This news certainly surprised many, especially fans and friends who did not expect Goo Ha-ra to die by suicide. As we already know, last month, Goo Ha-ra’s best friend, Choi Sulli, also died of suicide and 31 days later, Goo Ha-ra also reportedly committed suicide. The reasons that made them commit suicide were the nasty comments made by many people on their social media. In this article, Channel Korea will explain Goo Ha-ra’s death by suicide. Want to know more about that? Check this out!

Found Death in Her Home

On November 24th, 2019, at 6 p.m, shocking news came from KARA’s former member, Goo Ha-ra. Goo Ha-ra was found dead in her home and according to the police, there were no signs of violence on her body. At first, the police did not want to issue a statement regarding the cause of Goo Ha-ra’s death. Nevertheless, after the initial investigation, it was found that there were no signs of violence on her body so it can be concluded Goo Ha-ra died of suicide. The hospital also did not do an autopsy because there were no signs of violence on her body. The police also found the last letter written by Goo Ha-ra before she died. Before she died, Goo Ha-ra posted a photo on her personal Instagram account and wrote, “Good Night.” Unexpectedly, that was the last post from Goo Ha-ra. Goo Ha-ra often got nasty comments from many people about her and what she had done. Goo Ha-ra had attempted suicide in the past as well. At that time, her manager found her fainted and took her to the hospital. Fortunately, Goo Ha-ra’s life was saved at that time. Then, Goo Ha-ra released a statement that she would take good care of herself and her health. However, because of this news many people were bullying her and wrote bad comments related to the suicide attempt of Goo Ha-ra. Goo Ha-ra revealed why she tried to commit suicide at the time and said, “I suffer because various situations occurred at the same time. I am sorry, I will do my best to show a more reliable and healthier side of myself.”

Police Further Investigations

The police conducted further investigations into the cause of death of Goo Ha-ra which surprised many. Commissioner Lee Yong-pyo of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency confirmed that they were not investigating a crime in relation to Goo Ha-ra’s passing. He said, “Goo Hara’s housekeeper discovered her. Based on the on-site inspection and testimony from her family, there are no suspicions of a crime. The housekeeper had maintained a close relationship with her for a long time. She went to her home after she attempted to contact Goo Ha-ra and received no response. There was a handwritten note found on the table in her living room. There is nothing we can reveal about the contents of the note.” The cause of Goo Ha-ra’s suicide was related to the fact that she was stressed and unable to withstand the bullying from many people, especially after the scandal with her ex-boyfriend, Choi Jong-bum who threatened Goo Ha-ra that he will spread their sex videos to the public in 2018. Choi Jong-bum was found guilty of physical assault, threatening behavior and the use of unnecessary force as well as property damages, but not found guilty of sexual assault, according to the ruling by the Seoul District Court. Many people have requested that Choi Jong-bum be tried quickly.

On-going Lawsuit Against Her ex-Boyfriend

The scandal between Goo Ha-ra and her ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-bum did have a stir in the public in 2018. In September 2018, Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-bum reported Goo Ha-ra to the police for committing violence. Goo Ha-ra was accused of violence against him because she did not accept his decision to end their relationship. However, Goo Hara did not remain silent and reported instead that Choi Jong-bum abused herself by showing a number of photos showing her body full of bruises. Not only that, but Dispatch also stated that Choi Jong-bum will spread the sex videos between Goo Hara and him. Of course, the news made many people furious with Choi Jong-bum’s actions. The case was then brought to justice and in August 2019, Choi Jong-bum was sentenced to one and a half years in prison with a trial period of three years. After Choi Jong-bum learned that Goo Ha-ra died, he was very surprised. Reported from Koreaboo, Choi Jong-bum’s friend opened up in an interview to reveal that he had faced a difficult time with Goo Ha-ra’s death. The friend revealed that none of the colleagues talked about Goo Ha-ra due to the sensitive nature of the topic. He said, “Choi Jong-bum had a difficult time ever since the controversy about the assault and revenge porn. After he heard about Goo Ha-ra’s passing, he hasn’t been coping well. Everything related to Goo Ha-ra is a sensitive topic for him, so the colleagues decided to not talk about it. It’s difficult for me to tell you anything more.”

