Sung Hoon’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Sung Hoon (성훈) Date of Birth: August 29, 1990 Age: 40 years old Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 170 cm Weight: 57 kg Position: Vocal, Maknae Label: In Next Music Years Active: 2003 – Present Associated With: Brown Eyed Soul

Sung Hoon’s Career Journey

Sung Hoon started his music career by becoming a member of the Korean R&B group Brown Eyed Soul. The band was formed in 2003 under In Next Music and released its first debut project Soul Free on September 17, 2003. In Brown Eyed Soul, Sung Hoon is a vocalist and maknae. Sung Hoon impressed people with his professional dance moves as well as good vocals! The group successfully increased its popularity through its music. The group has released a bunch of great music such as the single albums Can’t Stop Lovin’ You, I’ll Make Way/ Blowin My Mind, I Love You. Moreover, the single “I Love You” also made the group become nominated at the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best R&B Performance! Their album The Wind, the Sea, the Rain also allowed them to win the R&B award from the 5th Korean Music Awards in 2008 as well. Outside his activity with Brown Eyed Soul, Sung Hoon is also active with other entertainment schedules. He participated as a singer for several K-drama OSTs including Faith, I’m Not a Robot, and Man in Love. Several years after his debut with Brown Eyed Soul, he made his solo debut which was welcomed by fans wholeheartedly.

Sung Hoon’s Solo Debut

Several years after becoming known in Brown Eyed Soul, Sung Hoon made his solo debut in 2011! Sung Hoon released his solo debut album titled Lyrics Within My Story officially on September 22, 2011. Its tracklist includes “So Goodbye,” “Marry Me,” “Fail in Love,” “A Song for You,” and any other singles. Previously, he explained that since the album is his first solo album, he wanted to show various genres of music as well as show everything within himself as well. The solo album also showcased Sung Hoon’s unique charm that wasn’t visible from him in Brown Eyed Soul. Sung Hoon was also involved in collaborations with other artists! These include the single “Ma Boo” featuring San. E with a refreshing and cheerful melody, “No Matter” with singer Kim Jin-pyo as a ballad song, and many more.

Sung Hoon’s Discography

Brown Eyed Soul’s Sung Hoon’s individual discography: Studio Album   Formats: CD, Digital download Singles   OST Appearances  

Sung Hoon’s Music Video

The single “Marry Me” includes a soft melody and a beautiful music video! The music video for “Marry Me” also portrays a vintage and chic concept. Just like the song title, the scenes are filled with a wedding theme as Sung Hoon appears with a suit and tie with pretty wedding decorations around him! A bunch of people attend the wedding party and seem to be having a lot of fun. Sung Hoon appears in another room where he sits and plays the piano. There is also a scene with Sung Hoon and two female dancers dancing together. Overall, the music video for “Marry Me” emphasizes a vintage, monochrome, and wedding-theme concept that make it more sophisticated!

Sung Hoon’s Song Meaning

The lyrics for “Marry Me” have such a beautiful meaning. The lyrics narrate about someone’s sincere feelings for someone else and how their existence brought light to their darkest time. It also narrates how someone proposes and wishes for their spouse to accept!

Sung Hoon’s Interview With Brown Eyed Soul

Currently, Sung Hoon is still continuing his activities with Brown Eyed Soul and solo. Even though it has been a while since Brown Eyed Soul’s latest project, we hope to see a future project from the group as well as from Sung Hoon! Brown Eyed Soul’s latest single and interview are below:

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