However, Jeon Jung-hyun is not a celebrity, so he didn’t reveal his identity publicly. Besides the fact that he is 2 years older than Jungkook, we also know that Jeon Jung-hyun is talented at drawings. Unlike Jungkook, it’s hard to know a lot of things about Jeon Jung-hyun. However, we have gathered some information that you need to know about BTS’ Jungkook’s older brother! Might be you like to read: Check Out BTS Members’ Ideal Type Here! Let’s dig up more information about Jungkook’s older brother!

Full Profile of Jungkook’s Brother, Jeon Junghyun

Here is the full profile of Jungkook’s Brother, Jeon Junghyun!

Birth name: Jeon Junghyun Birthdate: Uncertain. Among Army (BTS fandom). Some say that he’s the same age as J-hope and RM, who were both born in 1994, but others believe Junhyung is the same age as Jimin and V, who were born in 1995. In other words, he is two years older than Jungkook. Profession: his profession is still unknown since Jungkook never publicly talks about his family. Hobby: probably drawing since his social media is filled with lots of it and photography, although selfie is not his thing.

Interesting Facts About BTS’s Jungkook’s Brother Jeon Junghyun

Finding Jeon Junghyun’s interesting facts is quite difficult for Jungkook himself never publish nor inform the media about his siblings or family. So, if you an ARMY and you have other interesting facts about Jungkook’s Brother Jeon Junghyun please feel free to comment on the comment section! Here are the interesting facts about Jeon Junghyun that can be found in the media:

Jeon Junghyun has several personal social media, including Instagram and Youtube, yet he often deleted them all for unknown reasons. Some media may confuse by giving pictures of Sungjin from Day6 as Jeon Junghyun because Jungkook looks like it can be related to Sungjin from Day6. This misinterpretation can be found out in several photos available on the internet. Jeon Junghyun is considered one of the best ARMY since he draws various BTS fan art, including when the BTS enlisted in the top music chart Billboard. Though he was active on Instagram, Jeon Junghyun is not a fan of selfies. Jungkook once asked his brother Jeon Junghyun to draw pictures of BTS’ Jin and he sent it to Jin through chat. Jeon Junghyun does for a living is still unknown, yet mentioned in Malaysia’s entertainment portal, Jeon Junghyun was at military school in 2018. Jeon Junghyun is the only sibling that Jungkook has. Jungkook doesn’t have a sister.

How Old is BTS’s Jungkook’s Brother Jeon Junghyun?

So, the big question is, how old is Jungkook’s older brother Jeon Junghyun? Some resources believe that Jeon Junghyun is the same age as Suga, which means that he was born in 1993. Others believe that Jeon Junghyun was born in 1994 means that he’s at the same age as J-hope and RM. But mostly said that he was born in 1995. Therefore, the strongest argument is that Jeon Junghyun was born in the same year as Jimin and V. He is probably two years older than Jungkook who was born in 1997. So, in 2022, Jeon Junghyun is probably 27 years old or 28 years old by the Korean age system. If you know Jeon Junghyun’s exact age or birthdate, comment below! Might be you like to read: BTS Members’ True Height

BTS’s Jungkook’s Brother Jeon Junghyun’s Personal Social Media

Jungkook’s older brother, Junhyung, had his own social media accounts on Instagram and Youtube. His first account was @jeon576, but it was deleted after one of Jungkook’s photos was leaked from his private Instagram account, causing rumors to fly. But, in 2021 Jeon Junghyun decided to get back to the Instagram land and posted picture with his little brother. He made a new account, @je0n92o, where he mostly posted about his own drawings and short animations. But sadly, he decided to deactivate that account, too, without any further information about his reasons why. Junhyung actually had a YouTube account, too, but he ended up deleting that one, as well. Here are some of the photos  and videos that he used to have on his account: Photo Video

People Mistook Someone Else as BTS’s Jungkook’s Brother Jeon Junghyun

A lot of people mistook someone else as Jeon Junghyun. Some of the examples are these photos. Park Sungjin or Sungjin from Day6 have often been mistaken as Jungkook’s older brother, especially when Day6 just made a debut. But, the picture that was taken above is a picture of Sungjin and Wonpil of Day6. Some fans often accused Sungjin’s photo as BTS’s Jungkook’s brother. However, it’s true that Sungjiin looks like Jungkook in some angles, but he’s clearly not Jungkok’s older brother. Might be you like to read: Take a Closer Look at BTS Members’ Piercing Also, the time when Jungkook graduated from his high school, Seoul School of Performing Arts. Jungkook’s family and BTS members came to his school to congratulate him. And there was a person that looks like Jungkook in some of the pictures taken. Some people thought that it was probably Jeon Junghyun. But, it’s actually Jungkook’s father who is actually quite young and looks like his older brother. So after reading Jungkook‘s older brother profile, Jeon Junghyun, do you think the Jeon’s family has a golden DNA, especially in their artistic talent? Well, it looks like the handsome face also runs in the family. If you want to know K-pop idols who have siblings with a perfect visual, find out here. Make sure to not miss any information about BTS, find other articles about BTS here!

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