Here’s the list of BTS’ collaboration’s top songs that should be added to your playlist :   Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about the detail of the song and meaning in this article below!

“Danger (MO-BLUE-MIX)” – BTS x THANH

BTS teamed up with well-known musician from Vietnam, THANH in a remix version of “Danger”. This remix version comes with an entirely different musicality than the original version. Especially with piano compositions from THANH. As well as the singer’s slick vocal contribution.

“Danger (MO-BLUE-MIX)” released early in BTS’ career is still one of their best collaborations. One of them is thanks to the creative arrangement that makes this remix version so unique.

“MIC Drop (Remix)” – BTS x Steve Aoki

A slick collaboration that is very iconic, one of which is a remix version of BTS’s hits. BTS teamed up with famous DJ Steve Aoki to re-arrange the hit song “MIC Drop.” The version of “MIC Drop (Remix)” became so slick not only because of Steve Aoki’s composition which brought a different impression to the song. This song is also significant because it is the first English single from BTS.

BTS’ “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” was released on November 24, 2017. The powerful music video took just over four years, six months, and seven days to reach the milestone of successfully hitting 1.2 billion views. BTS performed street style accompanied by Steve Aoki’s signature electro-dance tune. However, “MIC Drop” is reminiscent of dance in the early 2000s with a beat that makes the body sway.

“Best Of Me” – BTS x The Chainsmokers

BTS and The Chainsmokers meeting at the 2017 Billboard Awards didn’t just give birth to friendship. The boy group and EDM duo from the United States then joined hands for the slick collaboration song “Best Of Me.” The song, which is part of the mini-album ‘Love Yourself ‘Her”, combines The Chainsmokers’ signature EDM music with BTS’s flagship hip hop pop. There’s nothing wrong with this song being one of BTS’ best collaboration tracks.

“I like that song. For “Best of Me”, they gave us several songs and samples a few months ago. We and the producers chose one sample and it was like, ‘Okay this is suitable for our next album’,” BTS’ RM said. “So we did it. We sent it to them, we asked what they thought about our arrangement and they gave their opinion. And so be it! I’m happy,” he concluded about the song.

“Idol” – BTS x Nicki Minaj

BTS’ “Idol” stole listeners’ attention by collaborating with female rapper, Nicki Minaj. Verse from Nicki Minaj blends nicely with BTS’ vocals. “Idol” actually has elements that really reflect the color of the music of their home country, South Korea. However, to compensate and be accepted more widely, BTS adds elements of EDM music.

“Idol” was made in two versions. One of them was a surprise to ARMYs, as they were duet with American rapper Nicki Minaj. “We thought this song would come alive with the addition of Nicki Minaj’s rap, so we sent that request.” “Nicki Minaj also accepted it, so it’s like that,” BTS’ J-Hope said. BTS’ RM also thanked Minaj for contributing to promoting their music on his social media.

“Boy With Luv” – BTS x Halsey

BTS has many friendships with international musicians. This time, BTS collaborated with a famous singer from the United States, Halsey. She became the second female singer to collaborate with BTS. For this upbeat pop song, Halsey provided voice for the chorus and adlib. Many ARMYs like this collaboration song that sounds cheerful as well.

Meanwhile, BTS’s musicality sounds more mature while bringing “Boy With Luv” as one of the most catchy title tracks, so this song became a top hits. “Boy With Luv” is a funk pop song about finding happiness in a simple love story. This song is also the title track on their mini album, ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’.

“Make It Right” – BTS x Lauv

“Make It Right” has two different versions. In addition to the original version, BTS also released an acoustic version of this song. Interestingly for the acoustic version, BTS also inserts an English verse from Lauv. Of course this makes “Make It Right” even more special.

According to BTS’ RM, while working on the lyrics to “Make It Right”, he imagined a cowboy on a journey that couldn’t be accepted. “I imagine a lonely cowboy,” BTS’ RM said in a V-Live live broadcast.

“My Universe” – BTS x Coldplay

The collaboration between BTS and Coldplay is one of the most anticipated by fans. The combination of musicality and creativity between these two bands gave birth to slick hits. “My Universe” is about someone being forbidden to love a specific person, or not being of a race, or being forbidden to be gay or whatever,” Chris Martin said.

According to Coldplay, BTS is considered an artist who breaks boundaries and is now considered one of the mainstream artists in the world music industry. “My Universe” highlights the distinctive musicality of both bands. In addition, the unique concept also makes this best BTS collaboration song even more enjoyable. That was all for the information about BTS’ collaboration songs and their meanings. Is there one song that is one of your favorite playlists? If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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