The K-Pop idol who was reported to have died recently is TST’s Yohan. This news quickly spread from South Korea to the rest of the world. However, the chronology of his death has not been disclosed as his family did not approve of the wide spreading of the news and wanted to keep it private. Well, let’s check out more about the details of TST’s Yohan death and his career journey in this article below!

Yo-han’s Debut History

TST’s Yohan was born with the real name Kim Jeong-hwan. He is a man born on April 16th, 1992. That is, his age in 2020 is 28 years. He used the name Yohan as his stage name since his debut for the first time until now. Yohan debuted in 2013 under the auspices of the label JM Star Entertainment with the group N.O.M (No Other Man). This group consisted of Yohan, A-In, K, Yun, Tyty. Then the boy band released their debut single with the formation of the first members A-In, K, Yohan, Hu, and Yongki. Their first single titled “Pretty Sister” was released on September 4th, 2013.

Furthermore, N.O.M released their second single titled “You It’s You” on April 4th, 2014. However, the youngest member of this boy band named Hu, in September 2014 decided to leave because of differences in musical tastes. Then, N.O.M released their third single titled “Kidding Me” on January 19th, 2015. Unfortunately, they had to be left behind by one of their members named Yongki. Furthermore, JM Star Entertainment recruited two new members, namely Tyty and Yun. Unfortunately, after the exchange of two members, JM Star Entertainment announced that N.O.M was officially disbanded on February 1st, 2016. With the additional announcement that A-In, Yohan, and K will debut in a new boy band formed by JM Star Entertainment.

TST or Top Secret debuted on January 1st, 2017, under the auspices of JSL Company with their mini-album Time’s Up with six members, namely Yohan, A In, K, Wooyoung, Junghoon, and Yonghyeon. TST’s Yohan not only greeted fans with his performance as a K-Pop idol, but was also active on several social media, including the YouTube channel called Yo-I. In 2018, he started to pursue the YouTuber occupation. In the YouTube channel, there are around 63 videos uploaded with subscribers reaching 30 thousand people. “Please have fun,” he wrote promoting the YouTube channel on Instagram.

Cause of Yo-han’s Death

Since January 2020, Yohan has been actively uploading his activities on Instagram. Finally, he posted a photo of being on the beach while writing that he wanted to go far away. “I want to travel far,” he wrote on May 31st, 2020. The upload was considered as a parting code by netizens written by the singer of “Paradise.”

A post shared by 김요한 (@yohanee0416) on May 31, 2020 at 2:32am PDT Sadness over the death of Yohan was increasingly felt when the cheerful-faced idol had just celebrated his 28th birthday. While holding a birthday cake, he extended his gratitude, “I have the best birthday,” he said on April 16th, 2020. Local media reported that TST’s Yohan (formerly known as the Top Secret group) died on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020. But the cause of Yohan’s death was not revealed to the media in honor of his family’s wishes. The “Mind Control” singer died at the very young age of 28 years old (international age). Yohan’s death shocked his fans because the handsome idol was quite active on Instagram and even just made a post on May 31st, 2020. Fans immediately flooded Yohan’s personal Instagram with condolences. Fans also started to make the same condolence comments on the official TST account, which had a chance to share a photo of Yohan’s birthday celebration on April 16th, 2020. The family quietly prepared for a funeral home at Severance Hospital in Sinchon, Seoul. His funeral procession took place on June 18th and Yohan was buried in Yongin Catholic Park Cemetery. “Hello, this is the agency of Top Secret (TST), KJ Music Entertainment. We want to convey the sad news that one of the Top Secret members, Yohan, died on June 16th. At present, the family left behind is grieving. At the request of the family, we plead (to the public) not to speculate on Yohan’s death. We are sorry for Yohan’s departure,” the agency said. Still in the same statement, the agency asked for public sympathy to respect the decision of the late Yohan’s family who did not want to reveal the cause of his death. Therefore, KJ Music Entertainment stressed not to spread rumors that would only make the atmosphere worse.

Reasons For His Death

Because the family kept secret the reason for TST’s Yohan’s death, to this day there is no clear and official statement about the death of the K-Pop idol. In fact, the agency did not release any further statements about the death of one of the TST members. There are many who mourn the passing of this K-Pop idol. Especially, since fans know that Yohan was a hard worker and a talented idol and singer in the entertainment industry. He also had a pretty good career before finally actively promoting as a member of the TST and had successfully released several albums. TST’s Yohan also had the nickname Sparkling Yohan because he had a bubbly personality. He also loved every fan who gave him lots of support and love. TST’s Yohan was a K-Pop idol who often interacted with fans through live-streams and he received several song requests for him to sing. TST’s Yohan was also actively uploading some of his daily posts to Instagram. As for his latest post, he quoted from a book titled Everyone Turns 30 with his favorite sentence, “Everyone on this stage called life is worthy to get a spotlight, whether as a lead or as an extra,” and said that the quote inspired him to do an even deeper introspection for what he has achieved in his life.

Public Reaction

On the news of TST’s Yohan’s early departure, many fans as well as several people wrote their comments on the official social media account of the K-Pop idol to share their sorrow. Fans and people also pray that TST’s Yohan will have peace and extend their condolences for the idol’s departure forever. Fans flooded TST’s Yohan’s last upload with expressions of sorrow, but also disbelief that they are left behind by their favorite idol. “A quiet life, Angel. I wish you happiness wherever you are 🌸 “ wrote @peachyjini_ “I do not know you but I provide support and prayers for family and friends to be steadfast,” wrote @saelcme. “Yohan, I’m sorry. We wish you happiness in heaven. I will always remember your beautiful smile,” said @jjkrainism. “A very beautiful smile. Very sad, I wish I knew you before all this. You seem to have such a beautiful soul,” wrote one follower, 3busan. “Rest in heaven. Know that you are in a great place and we love you very much!” wrote another follower, kiim.hh, in the last feed of the owner’s real name Kim Jeong-hwan. Not only that, but Korean singer and actor Kiseop also commented on Yohan’s last upload. “I miss you,” wrote the U-Kiss member.

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