Brave Girls’ Minyoung’s Profile

Birth Name: Kim Min-young (김민영) Stage Name: Minyoung (민영) Birth: Songnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, September 12, 1990 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer Occupation: Singer, Songwriter Height: 165 cm Blood Type: AB MBTI: ENTP/INTP Years Active: 2016 – present Label: Brave Entertainment Twitter: nyong2ya Instagram: nyong2ya YouTube: 민영타임 Minyoung Time Associated With: ZZBest, Brave Girls

Brave Girls’ Minyoung’s Facts

Minyoung attended Hanyang University Dance Arts Her nicknames are Mi Nyong, Mangnanyong, Kromanyong, Tropi-calcal, and Ace Main Vocalist Minyoung’s favorite drinks are ginger ale, grapefruit ade, and lemonade Minyoung’s favorite dishes are spicy foods, sushi, mint chocolate, and cherries According to Brave Girls’ members, Minyoung is a good actress She has a lot of clothes in her room Minyoung’s strength is her positive personality Minyoung became more outgoing after debuting with Brave Girls Minyoung is very funny Minyoung will jokingly dance every time she is happy, no matter where Minyoung is a good friend of A.Cian’s Sanghyeon Her mother is the person she respects the most Minyoung loves to watch mukbang videos and perform sports like gymnastics, pole dancing, tennis, and ice hockey

Brave Girls’ Minyoung’s Ideal Type

Even though K-pop idols are very private when it comes to personal relationships, at some point, they become very clear about their ideal types! It is common for both female and male K-pop idols to reveal their ideal type, including Brave Girls’ Minyoung! Turns out, Minyoung’s ideal type is very simple- she likes a calm person! Furthermore, she said, “I have a lot of emotional ups and downs, so I think I’d like my ideal person to be of calm personality who can help me to keep me grounded.”

Brave Girls’ Minyoung’s Pre-Debut

Since Minyoung was young, she dreamed of becoming a singer. Along with her dream, Minyoung studied Korean traditional dance and ballet. She even teaches ballet and traditional Korean dance at an evening school! Minyoung and two of her university friends created a band named HayvT, and she used the stage name INA. The band released two songs, “The Virus” and “Know That.” Before her debut as a Brave Girls member, Minyoung was a trainee under Faith Entertainment, and she joined a group named ZZBest. The group released a pre-debut EP titled Temptation, but they never officially debuted. Minyoung decided to leave the agency and become a member of a dance group named Rosemass. In 2015, Minyoung eventually joined Brave Entertainment as a trainee and became an added member of Brave Girls with Yujeong, Eunji, Yuna, and Hayun.

Re-Debut as a Brave Girls Member

A year after joining Brave Entertainment, Minyoung officially re-debuted as an added member of Brave Girls on February 16, 2016, when Brave Girls made a comeback with the single “Deepened.” Following the success of “Deepened,” Minyoung and the other Brave Girls members released the mini-album Heels where Minyoung’s legs were displayed on the album’s cover. The group also released other singles such as “Rollin’” (2017), “We Ride” (2020), and “Chi Mat Ba Ram” (2021). Brave Girls drew attention again after a fan edited a compilation of performances of “Rollin’” in February 2021. Currently, Minyoung is in charge as the Brave Girls’ leader after Brave Girls’ Yujin departed from the group in 2017.

Brave Girls’ Minyoung’s Astonishing Focus Fancams!

From the opening of Brave Girls’ “You Know” performance, Minyoung amazed people with her stunning vocals! Well, we can never doubt her position as the main vocalist and lead dancer, right? Her style is a mixture of fierce and sexy concepts but is somehow also feminine at the same time!

Minyoung’s persona while performing “Rollin’” in 2021 is very different compared to her performance in 2017! This time, Minyoung’s charming looks are even clearer! Her confident performance also makes it more astonishing!

Brave Girls’ Minyoung looks like a goddess during the live stage performance of “Chi Mat Ba Ram!” Her bright expression is portrayed very well while she danced and sang along to the upbeat rhythm while her classy style matched the group’s concept as well!

Check Out Minyoung’s YouTube Channel Here!

After Brave Girls’ “Rollin’” video went viral, many people started to look for more information about the members! When Minyoung opened up her YouTube channel, the fans and other people became very excited! She named her channel 민영타임 Minyoung Time and explained that she was trying to make something meaningful during her quarantine back in 2020. The first video on her channel was a daily vlog, and it was released on December 4, 2020! She bought a new camera to create the content and asked the viewers to accompany her while she got every schedule done! Watch the full version of Brave Girls’ Minyoung’s vlog here:

That is all of the details about Brave Girls’ Minyoung! The fans must have been very grateful after Brave Entertainment included Minyoung as a new member so we can watch her grow up and support her and the group endlessly! What do you think about Brave Girls’ Minyoung? Leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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