Don’t get fooled by the motivational quotes. You clicked the right article- it’s an article about a K-pop group. But, why did we bring that up? Well, it started with a girl group in K-pop that debuted almost ten years ago and decided to give up. They weren’t getting the attention they deserved after years of contributing to the music industry. The original line-up was replaced by new members, but nothing changed. They are struggling in the wild journey called the K-pop industry. But, just after they discussed their future and were about to break up, a viral video of their song came out. Just like a scene in a movie, the viral video made their songs go up in the charts. They even topped the charts and beat some popular songs such as IU’s “Celebrity.” It’s the story of Brave Girls and their belated hit song, “Rollin.” Let’s check out the full story below!

Brave Girls’ “Rollin” Release, Appearance on Military Stages, etc.

Since some of you may not know them, let’s talk briefly about Brave Girls. They are a K-pop girl group that debuted under Brave Entertainment. They made a debut in 2011 with five members, Eunyoung, Seoah, Yejin, Yoojin, and Hyeran. However, after working in the industry for around two years, the group took a hiatus in 2013. After over two years of hiatus, there was a line-up change in 2016. Only Yoojin and Hyeran remained in the group. The group also added five new members who are Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, Yuna, and Hayun. Unfortunately, in January 2017, Yoojin and Hyeran decided to leave the group and only the 5 new members remained. On March 7, 2017, Brave Girls with the five members released a new song. Even though it was their first mini-album with Brave Girls, Brave Girls released its fourth mini-album, Rollin’. The title track of the album is also “Rollin’.” Let’s check out the music video below!

In August 2018, Brave Girls released a new version of “Rollin’.” They also announced that they would be promoting as a four-member group. Hayun decided to take a break because of health issues. So, it’s only Minyoung, Yujeong, Yuna, and Eunji now. Let’s check out the new version of “Rollin’!”

Brave Girls’ song “Rollin’” may not be known among Korean people or international K-pop fans, but they didn’t give up easily. Brave Girls appeared in K-Force Special Show, a music stage for the Korean army. The venue is held in the barracks, so the groups that attend have to take a long train ride before arriving. Brave Girls, just like their name, are brave enough to take risks. They didn’t even mind the low commission. For your information, the show only offers a small amount of money for the artists who appear there. So, there aren’t many options to invite popular girl groups. But, Brave Girls attended K-Force Special Show many times. No wonder the Korean army loves them so much. But, still, it didn’t help their popularity outside the barracks. They might be popular among the Korean army, but Brave Girls is still an unfamiliar name to some people.

Brave Girls’ “Rollin’” Goes Viral in 2021, Brave Girls and Agency’s Reaction, Etc.

Brave Girls will have its 10th anniversary in 2021 after debuting in 2011. Though, the members that are currently promoting with the group were not in the group for 10 years. The agency and the girls didn’t see any good news regarding their future. So, they were going to have a discussion to talk about whether they should disband. Brave Girls’ unpopularity might seem like a small thing for some people. But, for the members, it was a really big deal. They have tried to promote their songs everywhere, even by joining the idol re-booting show called The Unit. But, nothing was changing. At that point, they already hit rock bottom and were losing confidence. However, in February 2021, Brave Girls’ compilation video of performing for the army was uploaded on YouTube. The views rolled in, and it went viral. The video also showed some comments from army members who really like the song. During their hard times, Brave Girls’ song “Rollin’” helped them keep rolling. It was good news, but Brave Girls took it differently. They didn’t want to expect much. Brave Girls had low self-esteem at the time. They thought that it wouldn’t last for that long. Yujeong said they thought that nothing would ever work out for them. “Let’s just search for another job,” she said.  

Brave Girls’ “Rollin’” Tops Charts, All-Kill, Etc.

However, the song “Rollin’” became a big hit with non-fans starting to listen to it, too. They were amazed by the fact that Brave Girls is like a big K-pop group around the Korean army. The funny comments from the Korean army also made the video and the song hilarious. Check out the video below!

So, it’s no wonder that the song became no. 1 in charts such as MelOn, Bugs, FLO, and Genie. They got the “all-kill” in real-time charts. “Rollin’” also topped in the music show SBS Inkigayo which became their first-ever win. Let’s check out the winning speech from Brave Girls with the song called “Rollin’!”

Congratulations, Brave Girls! You girls deserve it! Let’s check out the details of Brave Girls’ re-promoting “Rollin’” on some music shows on the next page!

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