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BTS’s Cultural Appropriation of the N-Word

For those of you who still don’t know what the N-word is, please kindly read this explanation. The N-word is a term used to replace the word ‘nigga’ which means it’s a very sensitive term that can be used with a negative connotation to describe African-American or black people. The N-word is considered racist and can cause hatred among people who hear it.

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BTS were once considered racist because, in some of their lyrics, there were words that were pronounced like the N-word. Here’s one of BTS’s songs that are considered controversial!

“Fake Love” Being Censored for Allegedly Containing the N-Word

BTS released their main single for Love Yourself: Tear entitled “Fake Love” on May 18th, 2018. Then, on May 21st, 2018, BTS got an invitation to perform at the Billboard Music Awards in the USA and they performed that single. This song was very hype and also played on American radios. However, amid the euphoria, there was a controversy that led to racism. When “Fake Love” was played on the radio in America, part of the lyrics were censored. According to fans, a ‘naega‘ word in the lyric has been completely censored in the USA. In actuality, ‘naega’ in Korean means “I” or “me”, meanwhile American people heard it like the N-word. Not only that, the other reason is this ‘naega’ word is part of a rap lyric, where rap is identical to Hip-Hop music that emerged in the United States.

BTS’s Cultural Appropriation of Promoting Jungkook’s Artist Collection

BTS’s Jungkook is the last member who released the Artist-Made Collection. He released the ARMYST ZIP-UP HOODY and MIKROKOSMOS MOOD LAMP that he designed himself. Through HYBE Twitter @HYBE_MERCH, they posted Jungkook’s collection on January 21st, 2022. ARMYs were very happy and loved Jungkook’s beautiful design. Here’s a comment on one ARMY. But, another ARMY said that this design raised concerns about alleged cultural appropriation. They pointed out that this design is of an ordinary tent; this is a tent with teepees style. This kind of tent comes from Indigenous countries. The name Teepees comes specifically from Lakota (also known as Lahkota, Teton, or Teton Sioux). Here are some of the Indigenous ARMYs’ comments about this tent design. But, several non-native ARMYs defended HYBE’s choices of using teepees, even though there’s a tweet (deleted) that said many people used the teepee-style tent for a dog house. Also, teepees are so commonplace nowadays it’s fine to use them outside of their cultural context.

BTS’s Meal Cultural Appropriation

We all know that “BTS’ Meal” was hype from May 26th, 2021 to June 20th, 2021. This was a meal of McDonald’s collaboration with BTS, where the special thing is two spicy dipping sauces namely “Sweet Chili and Cajun.” This meal was launched in 49 countries, the first country was America, followed by South Korea. Actually, the food isn’t the problem that connects BTS to cultural appropriation. More specifically, the sauce is the original Korean special concoction sauce. Not, the problem arose when non-ARMY would buy this meal just to join in insulting the sauce. There’s a non-ARMY who wrote a sarcastic post like the below:

BTS’s Cultural Appropriation of Black Culture

  Same as the N-word, this case is also connected to racism. As we know, the United States have a dark history of racial conflict between white people and black people for more than three centuries. So, there’s a word, style, or even habitual behavior that could be sensitive content if we use it in the wrong place. Like BTS’s J-Hope in “Chicken Noodle Soup”; he claimed to have no respect for black culture. So, here are the details.

BTS’s J-Hope’s Disrespect of Black Culture in “Chicken Noodle Soup”

On September 27th, 2019, J-Hope released his solo song featuring American singer Becky G entitled “Chicken Noodle Soup”. This song was so popular and managed to get first place at the Billboard World Digital Songs. Despite the popularity of this song, there’s a controversy that happened to J-Hope. People said that he has no respect for black culture and there’s discriminative content in the MV. In the MV, J-Hope used 90s style with dreadlocks while shaking his hair. People said that his hair looks unnatural, he has just twisted some parts of his hair with gel to look like black people’s or Afro-American braids. But, ARMY defended him saying that it was neither racism nor cultural appropriation.

BTS Have Never Apologized For All These Cultural Appropriation Scandals

So far, there’s no official statement from BTS about all these cultural appropriation scandals. They have never apologized for most of their racist comments or problems in the past. RM said that he was embarrassed by his past and hopes to become a better person. But, nowhere in his rant or his harsh rap lyrics, the word “Sorry” could be found. In fact, members always apologize for what they did. For example, RM apologized and educated himself and the other members to say sorry after uttering the N-word. So, those are some of BTS’s cultural appropriation scandals that have befallen them in the past. After reading this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it with your fellow ARMYs. Also, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and check our website regularly for more interesting and up-to-date articles!

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