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American YouTuber Born: August 14, 1999 (age 21 years), Ellicott City, Maryland, United States Full name: Bryce Michael Hall Birthday: August 14, 2000 Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Males Sun Sign: Leo Born In: Ellicott City, Maryland Famous As: TikTok ( Star & YouTube Personality U.S. State: Maryland

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Hall moved to Los Angeles, California in 2018, later becoming the creator of the Sway House. In 2020, Hall dated TikToker Addison Rae. They broke up the following year. Bryce Hall is a social media star and content creator from the USA. Like many other social media stars these days, Bryce’s fame has mostly come through the videos he posts on the TikTok app. However, Bryce does so much more than dancing and lip syncing on TikTok. He also makes hilarious videos on YouTube and Instagram. His channel is the place to be if you are looking for a good laugh. This piece will look at Bryce’s social media journey, the truths and rumors about his relationships, and the controversies he’s had to deal with. He rose to social media prominence on Vine Hall was born on 14th August 1999, in Ellicott City, Maryland. Information about his family is scarce, but it is reported that he was raised by a single mom. Bryce’s social media career started when he opened a Vine account. Hall quickly gained a massive following on Vine, and after the service went offline, he created an account on YouTube. His YouTube following grew steadily, and in 2019, he blew up on TikTok. Bryce currently has 19 million followers on TikTok. However, his prominence on TikTok slowed his progression on YouTube. Bryce now posts less on YouTube, but he still commands a following of 3.56 million subscribers. However, according to his TikTok bio, Bryce plans to re-establish himself on YouTube. The bio reads; “this kid MUST be stopped im hopping back to youtube ik…” Bryce stated that he didn’t cheat on Addison Rae and that he initiated their breakup After months of speculation, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall confirmed that they were dating via a YouTube video posted on 30th November 2020. According to the pair, Bryce officially asked Addison out on 13th October 2020. However, three days after going public with their relationship, fans noticed that Rae and Hall weren’t following each other on Instagram. They seemed to reconcile in time for their three-month anniversary on 15th January 2021, when Addison posted an engagement ring photo on her Instagram story. In early March 2021, rumors started circulating claiming that Hall cheated on Rae when he was in Vegas. “I didn’t cheat on Addison,” Bryce wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, Addison took to Instagram to thank fans for their support and added, “When and if I want to share, I will make that decision.” In late March 2021, Addison spilled the beans in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. She stated that the hook for her song Obsessed came from a conversation she had with her ‘ex-boyfriend’ before correcting to ‘boyfriend at the time.’ The reference to ‘ex-boyfriend’ seemed accidental, but it was all the confirmation we needed. Several days later, Bryce addressed the breakup via a video posted on his YouTube channel. Hall insisted that he’d not cheat on Addison and that he initiated the breakup. Bryce added that Addison believed that he didn’t cheat, but there was no trust between the couple. He said: “Both of us are going through a shit ton of things right now behind the scenes that we don’t necessarily comfortably want to talk about, to a camera especially. With all that stress, we’ve mutually decided that it would be best if we parted ways.” There are rumors claiming that Bryce was in a relationship with Mikey Barone In the aftermath of Hall’s breakup with Addison, internet sleuths have uncovered evidence allegedly confirming that Bryce was in a relationship with Mikey Barone. Photos of Bryce appearing affectionate with another boy are the basis of a TikTok theory claiming that Bryce Hall isn’t straight. Bryce and Mikey were known to have a strong friendship, and there were rumors that they had something more. The rumors have resurfaced, but they don’t seem legitimate. Bryce has exclusively dated girls, and despite the never-ending rumors, there is no concrete evidence proving that he’s ever dated a boy. He cleared up gay rumors when he asked Elle Danjean to be his girlfriend For a long time, Bryce was suspected to be gay because he rarely gave updates about his personal life. Hall put the gay rumors to bed when he posted a video titled I Asked Her To Be My Girlfriend. In the video, Bryce asked Instagram star Elle Danjean, to be his girlfriend. Bryce has been in the middle of several controversies during his time as a social media star. He and his friend Mikey Barone famously accused Bryce’s then-manager Michael Weist of sexual harassment and hacking his Twitter account. Bryce wrote on Twitter; “Managers who touch their clients in ways they don’t wanna be touched hide the truth by hacking their Twitter accounts.” Michael sued the pair for defamation, and the matter was settled out of court. Part of the settlement included a public apology to Michael. The scandal was featured in a Hulu documentary titled Jawline. In 2018, Bryce courted controversy again when he assaulted YouTube star named BadZach. According to Newsweek, Bryce pinned Zach into a bathtub and punched him several times. Bryce stated after the incident, “Humans make mistakes, If you don’t make mistakes, you are not fucking human.” In a video titled Answering the Questions I’ve been Avoiding, Bryce stated that his biggest regrets in life are his controversies. He said; “Biggest regret of my life, probably all the controversies I’ve ever been in and I was in a lot… I regret those, immensely.”

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