In 2022, BTS is confirmed to be featured in a Marvel movie titled “Eternals”. In this article, there’s detailed information about BTS and how they produce the song for a new movie. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out the answer in this article below!

BTS Songs Feature in “Eternals” Soundtrack

Being one of the soundtracks of a movie or drama that has a lot of popularity will certainly have an impact as well. It’s the same with the involvement of two BTS members, which is BTS’ Jimin and V, where their song was chosen to be the soundtrack for the Marvel movie. “Friends” which was released in February 2020 as a B-side song on “Map of the Soul: 7” has received a lot of responses from fans. This song contains a peer-to-peer story that Jimin personally wrote, composed, and produced. With a sincere message about friendship, the song “Friends” will be included in certain scenes in “Eternals”. Check out BTS’ “Eternals”, here!

Jimin’s Name Appears on Eternals Credit

Kate Espooky as one of ARMY, confirmed that Jimin gets full credit for the “Eternals” OST. In a series of tweets, Kate, who watched the movie revealed this information and added that most of the songswouldl play throughout the scene, making Jimin the first Korean idol to be featured in a Hollywood blockbuster movie credit with a Korean song. “Friends” also became Jimin’s first production to achieve the RIAJ Silver Certification in Japan on October 24, 2021. The song has reached over 30 million cumulative streams.

“Eternals” Director Tells Why She Chose BTS Songs as OST

After it was revealed that BTS’ Jimin and V’s song “Friends” was chosen as the original soundtrack for the upcoming Marvel movie, “Eternals”, many took pride in the achievement. Behind the selection of the song, the director of the movie “Eternal” revealed the reason for choosing “Friends” as the original soundtrack. To promote the movie’s release, director Chloe Zhao sat down with actor Kit Harrington for an interview with ETtoday to talk about the film. In particular, he talked about why he chose “Friends” to be a part of the movie alongside many other famous and popular songs from artists such as Pink Floyd and Lizzo. While they may be big artists in their own right, Chloe explained that her decision to use the song also came from personal preference. It turns out that Chloe Zhao herself is a big fan of BTS and loves the group’s songs. “That’s because this is my favorite BTS song. I really like Jimin. He’s too sweet,” Chloe Zhao said, who admitted it shyly. Despite her love for the group, Chloe Zhao also revealed that the song seemed to fit the message of the movie very well. The song aptly speaks of friendship, and he believes that it is very similar to the relationship between the main characters in the movie. “This song was performed by the two of them (Jimin and V). This is a beautiful song. There are various songs in ‘Eternals’, but all of them are songs that I like, such as Pink Floyd and BTS songs,” said Chloe Zhao. “I love Jimin. I love V too! Their relationship, whenever they perform, they are next to each other. They are like true friends. There is no denying that the song is a true symbol of friendship. With the relationship between Jimin and V being so iconic, it’s not surprising that Chloe Zhao’s choice came from a personal and professional mindset,” Lizzo said, praising Jimin and V’s friendship. Well, that was all for the information about BTS’ song who featured on “Eternals” and let’s continue to give support and appreciation for their achievement. Let’s hope that they can appear in another project, especially for releasing an OST. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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