Some of his dancing techniques include jumps, kicks, and move around into amazing jumps with both. His contemporary dance capability is beyond the standard. Have you seen it? Read more about it in this Channel-Korea article! Stay tuned!

BTS’s Official MV for “Black Swan”

BTS introduced “Black Swan” on February 21. The music video represents the story of Black Swan, and all the members have intermissions between black and white outfits. Jimin became the stage center and appeared with a solo dance that included incredible black wings sprouting from his back. It shows so much magic and looks real.

The Theory of “Black Swan” by BTS’s Jimin

“Black Swan” was co-written by RM. He was inspired by the American dancer Martha Graham who stated, “A dancer dies twice— once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.” BTS songs usually bring people, mostly ARMY, to present song theories. Since they are singer-songwriters, people get used to unpacking the meaning behind all of their songs. So, the theory for the song “Black Swan” is that it is an expression of the fear of an artist not being able to perform on stage anymore. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

BTS’s Jimin’s Dancing Skills in “Black Swan”

Jimin got a huge positive response about his dancing in “Black Swan.” Jimin shows his elegant moves and amazing character along with the solo dance. One of the signature choreography moves of Jimin in “Black Swan” is his impressive kick and sprouted wings. Those moves made Jimin really deserve the Black Swan symbol. Check out the video of Jimin and his dancing skills above!

BTS Members Respond to Jimin’s “Black Swan” Dance

No wonder all of the BTS members nodded with the same expression towards Jimin’s dance skills. RM who is the co-writer of the song revealed that Jimin is the strongest dancer so he got the wings. Aside from that, Jimin agreed to what RM said. When they did the reaction to their music video of “Black Swan,” Jin stated that the music video is perfection. Then, RM added that Jimin was the center while 6 people played the black swans. More to the addiction of Jimin, Suga suggested Jimin take off his shirt and do it again. Another response from V, he claimed that Jimin is the Black Swan himself. Do you agree? Furthermore, in one of the interviews when they were asked about the three main reasons to watch “Black Swan,” J-Hope confidently answered by saying Jimin. Jimin, and Jimin. How cool is that? All of the BTS members agree as one voice, Jimin’s dancing skills in “Black Swan” add so much more to interpret. People should just watch and see directly how Jimin represents all the lyrics and music in “Black Swan.” So, that is all about Jimin the “Black Swan” master! What do you think about his dance moves? Put your comments below and share them with your friends!

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