“Bring It Back” is a song recorded by TWICE. It was released on October 26, 2020, as the fifth track of their second full-length studio album Eyes Wide Open.  Being an upbeat track with a touch of R&B and electronic, “Bring It Back” brings its own flair to the album through constant distorted repetition of “bring it back, bring it back, bring it back,” as well as Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Tzuyu’s stand-out vocals and raps. These particular elements of the song made the song more memorable. 

Background of “Bring It Back”

After the success of TWICE’s EP More and More, there were rumors about their new album. Later that day, JYP Entertainment confirmed the rumor. The album was announced on October 1st, 2020, through TWICE’s official SNS accounts along with release dates and promotional schedules. On October 10th, 2020, the tracklist for Eyes Wide Open was revealed which included the song “Bring It Back.” At the same time, the title track “Can’t Stop Me” was also revealed. Later, on October 11th, 2020, several teaser images and the digital album cover were officially released. On the week of TWICE’s fifth anniversary (October 26th, 2020), “Bring It Back” and the other songs on the album were finally released to digital music platforms.

The Story of “Bring It Back”

TWICE’s “Bring It Back” was written by Dahyun. In one of TWICE’s interviews, she shared her thoughts on her songwriting experience. “In the past, I participated in lyric writing or rap making with other people, but these are the songs I wrote the lyrics for by myself, so they are special to me,” Dahyun explained. This is also one of the songs that Dahyun wrote on this album other than “Queen.” “Bring It Back” was musically composed by earattack, Gongdo, Laurell Barker, and Katya Edwards and arranged by earattack and Gongdo. Musically speaking, “Bring It Back” is an R&B track with heavy electronic influence in the chorus. The song has a dreamy atmosphere with a unique rhythm and instrumental. In the album commentary interview, Nayeon also described the melody of this song as “very triumphant.” In the album commentary video, Dahyun told the audience that the song was intended to be a fan song. However, the melody was too straightforward. As a result, the producer suggested she rewrite the lyrics. Lyrically, the main theme of the song is self-confidence. Dahyun also mentioned the song is originally about “paying back kindness.” After the lyric revision, “Bring It Back” tells the story about a girl who wants to end her unhealthy relationship with another person to whom she gave all her love and everything and now wants to take it all back. The lyrics also highlight the importance of taking care of yourself before being trapped in a toxic relationship. Also mentioned in the album commentary, Naeyeon’s favorite part of the lyrics was “I will bring back my heart I gave you.” She also thought that this particular part was impressive.

The MV for “Bring It Back”

  There is no music video for “Bring It Back” as the song was never released as a single nor title track. Instead, on October 26, 2020, the official audio for “Bring It Back” was uploaded on YouTube through JYP Entertainment’s official channel. As of July 2021, the “Bring It Back” official audio has gained over 2.1 million views on YouTube.

Performance of “Bring It Back”

Since “Bring It Back” was not a title track, the song has not been performed on any music programs, concert performances, variety shows, or talk shows. 

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“Bring It Back” Fun Facts

“Bring It Back” was one of Chaeyoung’s favorite songs on Eyes Wide Open, as mentioned in the album commentary video. Jihyo said that the English parts of the song were hard to pronounce, but, somehow, she managed to do it at the last recording session. Bring It Back  2020  by TWICE - 42Bring It Back  2020  by TWICE - 17Bring It Back  2020  by TWICE - 10