Suffering Depression

Goo Ha-ra’s death could have also been caused by depression. In addition to the case that happened to her because of her ex-boyfriend, Goo Ha-ra also became a bully. In April 2019, many people attacked Goo Ha-ra and wrote nasty comments because she had surgery on her eyelids. Goo Ha-ra said that there were certain reasons why she had surgery on her eyelids. She said, “Does sin justify the eyelid? I do it because there is a diagnosis.” In addition, Goo Ha-ra was devastated since the death of her best friend, Sulli in October 2019. Sulli died of suicide and Ha-ra who heard the news could not contain her sadness. Goo Ha-ra made a live broadcast on her Instagram account during the time Ha-ra was in Japan promoting her work. She cried and apologized to Sulli, she also said that she would promise to continue living as well as possible and work hard for Sulli.

Condolences by Other Artists

Some artists made expressions of sadness and condolences to the death of Goo Ha-ra. One of them is actress Park Min-young who uploaded a photo on her personal Instagram account along with Goo Ha-ra. She wrote the caption, “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be with you on your final path. I will always remember you like my cute Ha-ra. Take care on your journey.” Kahi, former leader of After School, also took to her Instagram. She posted a black and white photo of her and the ex-KARA member, facing the sun seemingly setting down. Kahi wrote, “Another light has gone away. This country has to protect its children and its idols too. Ha-ra, always remember that someone is always praying for you. RIP.” Rapper DinDin, also shared a photo of the smiling Goo Ha-ra flashing a peace sign. He wrote, “Hara, when I was slowly gaining popularity, you were the first person who worried about me. You told me to call or message you if I ever went through a tough time. You were so beautiful and radiant, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to do anything for you and couldn’t be of any help. I’m truly sorry. I should’ve known you needed my help and I could’ve helped you, and I’m really sorry. Right now, I feel angry, and I hate that the world has done this to you, but I really hope that wherever you are right now, that you will be happy. I’m sorry. Thank you.” Another rapper, Giriboy, he posted a plain red image and wished Goo Ha-ra happiness saying, “Even though we’re the same age, you were like a senior to me; whenever I contacted you to ask you something, you’d always go out of your way to help me out. You were such a warm person. When we talked on the phone last time, everything seemed normal, but then this suddenly happened. I’m so shocked. I hope you’re happy. Really.” A former A-JAX member, Dowoo also shared his gratitude to his seniors, “When I was promoting and you were our senior artist at our agency, you were our pride and our role model. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace.” Soy Kim also uploaded a black photo on her personal Instagram account and wrote, “Rest in Peace, Ha-ra. I am so saddened and heartbroken by this loss. We can’t afford any of these beautiful souls to leave us. We just can’t.” Actress Han Yeseul also uploaded a photo of a sad woman on her personal Instagram account and wrote the caption, “Break My Heart, RIP.”

Artists’ Schedule Adjustments

Regarding the sad news that came about Goo Ha-ra, several artists postponed their activities that day and mourned the departure of Goo Ha-ra. For one thing, KBS canceled a variety show press conference from Jung Haein. KBS stated, “The press conference for Jung Haein’s Walking Report which is scheduled to air on November 25th, 2019 at 11 a.m. will be canceled due to the sad news from the entertainment industry.” In addition, MAMAMOO’s agency, RBW Entertainment postponed the broadcast of Twitter Blue Room Live, then UP10TION also canceled the broadcast of Gyujin’s Night Talk. NCT 127 also stated that they postponed the release of the NCT 127 24hr Relay Cam content and SM Entertainment also adjusted the schedule for EXO’s comeback. Park Ji-hoon is also known to reschedule the release of the song list for his upcoming album and Im Soo-hyang also postponed attending the 24th Culture & Entertainment Awards.

Public Bitter-sweet Messages

Another K-Pop idol died as a result of suicide and this time it happened to Goo Ha-ra who was a former member of the girl group KARA. Goo Ha-ra was found dead in her home on November 24th, 2019, at 6 p.m. As we already know, since 2018, Goo Ha-ra’s career has been going through a lot of setbacks and has been beset by many problems. Starting from the scandal with her ex-boyfriend, the bullying she was exposed to because of her eyelid surgery, and finally the death of her best friend Sulli in October 2018. Goo Ha-ra often received nasty comments about her and was bullied by netizens about what she had done. Previously, Goo Ha-ra had already attempted suicide and her life was saved and at that time, many evil comments attacked her and caused Goo Ha-ra’s depression. Reporting from Allkpop, after the news of her death came out, a number of fans took to the post to leave their respects to the artist, leaving comments like, “Goodnight,” “I hope that only good things happen for you in the wonderful place where you are. Rest in peace,” and “Please go to a good place.” From now on, keep on applying to spread the goodness and support each other to everyone and don’t write bad comments about anyone.

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