In this article, we are going to introduce you with the details of one of the contestants of Boys24 who is very good at dancing. Not only that, but his ability cannot be doubted because he managed to get several awards even before taking part in this survival show. He also briefly appeared as a contestant on Dancing 9 and is now increasingly famous for appearing as a partner dancer with Chungha. Who is he? Well, without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about his profile, fun facts, appearance in Boys24 and another show that he attended, in this article below!

Boys24‘s Hongin’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Hongin (Hangul: 김홍인) Stage Name: Hongin (Hangul: 김홍인) Place and Date of Birth: Incheon, South Korea, September 4th, 1995 Star Sign: Virgo Height: 173 cm (5’8″) Blood Type: AB Nationality: Korean Education:

Cheongcheon Middle School Anyang Arts High School (Dance) Sangmyung University (Sports & Dance Department of Dance Arts)

Family Members: Parents and a sister Official Site: Instagram (ghddls95)

Boys24‘s Hongin’s Fun Facts

Boys24‘s Hongin’s Visual

It’s no secret that Boys24‘s Hongin always looks stunning even during his promotion days and also while being a contestant of Boys24. The performance of one of the contestants who has received several awards, such as the 94th National Sports Festival High School Latin 5 Events Bronze Medal in 2013 was undeniable when it comes to his moves. In this section, we are going to get to know Boys24‘s Hongin closer and see his visual more closely! As people who work in the entertainment industry, they already have the ability to entertain many people with their skills, including their appearance as well. Boys24‘s Hongin also has naturally handsome visuals. You can see this photo and give a separate assessment of Boys24‘s Hongin’s visual that looks neat and handsome. He has monolid eyes which are the charms of K-Pop idols, thin lips, and a high nose that make people fall in love just by looking at his visual. In the photo above is the moment where Boys24‘s Hongin was present in one of the episodes of the show. He has a charm that shines like he is a star on stage. Even though his visuals are covered by one hand, his good looks can’t be hidden because he looks cute just by looking at this photo. When promoting with Boys24, Hongin was indeed in charge of being the cutest contestant; just seeing his reaction and also appearance through the show. Kim Hongin, who was born in 1995, already had talent that was above average. He can even melt fans’ hearts just by seeing his reaction on the stage, especially, the photo above, where Boys24‘s Hongin is holding a snowman and puts it on his head. Boys24‘s Hongin can also be manly when it comes to his daily outfit. Although it is not clear when this photo was taken, you can see Hongin looking casual while wearing a white blouse smiling at the camera. His hair also looks a bit different with his new hair color, but still with his signature style which is bangs that cover his forehead. He looks cool with this outfit, right? Not only that, but Boys24‘s Hongin is also very good at capturing selcas and getting the best results. In this selca, he looks very fresh with his hair in the car showing his best angle while taking a picture. He really has a great sense for fashion wearing a white turtleneck in this selca and not forgetting to wear a silver necklace on his neck. What do you think about Boys24‘s Hongin’s visual?

Boys24‘s Focus Fancam

As K-Pop idols, they have to look their best in every performance. In this case, the ability of Boys24‘s Hongin is unquestionable. This contestant who was also a member of the Yellow Unit also has qualities that can really amaze and draw the attention of many people. You don’t need to doubt the ability of Boys24‘s Hongin because you will be invited to see his amazing performance through his focus fancam in this section below! On August 12th, 2017, Boys24 held their final episode with stunning performances from every contestant. One of them was a solo performance given by Boys24‘s Hongin with one of the top hits from Sia, which is “Chandelier”. In this focus fancam, you can see how cool Hongin looks showcasing his skills in contemporary dance. His dance moves are really sharp and they are just on another level from being an idol.

On May 26th, 2017, Boys24 did a performance of “Steal Your Heart” and also Hongin seemed to really enjoy the performance by dancing with the other members. You can also see Boys24‘s Hongin that looks energetic and also strong in every dance move he shows through this focus fancam. His dancing abilities are unquestionable if you look at his fancam focus, right?

On February 5th, 2017, the focus fancam above shows how Boys24‘s Hongin is being playful with other contestants of the show. In the video above, Hongin is near Boys24‘s Sungho and also interacts with fans who come to the show. Boys24‘s Hongin also looks cute with a flower necklace and a very little crown on his head. What do you think about Boys24‘s Hongin’s focus fancam?

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