However, what about the contestants who didn’t make it to the final episode like Boys24’s Hocheol? Don’t worry, you will know who Boys24’s Hocheol is starting from his full profile, fun facts, to his appearance on Boys24 in this article. Make sure you don’t skip this one!

BOYS24’s Hocheol’s Full Profile

Real Name: Chae Ho-cheol (Hangul: 채호철) Stage Name: Hocheol (Hangul: 호철) Birth: Incheon, South Korea, November 8, 1997 Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 175 cm (5’8”) Weight: 52 kg Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean Official Sites:

Instagram ( happyhappy_tomato__ ) YouTube Channel ( hocheollovely )

BOYS24’s Hocheol’s Fun Facts

BOYS24’s Hocheol’s Focus Fancams

Focus fancam is a video recorded by fans who were at an event where their favorite idol performed. Boys24’s Hocheol also has fans who always give their support by attending events organized by Boys24 and uploading focus fancams from when Hocheol performed on stage. To get to know Boys24’s Hocheol even closer, let’s find out more about his focus fancams from his stage performances in this session!

On April 21, 2017, Boys24’s Hocheol appeared on the MVP stage to show off his dancing skills while covering a girl group song, PRISTIN’s “Wee Woo.” Even though he would be debuting as a boy group member, Boys24’s Hocheol memorizes girl group dance moves very well and does very well when performing on stage cheerfully like a female idol.

On August 12, 2017, Boys24s Hocheol appeared with his unit and performed a single titled “Candy Shop” on stage. If you previously watched his expertise in performing girl group choreography, now you will see the difference in Boys24’s Hocheol when performing songs that are more upbeat and fierce. As you can see, his cute image disappeared a bit because he wore a street outfit that gave the impression of a rebel, and he also performed very playfully on stage.

On August 5, 2017, Boys24’s Hocheol appeared at a hi-touch event held by Boys24. In this focus fancam, you can see Boys24’s Hocheol who is like a flower boy when wearing head accessories just like a bride. There were some fans who went there to give gifts and also support for Boys24’s Hocheol, and the contestant who was a former trainee of DSP Media always smiled at the camera recording him during the hi-touch event.

On May 6, 2017, Boys24’s Hocheol performed with his unit while bringing “BOP” to the stage. You can see how cute he is with pink hair and also the beret hat he wore during this performance. His appearance on stage looking fresh and cute is like his original image, which is already known by fans. Boys24’s Hocheol also seemed to really enjoy his performance in this focus fancam and shows his best for the fans.

On August 12, 2017, Boys24’s Hocheol showed another side when appearing on Boys 24: THE FINAL and performing with the other contestants. At this performance, all the members sang a single titled “Tomorrow,” and all of them looked drowned in emotions and very sad because the show was about to end. Maybe some contestants and also Boys24’s Hocheol will miss this atmosphere, and you can also see clearly through this focus fancam when Hocheol holds back his tears. What do you think about Boys24’s Hocheol’s focus fancams?

BOYS24’s Hocheol’s Appearance in Boys24

Boys24 is an idol survival show that was formed by CJ E&M and aired from 2016-2017. There were many who participated in this show including trainees under different agencies and several young male teenagers who auditioned as contestants for this show. Boys24’s Hocheol became one of the lucky 24 contestants in this program and started his journey by becoming a contestant in Unit Green in the first round. On November 20, 2016, Boys24’s Hocheol was added to Collabo Yellow, and he was later added to Unit Blue on March 5, 2017. Although Boys24’s Hocheol was not included in the final lineup of Boys24 which debuted the boy group named IN2IT, his journey during this show must be appreciated. Let’s keep giving support to him and hope that he will debut soon as a K-pop idol! Well, that is all of the information about Boys24’s Hocheol and everything about him that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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