Of the many contestants who were present at the show, let’s get to know one of the contestants, Kang San, who was also a trainee with ASTRO‘s members, starting from his full profile, fun facts, to the latest news in this article below!

Kang San’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kang San (Hangul 강산) Stage Name: San (Hangul: 산) Birth: October 28, 1997 Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 180cm (5’11″) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Official Site: Instagram ( @4an_2 )

Kang San’s Fun Facts

Boys24’s Kang San’s Visual

Although they have not debuted and are present in Boys24 as a contestant, during the event, they prepared trainees and also talented men to debut as idols soon. With the talents and visuals of each contestant, it is hoped that they can maintain their journey and debut as finalists of Boys24 with maximum performance. In this session, let’s get to know Boys24’s Kang San more closely and take a look at his visual! As one of the contestants with a fairly tall height, Boys24’s Kang San has a neat appearance and could also be easily noticed by every fan who went to the show and had their hopes on Boys24’s Kang San. From the picture above, we can see the appearance of Boys24’s Kang San who looks neat and handsome in a white shirt. Hid visual looks very handsome with this simple outfit. Next, there is Boys24’s Kang San’s selca which he took himself with two poses. One of the poses gives a finger heart pose for his fans. His appearance in this selca also looks neat, like presenting the image of Boys24’s Kang San who always looks relaxed but can also exude his charm with his calm and cool personality at the same time. He also looks good in the turtleneck and black jacket. As you can also see, he also has that charming double eyelid that looks natural. In one of the events presented by Boys24 in public, it certainly stole a lot of attention from people to keep rooting for their favorite contestant who appeared on the show. From the picture that was taken by Boys24’s Kang San’s fanbase, we can also enjoy Boys24’s Kang San’s good looks from this picture which clearly shows Boys24’s Kang San’s visual up close. He has a high nose just like other celebrities have and also a sharp jawline. For idols with visuals like Boys24’s Kang San, you could say he looks handsome and manly, right? In the picture above, we can also see Boys24’s Kang San who looks a bit tense after being on stage. It can be assumed that he just finished his performance with the other contestants because he looks sweaty, but that doesn’t detract from his good looks at all in this picture, right? Previously, he was seen with black hair, but in this picture, he appears to have a new hair color in reddish brown, and he still looks charming while having this straight expression. If some of the previous pictures showed Boys24’s Kang San on stage or after a certain performance, then this time you will see Boys24’s Kang San’s appearance in a daily picture. One of the contestants who has a height of 180 cm looks handsome while holding a bunch of pink flowers and wearing his casual outfit as if he wants to give a boyfriend material look to fans who see this picture! What do you think about Boys24’s Kang San’s visuals?

Kang San’s Focus Fancams

Focus fancam is not a foreign word for K-pop fans to hear. A focus fancam is usually a video recorded by a fanbase at a particular event, such as a comeback stage, debut stage, busking, or any other performance that was performed on stage or in public. To get to know Boys24’s Kang San even more by watching his focus fancam from every performance on stage, make sure you don’t skip this session below!

On May 27, 2017, Boys24’s Kang San was seen in this focus fancam performing with the other contestants their single titled “Time Leap.” In this focus fancam, Boys24’s Kang San is seen as a contestant who is in the area behind the right side of the stage and carries out his performance with a very energetic and charismatic mood. He also looks handsome with his neat appearance by wearing the same white shirt, tie, and black trousers as the other contestants.

On February 23, 2017, Boys24’s Kang Sang attended the fansign event which was held to meet their fans who went to the event. Not only was Boys24’s Kang San present at the fansign but there were also several other contestants who were present to meet fans and interact directly. Even though it’s not a focus fancam that shows a stage performance, you can see Boys24’s Kang San while doing a lot of aegyo while interacting with his fans who went to this fansign.

On August 12, 2017, Boys24’s Kang San was seen in the “Tomorrow Ending” performance on stage. One of the fanbases of Boys24’s Kang San attended the event and was also deeply immersed in every session held at this event. Boys24’s Kang San also looks touched in this focus fancam when appearing in front of his fans because in the back there is a big screen showing the emotional moment when Boys24 is on air.

On May 27, 2017, Boys24’s Kang San did a cover of G-Friend‘s “Rough” when he appeared on Touch the Radio and showed his vocal ability while singing the girl group’s single at that time in front of his fans. He looks very confident in his singing ability and also sounds very good when singing. The fans sounded very boisterous when they heard a little snippet from Boys24’s Kang San which sounded melodious and able to attract the attention of fans.

Although this one is not a focus fancam, here, Boys24’s Kang San is seen present in the vlog uploaded to OFFICIAL IN2IT’s YouTube channel. In this vlog, he shows his practice studio and uses his time to practice and also look up his name on the site. He also talked about his feelings as well as his experiences as a contestant on Boys24 in this short video. What do you think about Boys24’s Kang San’s focus fancams?

Kang San’s Appearance in Boys24

Boys24 is a Korean pre-debut boy group show that was formed by CJ E&M and was aired from 2016 to 2017. In this show, there are several contestants who are trainees from several management labels in South Korea, and there are also some people who have just started their journey as a contestant in this show hoping that they will enter the next round and be able to debut as idols soon after participating in this show. Kang San, who has previously debuted as a child actor and is a former member of Offroad, is no longer a stranger to the entertainment industry, and he needed some time to practice harder while participating in Boys24 so he could debut soon. Kang San became one of the 28 contestants and was added into two units, Unit Green that was promoted from September 22, 2016, until March 19, 2017, and Unit White that was promoted on March 24, 2017.

Where is Kang San Now?

At the time this article is being published, there has been no further news about Boys24’s Kang San regarding his current work or future plans. You can follow Boys24’s Kang San’s official Instagram and send positive comments so Boys24’s Kang San can stay excited to live his daily activities and work in the entertainment industry as soon as possible! Well, that was all of the information about Boys24’s Kang San’s and everything about him that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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