There was also a focus fancam of Onejunn’s performance which focused on him only. He appeared with a red blazer and black pants in a perfect combination. At first sight, Onejunn definitely stole everyone’s heart with his amazing performance! His dancing performance also looked energetic with a mixture of his stable voice during the live performance. Onejunn’s expression during the performance was filled with passionate vibes as well! Onejunn’s performance was as perfect as the song title, right?

Onejunn performed “Party Rock” with Boys Republic at the 2016 DMC Festival Asia Music Network showcase! He looked very manly with a black outfit that made his appearance look stunning. With the upbeat music, bright stage lighting, and amazing skills, Onejunn was definitely slaying the performance during “Party Rock!” His charisma on the stage didn’t fade since Onejunn has always shown off his energetic dance moves and bright smile. He knew how to amaze people with his charisma!

Interview with Onejunn

During a lot of interview sessions with Boys Republic, Onejunn was mostly the one who became the group’s representative to introduce the group since he was the group leader. Onejunn described their single “Get Down” as having a wild, sexy, masculine, and rebellious concept. He also explained the dance part within the song. Moreover, Onejunn showed off his composing ability at that time!

Through another interview with KAvenyou, Boys Republic introduce themselves respectively. Then, Onejunn introduced himself as a benevolent and reliable leader who’s in charge as the vocalist of the group. The members played the speed quiz with a bunch of trivia questions that helped the fans get to know them better!

Onejunn’s Solo Single Album

Since Boys Republic went on its indefinite hiatus in 2018, it has been a long time since Onejunn was involved in another music project. But, still, Onejunn continued his activity in the music industry as a musician and singer. In July 2020, Onejunn released his first single album titled Let’s Walk a Little More! He also explained that it was a song that people could listen to comfortably, and he has been working really hard to prepare the project. Boys Republic’s Onejunn’s latest Instagram update:

A post shared by 조원준 (@onejunn) on Jul 25, 2020 at 2:03am PDT Let us know your thoughts about Boys Republic’s Onejunn through the comments below!

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