The lyrics of “Born Singer” tell the story of their hardships three years. During their trainee years, people doubted their decision and choosing to be singers when other people around their age chose an occupation behind the keyboard in a comfortable office. Due to their own determination for success and their dream of becoming singers, they successfully climbed the ladder from amateur singers to professional singers. BTS also thanked the fans for giving them strength and support. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about BTS’ single “Born Singer” as the initial sign of popularity. So, stay tuned!

First Release

BTS’ “Born Singer” was released on July 11th, 2013, barely a month after the release of their debut single “No More Dream.” “Born Singer” is an adaptation single from J Cole’s song “Born Sinner.” BTS drew inspiration from the original version and the lyrics were written by RM, Suga, and J Hope. It’s a hip-hop track that was recorded at slightly more than 4 minutes. Each member sings a different part of “Born Singer.”

Song Meaning

“Born Singer” implied that all BTS members are destined and determined to be singers. They are in a good mood and they are happy about the confession. In the lyrics, Suga said that he started perfecting his dream three years ago (around 2010). Finally, he stepped forward from an amateur singer to a professional singer. They felt happy about the progress and they could sing, rap, and dance while fulfilling their childhood dreams. Suga praised and thanked the fans for continuously supporting them. Even though it was tough being a trainee, fans always supported them. Whenever fans shouted their names, they became stronger and more immune to pain. He has so many lyrics that he wants to share with fans and he was happy that he could continue to sing and rap three years ago. In the second verse, RM said that he used to feel unconfident about exposing his dream to become a singer. He was afraid that people would think of him as a big mouth and arrogant. He was also afraid of letting people down. Since he was determined, he straightened his shoulders, moved forward, and made his debut. People who doubted him in the past can look at him in awe now. He is on top of all the fancy superstars. It was difficult to express all the pain and struggle of the last three years of being a trainee in just three minutes. Currently, he can brag about his success. RM was already a successful person when other people around his age were still working behind the desk with the keyboard. He chose the correct path since he knew that he is a born singer. All three years before debuting were the hardest in the lives of BTS members. However, they can now enjoy the moment and reap the reward of struggle and determination. They all can make it and they passed the difficult test since all of them are born singers.


On July 11th, 2013, Big Hit Entertainment released the music video of “Born Singer.” It was a simple animation video with the BTS bulletproof vest logo shining in front of a dark background. The lyrics of “Born Singer” were displayed in the bottom part of the music video. Toward the end of the song, the light that shines from BTS’ logo becomes stronger and brighter. It is a sign that BTS can be a bright star in the darkness. The rhythmic shine from the BTS logo may also be a sign of a heartbeat pulse. During their darkest period as trainees, something inside of each member beat and gave them strength to move forward.

BTS performed and sang live in the first episode of the 2015 BTS Live Trilogy. In the video, all members stood on the huge stage in a large stadium. They gathered around a slowly spinning platform. Jungkook sang the opening verse of “Born Again,” while Suga sang the main verse. RM made a contribution and rapped the second verse. It was a huge moment for them. They were starting to gain huge popularity in Korea and around East Asia. Looking at their expressions, it was obvious that all members looked back at all the difficult time during training for hours for three long years with respect. But now, they can collect the prize for their hard work. They can be successful because of their strong belief that they are born singers.   That was all the information about BTS’ song “Born Singer.” It seemed that the magnificent seven are destined and determined to be successful singers. We don’t know BTS members’ occupations in the future, but in the meantime, let’s cherish all the BTS members as singers and idols.

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