Jungkook who is so talented and has a funny personality has said iconic, inspirational, and funny quotes that will always be remembered forever. But not only that, he also said meaningful quotes to ARMYs. Especially when he said on the latest BTS’ concert, “This is not gonna be the last time.” And then BTS announced that they will be on hiatus later. Thus, the words reassured ARMYs that BTS will continue their journey even after the hiatus. Through this article, Channel-Korea will share BTS’ Jungkook’s meaningful quotes that will lift up your spirits. So, keep scrolling down this page! You might like: Let’s Read These Wise Quotes From BTS’ Jin to Motivate Your Life

BTS’ Jungkook’s Inspirational Quotes

BTS’ Jungkook has a lot of thoughtful thoughts and inspirational quotes. Despite being the youngest (maknae) of BTS, that doesn’t mean he isn’t wise. Here are some of Jungkook’s inspirational quotes that can be a reminder as well as self-motivators! “Effort makes you. You will regret it someday if you don’t try your best now. Don’t think it’s too late, but keep working on it. It may take time, but there’s nothing that gets worse when you practice. You may get sad, but it’s evidence that you are doing good.“ “Don’t do anything you don’t like. Just do whatever you like.“ “Without anger and sadness, you won’t be able to feel true happiness.“ “A little progress each day adds up to big results.“ “In the midst of that difficulty, try to find that small happiness.“ “You need to study, but don’t suffer due to it because you might miss what you want to do because of it. You need to make your own dream. It’s heartbreaking if you are forced by others.“ “Tomorrow I shouldn’t be the same person than I was yesterday. I should always be a better me.“

BTS’ Jungkook’s Iconic Quotes

Apart from Jungkook’s inspirational words, some of Jungkook’s iconic quotes are also famous. The iconic Jungkook’s words are filled with his affection for BTS members, savage words, relationships, and even his phenomenal song lyrics. So, here they are! “My wish for you is to move on from relationships that aren’t equal. You deserve to be loved.“ “I’ll continue to grow and become a singer that melts hearts.“ “You are the cause of my euphoria.“ “Jin used to be an ordinary guy in the group, but he is the mood maker. He is the most wicked and funniest of all. No one in BTS is normal, though, come to think of it.“ “I feel like dying when my hyung [BTS members] are sad. When they hurt, it hurts more than when I am.“ You might like: BTS Members Ideal Type of Girl (Looks, Height and Weight, Age and Celebrity Ideal Type)

BTS’ Jungkook’s Funny Quotes

Not only being an emotional guy, sometimes Jungkook transforms to be a funny guy through his innocent words. You should read some of the funny quotes of Jungkook below! “Annyeonghaseyo joneun bangtan sonyeondan hwang-geum maknae Jeon Jungkook imnida.” (Hello, I am the golden maknae of BTS, Jeon Jungkook.) “I lost my English and math skills.“ “Ding-dong.” (while dumbfounded and imitating the bell rings) “Bonbobonoya.“ “My scale is… international playboy.“ “Mom, I’m on TV!“ “Omygawd, pardon Ellen.“ “I believe BTS wouldn’t exist without me.“

BTS’ Jungkook’s Quotes for ARMY

All BTS members give their affection in different ways, for example, Jungkook. He has tattoos on his fingers that spell out ARMY. Furthermore, Jungkook expresses his feelings for ARMY through beautiful quotes. So, here are the quotes! “Whenever ARMY misses us, you can come to us. If you have to go or if you want to go, it’s okay for you to leave us. But, always remember this. I will always be here.”  “The reason we shine is because you give us the light.“ “To the world, you may be one person. But to one person, you may be the world.“ “ARMY, I love you. I wish there are happy moments only for ARMY as well.“ “In short, I don’t cry easily. But, I cry when thinking about ARMY.“ “It’s okay to love us, but I hope your love is mostly towards yourself.“ “Promise that we keep on coming back for more.“ “The fact that you’re proud of me means that I’m proud of you. Let’s be proud of each other.“ All the quotes that Jungkook said are surely meant for ARMY and are very heart-touching. Well, which one of BTS’ Jungkook’s quotes is your favorite? Please tell us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and check our other articles on our website, Channel-Korea.

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