BTS’ Jimin is indeed known as an animal lover. He shows off his considerate and caring nature for animals very often in the public as well. Aside from that, Jimin used to own an adorable dog which Channel Korea will talk about, so stay tuned!

BTS’ Jimin and His Dog Ddosun

BTS’ Jimin once had a dog named Ddosun. It had fluffy fur with a beautiful white color. Some fans might recognize Ddosun, but some others might have not seen Ddosun yet. With an adorable expression, Ddosun was a cute and smart puppy. No wonder Ddosun became BTS’ Jimin’s favorite pet. On some occasions, Ddosun was quite similar to the famous cartoon character Snoopy, right?

His Dog Passed Away

Since the other BTS members have their pets, they are also seen with their pets very often. Unfortunately, BTS’ Jimin couldn’t do the same since his lovely dog Ddosun passed away. It is also the reason why the information regarding Ddosun isn’t really available on the Internet, like the dog’s breed. Currently, BTS’ Jimin doesn’t own a pet because he loved Ddosun very much. He probably thinks that Ddosun is irreplaceable. But, still, Jimin always shows off his love for other animals, even with other BTS members’ pets!

BTS’ Jimin’s Moments With Ddosun and Other Animals

Let’s take a look at BTS’ Jimin’s moments with Ddosun and other animals as well!

Jimin loves Ddosun very much. When he was still alive, Jimin would spend his time with Ddosun as much as he could. Jimin also loved to cuddle Ddosun and even dressed his puppy in various dog outfits! As stylish as the owner, Ddosun looked even cuter with glasses and knitwear. Jimin indeed has good fashion tastes which influenced his beloved pet as well, right? Jimin is also very friendly to other animals. Once he spots an animal, he will become close to them at first sight. Jimin can’t stand to choose over a dog or a cat because he loves them both! Although Ddosun isn’t alive anymore, the memories about Ddosun will remain the same in our hearts, especially for BTS’ Jimin. We do hope that Jimin and Ddosun will live happily no matter what happens! Do you think that BTS’ Jimin and his dog, Ddosun, are very adorable? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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