However, what about some of the contestants who were unable to continue their journey to the final? To answer your curiosity, let’s check out detailed information about one of the former members of Boys24, Oh Jin-seok, starting from his full profile, fun facts, to his debut as a soloist in the article below!

Boys24’s Jinseok’s Full Profile

Real Name: Oh Jin-seok (Hangul: 오진석) Stage Name: Jinseok (Hangul: 진석) Birth: January 7, 1995 Star Sign: Capricorn Height: 171 cm (5’7″) Weight: 53 kg Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean Family Member: Parents, 1 Brother, and 2 Sisters Official Site:

Instagram ( b.o.n ) Twitter ( bonisyou ) YouTube Channel ( 오본 OBON )

Boys24’s Jinseok’s Fun Facts

Boys24’s Jinseok’s Appearance in Boys24

In the first episode, Boys24’s Jinseok was in the Top7 selection with Lee Chang-min and Kim Yong-hyun under the title Avengers Rapper Line during their first appearance. “Even if I was a trainee again, I wasn’t sure when I would debut, and I was preparing to return to being a normal member of society. When I saw the program Boys24, I thought of it as an opportunity. If you do well there, you can see your debut right before your eyes. For me, it’s not ‘I came here thinking it’s my last chance,’ it’s really my last chance,” Boys24’s Jinseok said in an interview. In episode 2, after the Top7 selection, 49 boys were selected by the Top7 leaders, and five were added to the unit arrangement by the masters, making a total of seven units. Jinseok, a male contestant that was selected as a Top7, selected Hongin, a boy who excels in performance, as the leader of Unit Yellow.

Jinseok, a young boy who had to write rap lyrics as the only rapper and lead the team as a leader, had a hard time preparing the team’s performance for Teen Top’s “Warning Sign.” There was a mistake in the rap part along with a tense appearance on stage. During this episode, Unit Yellow was criticized for having a performance that did not fit the choreography mission, and Hong-in and Ji-seok were selected as candidates for elimination. In the process of discussing one person to join Unit Yellow, the decision went to the leader Oh Jin-seok who made the decision. But, he eventually brought Kim Hong-in’s talent on stage and selected him as the final member on episode 3.

In episode 4, they had to face the first unit battle in the Mix & Match Mission and performed Block B‘s “HER.” Unit Yellow’s member David had trouble with the leader, changing the leader to Lee Louoon. The song “HER” that was performed in this episode was decorated with a puppet concept and survived by receiving the highest score of 287 out of 300 for the mission score, which was 100% of the audience evaluation.

In episode 5, Unit Yellow chose Seventeen‘s “Adore U” as the song selection priority that it received first in the last unit battle for the second unit battle, Women’s Heart Sniper Mission. However, 5 days before the contest, the unit was on a song selection change mission. It was changed to SHINee‘s “Dream Girl” which was selected by Unit Green.

In episode 6, god’s “Friday Night” was selected on the third unit war, 1st Generation Idol Hit Song & Resurrection, and five talented members were selected by Mission Masters who joined as a talented member of Unit Purple’s rapper Lee Chang-min. In this episode, Unit Yellow had “Friday Night” performed by seven boys who went to karaoke on Friday, and it was praised by the many people and audience for being fun, and they focused on watching their performance. In the 1st semi-final, Boys24’s Jinseok was announced to be the 4th member who passed to the final episode. But, many people were shocked because CJ E&M released an official announcement on July 5, 2017, that Boys24’s Jinseok would not be participating in the final lineup with the other final contestants. It was sad that his journey in this show had to stop. Moreover, there was no clear reason why he had to leave the show. But, let’s still give appreciation for Oh Jinseok’s hard work during Boys24.

Boys24’s Jinseok’s Solo Career

Oh Jin-seok who has the new stage name Obon signed an exclusive contract with the management of Elsak who stated, “We are very happy to be working with Obon, who has built up solid skills through music and acting activities.” Oh Jin-seok made his appearance known through appearances on Mnet’s Dancing 9 in 2013 and Boys24 in 2016. Since then, he has gained acting experience by appearing in minor roles on popular web dramas such as Love Playlist Season 4 and Dingo’s Lifestyle. In February 2019, Obon’s new digital single “Good Time” was released.

This is the debut that many fans have been waiting for after Oh Jin-seok canceled his debut as a member of IN2IT during the final episode. Oh Jin-seok, now known as Obon, released his debut single titled “Good Time” on February 26, 2019. This song featured nov and was produced by MOON YIRANG who has been working with Sik-K. Obon’s debut single was also composed by him and has other producers such as Sojeso, DJ Kona, and the future. What do you think about Obon’s debut single “Good Time?” Well, that is all of the information about Boys24’s Jinseok and everything about him that you should know. Don’t forget to continue to give support and love to Oh Jinseok. Hopefully, he can continue to have an active career as a rapper and musician in the entertainment industry. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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