But, before you read this article, you have to know about each BTS members’ astrological and personal planet signs in the table below:  

BTS’ RM’s Zodiac Astrology Sign: Virgo

The leader of BTS was born on September 12, 1994, and he is a Virgo! Seeing from his sun sign, Virgo is included in the Earth element. The characteristics of Virgo are being very thorough, intelligent, and a perfectionist. They really love to work with strong ethics and have good creativity. This sign suits RM because RM is known as an intellect and genius. In the group, RM is always good at answering questions in every interview and press conference.

RM’s Moon & Rising Signs: Sagittarius – Scorpio

The moon sign is something that is inside ourselves, and it can include emotions, feelings, or our reactions to something that we read, look at, and hear. Meanwhile, the rising sign is our outer side that we show when meeting other people, like a mask. In this case, RM is a Sagittarius for his moon sign. A Sagittarius moon always takes good things positively from an occurrence. Furthermore, they need freedom and adventure in life. RM is like that, too. If he needs freedom, he will go to the museum or library and read motivational books. Then, his rising is Scorpio. As a Scorpio rising, RM is described as ambitious, charismatic, soulful, and mysterious. People with this rising sign have good leadership skills, and RM is also called a good leader in BTS. As the leader, he will think well before doing something.

BTS’ RM’s Personal Planets

In general, we only know three astrological signs, sun, rising, and moon. But, apparently, there are other signs that are formed by planets. Although there are 7 planets, only 3 are often mentioned, namely Venus, Mars, and Mercury. In Mercury, RM is a Virgo who is an ambitious and tidy person. A Virgo knows how to communicate what they are good at through public speaking. RM is good at public speaking with his intelligence, and RM is the spokesperson in BTS. For his Venus planet, RM is a Scorpio. Venus symbolizes affection and love, and it also represents a social attitude and moral values. So, Venus in Scorpio needs a process in relationships. They’re also sensitive to rejection so they need a perfect process in love. The Mars sign describes a spirit, desire to be independent, and obsession to win in a career and development. So, in this case, RM’s personal planet is Cancer. He is known for his open-mindedness and his emotional work. If he’s exploding, he will pour it into an art. It can be proven by RM’s songs that he created for BTS and other musicians.

BTS’ Jin’s Zodiac Astrology Sign: Sagittarius

Born on December 4, 1992, Jin is a Sagittarius. As a Sagittarius, he likes to be free, is full of optimism, and really loves himself. Sometimes, Sagittarius doesn’t need rules to run their life. Jin really reflects this character. Jin is a member who is known for his rebellious behavior and rule-breaking. For example, Jin cut his hair without a hairstylist.

Jin’s Moon & Rising Signs: Pisces – Sagittarius

Pisces moon is a highly empathetic, pure-hearted person and is full of inspiration. They’re also a loving and romantic person who really cares about the people around them. As a Pisces moon, Jin always gives inspiration to other people through his kindness. His rising sign is Sagittarius. Jin is also a charismatic and soulful person. He even named himself Worldwide Handsome. Sagittarius rising is very unique and optimistic, and it already describes him.

BTS’ Jin’s Personal Planets

Jin has three personal planets. They are Mercury, Venus, and Mars. For his Mercury planet, he belongs to the Scorpio sign. Mercury in Scorpio really likes to investigate or be curious about everything around them, especially something secret. Next, Jin’s personal planet in Venus is Capricorn. Capricorn is very careful in choosing their partner in life, but, actually, Capricorn is a faithful person. Venus in Capricorn can change into an “ice person” if they’re insulted by anyone. Last is Mars, and his sign in Mars is Cancer. Jin and his sign really connect with each other. He has strengths and great desires, but he never shows them. We can see from his dancing skills that Jin is indeed known as a BTS member who wasn’t good at dancing. But, actually, his dance skill is not too bad. He can dance with his character and charisma like in the video that BANTANTV uploaded. He showed his funny choreography for the “슈퍼 참치 (Super Tuna)” song, and the choreography went viral!

BTS’ Suga’s Zodiac Astrology Sign: Pisces

Pisces is an empathetic person, and they also put themselves in other people’s shoes so they can feel the pain. Even though he looks indifferent, actually, Suga really cares about kids who suffer from cancer by donating. As a Pisces, Suga is also high in creativity. He can create music and can produce songs for many famous singers.

Suga’s Moon & Rising Signs: Virgo – Cancer

We already know that Virgo people are perfectionists and want to know many things. Because of the perfectionism, sometimes, Virgo feels insecure about themselves and always finds a fault in themselves. This has also happened to Suga. In 2021, he once got a mental disorder called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). As a Cancer rising, Cancer looks like a more shy person and always decides something based on their intuition. Even though Suga isn’t a shy person, Suga always uses his feelings while doing something.

BTS’ Suga’s Personal Planets

Mercury in Pisces tends to feel more than think. Suga always uses his intuition. Because of his intuition, Suga is frequently called a psychic. For example, Suga’s presupposition was always right on target when he wanted BTS to enter the Grammy Awards and it happened. His Venus sign is Aries. Aries has a responsive and sometimes impulsive love nature. Venus-Aries is a combination of sentimental and aggressive people. Meanwhile, his Mars is the Cancer sign. Same as BTS’ Jin, Suga has many dreams and strengths. But, he’s too opposite with Jin, and Suga actually shows his strength to make his dreams come true and develop his skills in music production.

BTS’ J-Hope’s Astrology Sign: Aquarius

Aquarius people are people who were born from January 21 to February 20, and it includes J-Hope who was born on February 18, 1994. Aquarius is described as a water bearer which means they love peace. Besides that, Aquarius is an easy-to-touch person, creative, and easygoing. They’re loyal to their friends, and because of that, they have lots of friends. In J-Hope’s soul, there’s Aquarius blood, so no wonder J-Hope is a very funny person and has a lot of friends. He is close with Becky G and the Snowdrop actor Jung Hae-in.

J-Hope’s Moon & Rising Signs: Taurus – Aries

Taurus moon is known as an impulsive person. When they buy something, they never care about the brand name because all they see are the aesthetics and uniqueness of the stuff. This is certainly similar to J-Hope. He has a high and unique fashion style that focuses on fineness. Meanwhile, J-Hope’s rising sign is Aries. As an Aries rising, J-Hope is an independent person. He often appears as a lively and energetic person.

BTS’ J-Hope’s Personal Planets

J-Hope is a touchable person, and he will disclose or communicate his ideas from the insight that he has. For example, he has skill in dance choreography so he communicates with his fans through his beautiful dance movements. In this case, J-Hope is a Pisces in Mercury. In Venus, J-Hope is also a Pisces with smooth emotions and loyalty, but, sometimes, a Pisces can choose the wrong person to be his girlfriend. Based on J-Hope’s experienced, he was betrayed by his ex-girlfriend before he debuted. His Mars sign is Aquarius. People with this sign act fast, but they have to commit with themselves by involving their intelligence. Mars in Aquarius also finds it easy to get along with other people.

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