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Despite their intense choreographies, the BTS members are somehow able to keep their voices steady and breathless. For this reason, many people wonder if the members are doing some hidden tricks to keep their voices sounding stable. One of the most popular tricks that the members might do is lip-sync. So, are these rumors true? Do BTS members really lip sync on every performance? In this article, Channel-Korea will shed some light on this matter, so if you want to know the answer, keep scrolling through this article.

BTS Members Don’t Lip Syncing

Even though many people accuse BTS members of lip-syncing, in fact the members don’t do that at all. If you watch a BTS live concert, you can hear their breathing noise clearly as they sing. Sometimes, they even forget their lines, and all you can hear is only the instrument of the song being played. BTS does use playback music in almost all of their concerts. However, it doesn’t automatically mean that BTS do lip syncing, as you can hear them sing live on top of the playback music whenever they can.

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The allegations of BTS doing lip sync are usually spread by haters to embarrass the members, because they know that K-pop idols are required to sing live and lip syncing is considered a failure. That’s why the haters keep saying that BTS members always do lip sync, at least in some of their performances. In the next headline, we’ll see some of BTS’ performances that haters have accused of lip syncing.

The first performance accused by many people of lip syncing was when BTS held the Love Yourself World Tour in Hong Kong from March 20 to 24, 2019. At that time, many people (especially haters) criticized V for lip-syncing while singing the fourth track Magic Shop.

The haters were very good at making excuses, because on that day, V was feeling unwell. He had fever and bad sore throat, probably because due to the group’s hectic touring schedule. Because of this condition, the haters really got a good chance to embarrass V and accuse him of lip-syncing. In response to this, ARMYs (BTS’ fan base) informed the haters that V didn’t lip sync. The ARMYs tried to explain that at that time, V indeed felt unwell, but he still forced himself to sing the track live. Although there’s no clear evidence to prove this matter, there are several fancams that show that V was trying so hard to sing live on stage.

The second performance accused by haters was BTS’ appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL), a popular American comedian show. BTS was invited to perform at the show on April 14, 2019. On that show, BTS performed two songs: Boy in Luv and Mic Drop. Like their previous performance, BTS performed those two songs perfectly. This is why many people accused them of lip-syncing while performing those songs.

If we look at their Boy in Luv performance, we’ll notice that the members performed the song with a live band. It’s highly unlikely that they would lip sync while the band was performing live. They also performed with the help of backup singer, who also sang live.

When they performed Mic Drop, there was no live band and backup singer, but they used recorded backup vocals. We can hear clearly the recorded backup vocals when the members didn’t sing the part they should sing. This is clear proof that BTS wasn’t lip syncing. The last performance accused for lip-syncing was their performance at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMA). The award ceremony was held on November 21, 2021, in Los Angeles, California, US. On that show, BTS won Favorite Pop Duo or Group and Favorite Pop Song for their latest single, Butter.

If we watch the video above, we can clearly hear their breathing sound while singing. Obviously, it means that BTS weren’t lip syncing. We can still hear their pre-recorded vocals in that performance. However, it made sense for the ahters to accuse lip sync, because J-Hope and Jungkook had just recovered from Covid-19, and Jin was injured, but they still performed well on stage. That’s all about BTS’ accusations of lip syncing. So, what do you think about this article? Do you think any other BTS performances were accused of lip syncing?

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