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Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s Full profile

Stage Name: Sungjun (성준) Real Name: Park Sungjun (박성준) Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper Birthday: December 17th, 1992 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 172 cm (5’8″) Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs) Blood Type: AB Instagram: @sungjun1217  

Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s fun facts

Boys Republic’s Sungjun studied at the National University of Korea Boys Republic’s Sungjun is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment Boys Republic’s Sungjun had a cameo appearance in JYP Entertainment’s and KBS2’s production drama Dream High 2 (as a backup dancer – Ep. 1) Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s ideal type is Min from Miss A Boys Republic’s Sungjun is a close friend of singer Baek Ah-yeon, GOT7, and DAY6 because they all trained at JYP Entertainment Boys Republic’s Sungjun is a fanboy of the band DAY6 Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s role model is singer Jay Park Boys Republic’s Sungjun has been learning to dance for 10 years Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s strongest desire is to become a famous dancer Boys Republic’s Sungjun likes to see the moon on the roof of his house Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s favorite artists are Chris Brown, Poppin DS, Michael Jackson Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s hobbies are composing raps, street dancing, riding bicycles, shopping, and watching videos Boys Republic’s Sungjun had a cameo appearance in Dream High 2 (as a backup dancer – Ep. 1) Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s the prankster of the group, he pranks and teases the members the most Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s also the most stylish and strongest member of the group Boys Republic’s Sungjun acted in the 2015 Naver TV drama Alchemist along with Suwoong and Sunwoo Boys Republic’s Sungjun participated in the KBS2 idol rebooting show The Unit, but he was eliminated Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s ideal type is someone who’s tall, has straight and long hair, pretty nails, and a nice fragrance


Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s visual

At first glance, Sungjun might resemble a tough boy persona due to his position as the main rapper of the group. His look is associated with a nose ring, smug expression, and an “I don’t care” look.

But underneath all that, he’s actually… a cutie. Seriously, that shy smile… hard to believe that he is the same guy… Isn’t he cute???

A post shared by S___J (@sungjun1217) on Oct 11, 2018 at 11:26am PDT And well, those little dimples make him look like a flower boy rather than a tough rapper.

A post shared by S___J (@sungjun1217) on Apr 3, 2020 at 4:53am PDT On top of being a cutie, he can also be sporty, classy, and whatever you name it. Maybe the multitude of personas he has is the thing that makes the fans hooked and charmed by him.  

Sungjun’s choco ABS

It’s not a secret that Sungjun has some of the most impressive abs among K-Pop artists. His abs are notorious for their brown complexion and a perfect 6-pack. Back in 2015, he along with member Onejunn even participated as models in Boy’s Health magazine, a fun parody version of the male’s health magazine Men’s Health. There, he showcased his impressive body while also sharing tips about health in the interview.   He was even known to be the strongest member out of the other members and he’s not shy to show that.


Focus fan-cam

As we know, Sungjun participated in the KBS2 idol rebooting show The Unit, although he was later eliminated from the show. Even so, he got quite a following fanbase on the show. His personal fan-cam alone even has been watched for almost 3000 times.

One of the most noticeable things about Sungjun is his dancing skills. It’s unsurprising as he holds the position of a main dancer in the group.

But even then, the guy still surprised us all. It turned out, on top of having dancing and rapping skills, he can also sing! Bless him and his talent!  

Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s

Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s Interview

When the group first debuted, they sat down for an interview with Bugs to promote their debut song, “Party Rock.” The members each got questions and turn to answers. When asked about their thoughts on debut, Sungjun, answered by sharing his feelings and excitement, “My body was tired after the exercise and when we went to the hotel, I went to sleep. But I didn’t sleep well and it was noticeable.” The next question was about what they were doing the night before their debut, to which Sungjun answered, “I expected all the members to be very tired after the practice but we didn’t sleep until late at night.” Then, when asked about the members that he most appreciated, Sungjun gave a sweet answer as he mentioned all the members. He said, “Our members Onejunn hyung, Dabin, Minsu, Suwoongie, we will work really hard for rookie of the year! All for the win!” When asked about thoughts on their debut track, Sungjun shared, “Listening to ‘Party Rock’ gives out the same energy as nutrition from an energy tonic drink.” And he later added the recording experience, “Suwoong was in full swing when the recording of ‘Party Rock’ was in progress. He would drool in his sleep.” He also shared his most unique features, “Courage. Unfortunately, most people lack the courage to do what you want. But I always have the courage to take up any challenge!” Sungjun gave the final answers on how he would grow as an artist ten years from then and his common goal in Boys Republic. He shared, that 10 years later, he would “seem to be making with my own style of music and dance.” And excitedly said, “A day will come when we will shake the whole of Korea and the other artists like an earthquake!” Oh, and one more, we already get that Sungjun loves to exercise and isn’t scared to show people. In the interview below, he shared his gym routine while making fans crazy about his physique. Enjoy winks


Boys Republic’s Sungjun’s Latest News

In 2020, it seems like almost nothing has changed. If anything, he seems to be getting stronger and stronger, according to a selca that he shared on his Instagram. On September 10th, 2020, he uploaded a photo of himself in the gym, seemingly after his intense-workout session. He wrote in the caption, “…Recommendation for stretch marks cream……..Please, I didn’t have stretch marks even when I was growing up…Is it growing now?” Fans who were impressed by the photo praised him in the comment section. “Look at that chest! Massive! 💪🏽,” one user wrote. “You look really good and you look healthy!” another user added. Even a former member of DAY6, Lim Jun-hyeok, commented, “I just watched the Avengers, and Hulk was just your brother.” Wow, this post reminds us of his last update in 2019 when he shared a gym photo that features his gym buddy and groupmate, Suwoong. The caption said, “It’s hard.” Well, don’t worry, all that hard work really shows and has paid off, Sungjun.   So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding Boys Republic‘s main dancer, main rapper, and sports lover, Sungjun! So, what do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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