B.E.G.’s Miryo’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Jo Mi-hae Stage Name: Miryo Birth: Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, November 2, 1981 Age: 38 years old Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 163 cm Weight: 46 kg Blood Type: A Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist Years Active: 1999 – Present Label: Nega Network, Mystic Entertainment, APOP Associated With: Honey Family, BROWN EYED GIRLS Instagram: @miryoakajohoney Twitter: @MIRYOakaJOHONEY YouTube: Miryo’s Channel

B.E.G.’s Miryo’s Facts

She is known as a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Her mother is a music teacher who loves to play classical music which influenced Miryo to sing when she was 5 years old. At 17 years old, Miryo left home and went to Daehangno, Seoul, to become a rapper and hip-hop dancer. Miryo has a younger brother. Miryo dropped out of high school and took the GED. Then, she studied at Joongang University. She also went to study abroad for several months which helped her English. Her religion is Christianity. Miryo used to be a member of a hip-hop group named Honey Family. She loves to play games including Overwatch. Miryo can play the guitar. Her hobbies include playing the guitar and listening to music. Miryo loves nature. Some of her favorite artists are Michael Jackson and one of the K-pop groups from the 90s era, Seo Taji & Boys. Miryo was the only female producer to participate in the first season of Show Me the Money. Her ideal type is someone who has a great sense of humor and is a refined person.

Pre-Debut Story as an Underground Rapper

Before she was chosen as a BROWN EYED GIRLS member, in 1999, Miryo was known as a great female rapper who marked her entertainment journey by debuting as a Honey Girl member. It was a famous underground rap and hip-hop group. Previously, Miryo was only featured on a song with Honey Girl, but the following year, she officially became a member and was the main female rapper. After the group Honey Family disbanded, Miryo continued her career. Miryo made collaborations with famous rappers such as her former groupmate Lessang’s Gil Seong-joon and MC Mong. Her career as a rapper in Honey Girl also somehow led to her receiving an offer from Jea to be part of BROWN EYED GIRLS. She took the offer and became the main rapper in BROWN EYED GIRLS.

Debut as a BROWN EYED GIRLS Member

Miryo made her debut in BROWN EYED GIRLS in 2006 alongside Jea, Narsha, and Ga-in. They were known as a ballad and R&B vocal group after the release of their first debut single “Come Closer” and first album Your Story. The popularity of BROWN EYED GIRLS increased even more after the singles “L.O.V.E” and “How Come” were released. They then began working on their career in Japan as well. They made a Japanese version of the album Sound-G and promoted it under Sony Music Japan. One of the most awaited announcements from the group was also revealed, which was the fandom name Everlasting and the official colors for the fandom being yellow and black. Other hit singles from them include “I Am a Summer,” “Abracadabra,” “You,” “Oasis,” “You Got Me Fooled,” and many more which made BROWN EYED GIRLS be acknowledged as one of the huge groups in South Korea compared with other famous groups such as Wonder Girls and TVXQ.

Aside from that, Miryo was also involved as a member of the BROWN EYED GIRLS sub-unit M&N along with Narsha in November 2013. On November 11, 2013, the sub-unit released its first single titled “Tonight” in both Korean and English. Miryo and Jea also released their collaboration single “Love Is” in May 2010. In July 2015, Miryo released her collaboration single with Ga-in titled “Queen.” BROWN EYED GIRLS is also known as a group that has never changed its members even after 14 years. For their 10th anniversary celebration, the group held a concert in Los Angeles, USA, as well as a fan meeting.

Miryo’s Solo Debut

After gaining a lot of attention and reaching various huge achievements, BROWN EYED GIRLS’ members expanded their popularity by releasing solo projects! It started with Miryo releasing her first debut project in 2012 through a self-produced solo album titled MIRYO a.k.a JOHONEY. The solo debut project of Miryo also showed the “unique charm of Miryo which was unseen before in BROWN EYED GIRLS,” according to her agency. Moreover, the producer of MIRYO a.k.a JOHONEY explained that Miryo participated in writing and producing the songs which tell her own story. The album MIRYO a.k.a JOHONEY consists of 5 tracks including the lead single “Dirty,” “Party Rock” (with Gary and the koxx), “I Love You, I Love You” (with Sunny of Girls’ Generation), “Revenger” (with Rude Paper), and “Leggo” (with Narsha).

Previously, Miryo proved her charisma of being a solo singer by collaborating with Girls’ Generation’s Sunny in 2011. Both of their amazing voices were united through the single “I Love You, I Love You.” Miryo expanded her wings by becoming a songwriter for several songs. She is credited for at least 56 songs. When she was in Honey Family followed by BROWN EYED GIRLS, Miryo became a composer and lyricist as well.

BROWN EYED GIRLS’ Miryo’s Discography

Here’s the individual discography of BROWN EYED GIRLS’ Miryo: Singles

“Ready to L.O.V.E” [with Jea] (2008) “Shall We Get Married?” [with Lisa] (2010) “After the Bus Left” [with K.Will] (2010) “Dirty” (2012) “Queen” [feat. Gain] (2015) “Climax” [with Jura, Lee Sang-gon] (2016) “Rock Paper Scissors” [with Giant Pink] (2016) “King of the Hill” [with Maniac] (2017) “Freedom” [feat. Killagramz] (2017) “Can I See You Again” (2018) “Yellow” (2018)

Other Charted Singles

“Love Is” [with Jea] (2010) “Party Rock” [feat. Lessang’s Gary, The Koxx] (2012) “I Love You, I Love You” [feat. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny] (2012) “Leggo” [feat. Narsha] (2012) “Ain’t Got Nobody” [feat. Dean] (2016)

Extended Plays

MIRYO a.k.a JOHONEY (2012)

BROWN EYED GIRLS’ Miryo’s Filmography

Variety Shows

Show Me the Money (2012) Hello Counselor (2015) Unpretty Rapstar 3 (2016)

BROWN EYED GIRLS’ Miryo’s Latest News

It’s been a long time since Miryo’s latest project with BROWN EYED GIRLS in 2019. Her single “Invitation” featuring Uhm Jung-hwa on the album RE_vive from BROWN EYED GIRLS is her latest project. But, still, her career hasn’t stopped, and we can see her other activities on Miryo’s YouTube channel! Currently, she is constantly uploading content to YouTube. Her content varies and includes dance performances, singing performances, game content, mixtapes, and many more! For more updates, let’s take a look at Miryo’s latest Instagram post here:

A post shared by 미료 Miryo (@miryoakajohoney) on Jul 30, 2020 at 1:34am PDT Let’s give our support and sincere hope for BROWN EYED GIRLS’ Miryo’s career, as well as look forward to her next project! Comment down below your favorite era from BROWN EYED GIRLS’ Miryo!

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