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Brave Girls’ Yujeong’s Profile

Name: Nam Yu Jeong (남유정) Stage Name: Yujeong (유정) Birthday Date: May 2, 1991 Birth Place: Suwon, South Korea Height: 162 cm (real height) // 163 cm (official height) Weight: 53 kg Zodiac: Taurus Chinese Zodiac: Goat Blood Type: AB Nationality: Korean Debut: 2011 Occupation(s): Singer, model, idol, dancer Agency: Brave Entertainment Group: Brave Girls Twitter: @bgyjnice YouTube: 유랄라Youlalla TikTok: @yjistimeless Instagram: @braveg_yj

Brave Girls’ Yujeong’s Facts

To get to know Brave Girls’ Yujeong more, you have to read all the facts about her. So, here are the facts about Brave Girls’ Yujeong:

Yujeong studied at Sungshin Women’s University majoring in media communications. Her hobbies are listening to music, reading, and walking with her dogs. She has three dogs. Yujeong likes spicy foods, giblets, sushi, and ttoekbokki. She hates extra sugary sweets, Korean melons, and cucumbers. She has low alcohol tolerance even though she drinks just before bed. She was once a student of an international school in Hong Kong. Yujeong is a big fan of Rain; she even has one of his rare albums. She is the cutest member of the group. Her MBTI type is ENTP. She is really shy and worries a lot when no one is watching. Yujeong is a talkative person. She can speak Cantonese and English. Around 2013, she became a trainee in Brave Entertainment. At first, her mother was against her becoming an idol because her uncle said that the job is very hard. She was a contestant on The Unit.

Brave Girls’ Yujeong’s Ideal Type

Her ideal type is a calm man, but that doesn’t rule out that her ideal type is someone who is close to her. This was revealed when she was on MBC’s Video Star. She said that the CEO, Brave Brothers, may have some of her ideal qualities, but her ideal type is still like Rain. Meanwhile, for her ideal physical type, she likes a man who has wide hands, is tall, and has a beautiful eye smile.

Brave Girls’ Yujeong’s Pre-Debut

Yujeong is the visual of Brave Girls which means she has a gorgeous and beautiful face. But, did her face look pretty before her debut? To see, let’s take a look at the pre-debut photos of her below! It turns out that without makeup, Yujeong’s face looks very natural and pretty! She also looks fresh and young but still cute. Yujeong also looked lovely and sweet when she was a baby!

Brave Girls’ Focus Fancams

Fancam is a popular term among K-pop fans. A fancam is a video recorded by fans or the music shows’ camera that is then uploaded to an online platform such as YouTube. This also happened with Brave Girls’ Yujeong, so here are some of her fancams! The video above is Yujeong’s focus fancam uploaded by Inkigayo on YouTube. This video has more than 300 thousand views. Meanwhile, in the video below, one of Yujeong’s fans recorded a video of her when she was a contestant on The Unit. 

Brave Girls’ Yujeong in The Unit

On October 28, 2017, Yujeong along with Yuna and Eunji participated in the survival show named The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project that was aired on KBS2. In this survival show, Yujeong met her favorite idol Rain who was one of the mentors. In episode 1, Yujeong and her fellow members got 5 boots from the mentors after performing “Irony” by Wonder Girls. She and the White Team earned second place and won the first mission. She performed “Red Favor” by Red Velvet for the second mission, and she received 98 votes from the audience. Then, she was ranked 33rd in episode 4, 32nd in episode 5, and 26th in episode 7. She also won the third mission in episode 8 by performing “Blood Sweat & Tears” by BTS. But, unfortunately, she had to be eliminated in episode 10 after achieving rank 37. Here is one of her performances from the show!

Yujeong’s Debut With Brave Girls

Brave Entertainment released the teaser of the group on March 31, 2011, and revealed a hip-hop concept. On April 7, 2011, Brave Girls debuted with their first album single The Difference along with the main track “Do You Know.” At first, Brave Girls had 5 members, but in 2016, the group had a new line-up including Hayun, Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna. However, Hayun was inactive in 2019. In this group, Yujeong’s positions are as a vocalist and the visual which means the most beautiful member in the group. Yujeong and the other members debuted on February 16, 2016, by releasing the single “Deepened,” and they also released their 3rd mini-album titled High Heels. Here is one of Brave Girls’ MVs that you should know!

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